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I don’t really know a fancy way to say hello to you so I went with that.


This is Hiball Energy and what drinks go in a highball? Whiskey I think, right? Well, this certainly isn’t whiskey. This is an energy drink, more specifically, an energy water. What in the world is an energy water? How does it differ from an energy drink? Energy drinks are basically just water, right?


Well, if I had to guess, the main difference between this and an energy drink is the sugar. This has zero.





Yeah, this is not going to be sweet at all, is it?


Remember my chocolate water post? I’m getting a feeling that this is going to taste like that except way worse because there’s the B Vitamins and stuff in this.


Okay, I am being harsh. I haven’t even tried it yet and I am already dreading it. Let me give some background, ya?


With Bing Black that I wrote about, this was in the organic-like energy drink area at the supermarket. I have always seen Hi Ball’s drinks, but they always looked a little too much for me in terms of price. I think this is close to 3 dollars. A Monster is like $2.50 to $3 depending on where you get it, but there’s so many of them out there that a lot of places had them reduced to more like 2 dollars. This is one drink I have only found at this specific supermarket chain.


Let’s talk about the can and flavour choice. I don’t know all the flavours this comes in, but there’s a lot. I think I picked this one because I thought it was chocolate by the look of it, but obviously I was wrong. This is vanilla. The can looks kinda pop art like with the dotted background. The logo of the can is kinda cool. It looks like a record. Honestly, I get a very Alex Chilton vibe from this can. If Rock Star is about drinking like a rock star, Hiball is must be for the retro crowd. That’s cool. I can dig that design.


Unlike other energy drinks that broadcast what kind of energy concoction they have in their drink at the top of the can, this broadcasts what it doesn’t have like sugar, calories, or any type of sweetener.


I have a question. How can a drink be vanilla flavoured but not be sweet? Vanilla, I mean, is kind of naturally sweet. Maybe they are saying there’s no sweeteners in this besides the natural vanilla taste. We’ll see about that.


I just went to Hiball’s website. This is from their energy sparkling water line. They also have an organic energy drink too which probably has natural sugar in it. I’ll have to give it a look. Also, despite the star being there, it is written as “Hiball.” One word. They also have organic coffees and protein drinks! Oh! We’ll absolutely see if they are worth a shot after this.


Anyway, the energy water is their first line I’m guessing by the website.


Look, Hiball, I’m sorry if I am knocking it without trying it yet. That’s what I do in these posts. It is a Drink Reaction so I am really just reacting to what I think of it so far. I hope to the Eight that this tastes great. I am always up to trying new things.


So, what is in this? What’s the nutritional facts say?


0 sugar and contains 0% juice. If you guys didn’t know, this has no sugar in this. Serving size is 1 can as well.


0 calories. 0g total fat. 0mg sodium. <1g total carbs. 0g sugars. 0g protein. 150% niacin. 150% Vitamin B6. 150% Vitamin B12. 150% pantothenic acid.


So. This is basically an energy drink without anything but water and B Vitamins from the look of it.



Carbonated purified water, natural flavor, organic caffeine, organic guarana extract, organic panax ginseng extract, niacinamide, d-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin.


Yep! That’s really it! The vanilla is just part of the “natural” flavors. Why doesn’t this have the Organic Drink logo thing if it is made from pretty much all organic stuff? I guess the B Vitamins put a halt to that. Well, A for effort then. It is as organic as an energy drink can get and you can probably quote me on that. Unless you only use ginseng and guarana, then this would be pretty tough to compete with those added vitamins. Organic caffeine is an odd thing too. How does one get organic caffeine? Do they go up to a coffee berry thing and take it from that? Wouldn’t that be coffee extract then? I don’t get that. Caffeine is natural if it is in plants or fruits, but otherwise caffeine is man-made.


Anyway! Let’s open this thing! I’ll have to pour it in my fancy glass.



Woo! Bubbly!


This is clear as I thought it would be. There’s nothing in this that would make it a different colour. It is just like bubbly water honestly because that’s what it is, right?


You know, I hate sparkling water. I’m actually hoping the medicine taste actually beats the carbonated taste of sparkling water.


It smells kind of like vanilla. I guess. It is pretty weak, but it is there.


Taste time!


Oh. Oh. Eww.


No. Nope. This is a lot like that chocolate water, except it has a muted medicine taste to it. Ugh.


Well, first sip is really watery. It tastes of water really and then the vanilla taste comes in, but being that it isn’t sweet. It tastes of earth. It isn’t so bad because it tastes pretty real, but then the medicine taste comes back in with a roar and has a merry old time with the carbonated taste of the water.


Thankfully, the aftertaste isn’t bad. It doesn’t linger like a lot of drinks do, but the whole flavour of this isn’t that great.


I just have to say: why? Why is this a thing? If you want to have an energy drink, why not buy something that is tasty? Energy water is an eh idea. I would much rather have something sweetened to help alleviate the taste of the B Vitamins.


I’m giving this a pink camouflage out of Rad. Why? Maybe the organic crowd will like it, but even then, they probably don’t want these added B Vitamins in their drink.




I made it better by making it into a lemonade! I put a bit of lemon juice and sugar in it and presto! It wasn’t so bad! I guess that’s why it is called Hiball because in the highball glass is where people make mixed drinks. Not a terrible base. but still pricey. If you are pining to make your own version of your favourite Monster, NOS, or whatever, this makes a good base! Otherwise, I don’t see why anyone would get this. Even if you wanted to make your own flavoured energy drink, this plus whatever costs more than just picking up an already made version of it. I guess the only exception would be if your idea is totally original!