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I am doing a terrible job with keeping up with these Game Logs. I haven’t written one in a long time so I thought I’d give you my log with the game that currently has me hooked: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


I never really got into the Metal Gear series at all. I picked up Snake Eater for the PS2 a long time ago, but it was super discounted. I thought it was cool because you could hunt animals and eat them. I remember Snake in that game would react to the different animals like when I ate a certain snake he was like “Disgusting!”


Anyway, Phantom Pain drew me in for an equal reason. It was sorta advertised, at least by the videos I saw of it, as an open world game. I  put it on my wishlist with speculations to buy it when it came on sale. Being the awesome buddy he is, Gildem ended up getting it for me for Christmas. I didn’t end up playing it until recently.


The first thing I did was end up creating this character that looked a lot like me, only to end up being this grizzled war veteran looking fellow. What was the point of making this character if they are going to make me look like Snake?


I was in this hospital and had a bunch of plot that I kinda barely paid attention to the whole time and ended up just looking around and sitting in awe how cool the blinking animation was in first person.


Eventually, this woman broke into my hospital room and killed the kind doctor that was helping me and I was like “Oh crap, what am I going to do. I don’t have an arm and I can barely move. She was about to kill me when all of the sudden some bandaged dude comes and saves me. He was pretty hurt looking too but he could move. He ended up throwing some sort of glass jar of rubbing alcohol at her and setting her on fire. She fell out of the window on fire. Servers her right for trying to kill me!


Then we find the hospital is being destroyed by these soldier dudes who scare the crap out of me. They kinda looked like the robo Nazis in the new Wolfenstein games, but I wasn’t armed or anything. I could barely move. My poor Snake guy could only crawl while the bandaged man led the way. Eventually, Snake regained some of his movement and could walk a little while holding onto railings or walls. Bandaged man and I hid from the robo Nazi dudes as they killed innocent hospital workers by the dozens. We had to hide in this one room under beds as the soldiers checked each bed one by one, killing any patient lying in them. It was pretty scary actually. People get creeped out by things like Slenderman or Friday Nights At Freddy Bear’s Pizza Castle, but me? I get scared of militant dudes where I can’t defend myself, especially if I’m physically impaired like Snake was in this sequence. To make matters worse, this scary looking gas mask kid thing floated by and called on this fire demon dude who basically killed everyone (including the soldier dudes) with fire. He seemed invulnerable too as the soldiers shot at him and did no damage. Thankfully, bandage man saw a fire sprinkler thing and activated it to get rid of this crazy fire demon.


At last, I took a gun from the soldier dudes and was able to fight back while we searched for an exit. Bandage man went ahead while I had to clear a room, but scary gas mask kid and the fire demon came back and I was like, “well, crap.” Thankfully, we found an ambulance and escaped from the destroyed hospital.


Then, bandaged man got shot or something and we crashed in a ditch. When Snake woke up from the crash, Ocelot was there with his cool cowboy getup and horse. I rode on with him, but the freaking fire demon came back and chased us again. I had a shotgun and kept him at bay. Thankfully, we escaped.


After all the cut scenes and cleaning up, I found that Ocelot was in charge of some group called Diamond Dogs and I was Big Boss. I remembered Big Boss from learning that I played as him in Snake Eater. That was cool. Ocelot helped me get prepared for this conflict saying our good friend Kaz Miller was captured by the Russians in Afghanistan and I was supposed to save him. I got a cool new robo hand that helped me do things like scare enemies and punch.


It took me forever because I really sucked at this game. I tried to go in quietly using my Payday stealth skills, but the suppressor broke and I’m actually not good with assault riffles. Thankfully, I could run away with my cool new horse.


After killing all the Russian dudes around Miller, I saved him. He was in far worse shape than I was because he was missing a leg and an arm I think.


Then, as I was carrying him out of the prison, these scary looking demon soldiers came out using these crazy jump and speed powers. Thankfully, while I was killing the Russian soldiers before, I managed to steal one of their trucks and tried to kill the demon soldiers by running them over. Ocelot, over the intercom thing, told me that it was impossible to kill them and that I needed to run away. I did, and made it to this extraction chopper. Ocelot came on again to say that I need to put Miller in the chopper first. Apparently, the demon guys latched on to my truck and pulled out Miller so he was all the way back at the prison, just sitting in some grass in agonizing pain. Sorry, Miller.


Anyway, after I saved him, I learned about our base which is basically a glorified oil platform in the ocean and how we need people to run it so they gave me a parachute thing that sends people into the sky and back to the base called a Fulton. I ended up learning how to develop weapons and stuff too so the first thing I made was a sniper riffle because may the Eight help me if I am going to play this entire game with an assault riffle.


After doing some missions where I had to kill some dude, destroy some tech, and save some prisoner, I decided to free roam a little since that was what first drew me to the game. I was still trying to do things in stealth, but I had no suppressor on any guns but the assault riffle and this tranquilizer pistol. I Fulton extracted a few Russians and animals because you can apparently do that. One animals was a little wolf pup who was hurt. I took him to base and apparently he loves me now and we called him DD. Ocelot is training him to become a war dog. I kinda prefer he just stays a little pup that follows me around, but war dog is good too, right?


I tried to extract a bear too, but this bear resisted 5 tranquilizer shots and a sniper shot to the head. He proceeded to kill me like 5 times before I gave up on him.


I also developed a shotgun which was only sort of useful since it has no range and it replaces my assault riffle that I only use when I’m in the open, but too surrounded by enemies. I ended up doing a side-op, which is a mission that helps my base or whatever, with it by sitting in this little tiny crawlspace and waited for enemies to stand near it. Then I blasted them with a shotgun shot. It actually worked really well. I saved this prisoner dude that apparently knew how to upgrade my robo hand.


As of now, I am doing better with combat. I’ve basically given up on stealth because sniping people is way too much fun. I ride my cool horse to a nice location and take out a few soldiers before running somewhere else while they check my last location. I’ve also developed a riot shield which I haven’t used yet and several types of camouflage. I use this one called Desert Tiger I think which helps me blend into the sands of Afghanistan. I can apparently give my horse some stuff too, but I don’t have any armour or whatever. I got a second assault riffle too because it says it has better range. It kinda sucks so I think I’m going to give the shotgun another try since I’m getting better at sniping people in this game.


What I like about the missions in this game is that it has an episodic feel to them. It has opening credits which at first I thought was stupid, but then I figured it was kinda neat because it’s like a television show. I now have upgraded my sniper as well as my pistol (not the tranquilizer one).


I’m also enjoying the music that’s in the game. If you explore like compounds and stuff, there’s popular music playing in some rooms. I think the first one I found was “She Blinded Me With Science” but I also remember finding “Kids In America” and “Take On Me.”


There’ll be more on my adventures. I’m only 5% complete and I have 10 hours on the game. I doubt I’m going to hit 100% because of how bad I am. I usually get a C rank or lower. The best I’ve done is a B rank. At the end of missions they give you a codeword or codename for how you did the mission. I looked up what each mean. I’m usually getting codeword or codename wolf because that means I used a sniper for most of the mission.


There’s apparently a lot of customization I can do in the game. I can customize the helicopter that brings me in as well as some logo. I’ll have to look more into this.


For now, war has changed!