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So, here is the last energy drink in my reserve. I have never actually heard of this version of Monster called Ghost or is it M-100? I don’t know. I think it is called M-100 because of the 100 theme. I think we should call this Ghost, but just to be safe I’m using both.


Why is this called M-100? It has 100’s across the board. IT has 100% in the B Vitamins. It has 100mg of caffeine. The energy in this is…100. That, to me, means less than other drinks. I dubbed this “Baby’s First Energy Drink” because it has energy, but not the 200% per can most of the other drinks have.


I really don’t get the design on this can. It is all jungle camouflage, but there’s nothing about the army or anything as the description. Maybe this is the drink you take with you when you play paintball with the boys. Actually, maybe it is an ode to Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Actually, it isn’t. I looked up “Monster Ghost” online and I couldn’t even find it on Monster’s website. Apparently it is kind of rare and came along with another drink called Phantom. If I spot Phantom, I’ll buy it.


I actually found this at a Big Lots for 1 buck. That’s a good deal considering that most people don’t know much about it. Maybe it just tasted so bad that everyone forgets about it.


I suppose I should jump right into the nutrition facts since I don’t have much else to say about it!


Oh yeah, the can has this odd sort of grip to it. You can kind of see it in the picture. There’s a kind of X design on some of the cammo. That has this odd sandpaper-like feel to it. It isn’t rough like sandpaper. It is what I’d expect a surf board to feel like. I wouldn’t know because I have never touched a surf board before.


It says “Unleash the M-100 Beast!” Whatever this is, I’m really getting a gun feel to it; a paintball gun to be specific. I looked up “M-100 gun” and it looks like a staple gun. Okay then…


I see! This can has 2 servings like most Monster cans. Per serving it is 50% in the B Vitamins department. They know no one drinks this per serving so they advertise it as 100 because its what the whole can has in it.


Well, nutrition facts! By the way, this still has the warning for nursing women and children. Good for that!


100 calories. 0g total fat. 70mg sodium. 26g total carb. 25g sugars. 0g protein. 100% riboflavin. 100% niacin. 100% Vitamin B6. 100% Vitamin B12.


Basically, 100 everything but sugar, sodium, fat, and carbs. That’s good because 100g fat would be disgusting in a drink. Could you imagine drinking a drink that has 100g total fat? That would be like a milk more fatty than whole milk. I think whole milk is like 3 or 4% milk fat. Java Monster had 4g total fat and that was low fat milk and whatever else the anti-caking stuff added. It is close to 100mg of sodium, but we don’t need that. 100gs of sugar would be too sweet too. They have 100 of everything that matters. While 100% in the B Vitamins isn’t that high,

So, what’s in this?

Carbonated water, sugar, glucose, taurine, citric acid, orange juice concentrate, panax ginseng extract, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, caffeine, sodium benzoate, natrual flavors, sucralose, salt, gum arabic, niacinmide, l-carnitine l-tartrate, ester gum, inositol, yellow 5, d-glucuronolactone, guarana extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, cycanocobalamin.


Basically, everything that a Monster has but with orange juice! What! I would suspect a little bit of Vitamin C.


This actually sounds pretty good to me. Let’s open it up and get the taste test going!



It is very yellow looking. It reminds me of a more mellow Mountain Dew. It smells of citrus gasoline. Seriously, this has a very heavy hint of musk with a small bit of orange to it.


Well, let’s have a sip!


Hmm! Hmm!! Hmm!!!

Wow! This is quite sweet. It has this really citrus taste to it, but at the same time it has a sugary taste to it. It almost tastes fake too. I know there’s sucralose in it, but it tastes even more factory made than normal. Maybe it is more apparent because the lack of B Vitamins that I would find in a regular Monster. There’s the B Vitamin medicine taste, but it is really mild in comparison to other drinks. This is more sweet than anything. I don’t really see the orange juice taste it it. Maybe the thickness is similar to orange juice.


Honestly, this might be too sweet for people. It is absolutely for the younger crowd, and maybe that’s what they were going for with this. There’s less energy in this so the kids won’t be as off the walls, but it is sweet enough so they won’t care.


If you crave the taste of energy drinks, I would say pass on this. If you hate the taste of energy drinks, you might be okay with this since it tastes like sugar more than anything else. If you want to see if you’ll like energy drinks, this would be a good starter.


I’m giving this a Call of Duty: Black Ops out of Rad. Not horrible. I’d get this again, especially for a dollar. It doesn’t really have that Monster energy taste, but it is close enough.


Post Edit! This is apparently a Speedway exclusive. I didn’t know that nor do I know where a Speedway is around here. I guess this was shipped from one. Anyway, if you have a Speedway close, I’d say go by it and give this a try.