Bada Bing Rad Blog!


This is an energy drink I think, but then again I’m not really sure. It is called Bing Black, but there’s a few other Bing drinks. This one is just made with blackberry juice. I thought I’d get a “dark” theme going on here, right? We had Black Label Mountain Dew. Today we have Bing Black.


So, taking a quick look, Bing is indeed an energy drink. I saw Bing Crisp and just Bing which I should have bought first. No matter. Bing is the original version which is just cherry juice. When I told my ma about this Bing drink she immediately said “Oh! Cherry!” I guess people associate Bing with cherries? I wouldn’t have known otherwise.


So I’m guessing this probably has less crap in it (ie: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride and the like) and more natural stuff. I’m only guessing at this point. I really haven’t looked at this other than the front of the can. From the front, I see it has B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and ginseng. Okay, maybe it will have Pyridoxine Hydrochloride because of the B Vitamins, but it looks like the energy focus here is ginseng. That’s always good. I see panax ginseng extract in most of the energy drinks I’ve written about here, but it is usually an afterthought for them. This seems to want to focus on the ginseng.


It says it has blackberry juice too, so that makes me really happy. Finally, a drink that wants to say outright that it is using juice. You know what? I believe them! I bet this has mostly blackberry juice with cherry juice. I doubt there’s that white grape juice in this.


The can is rather small. I think it may be the same size as a Red Bull. I don’t know what this costs normally, but I got it for about $1.50. It was on sale if I recall. It looks pretty nice and it is a good change of pace from all the Monsters I’ve been having lately.


This is made by a company called Petey’s. I’ve never heard of them before.


Well, let’s jump into the facts and ingredients.


Darn, only 5% juice. There’s no excerpt or anything on this can either.


Oh! It is called Supplement Facts! They are really taking the energy drink tag to its word. The reason why energy drinks can get away with all their crap is because they are technically supplements and the FDA doesn’t regulate them as food.


These facts are kinda interesting by the way. They don’t really look the same as they normally do on other cans.


1 serving is 1 can.


40 calories. 8g total carbs. 8g sugars. 60mg Vitamin C. 1.7mg Riboflavin. 20mg Niacin. 2mg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride). 6mg Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). 10mg Pantothenic Acid. 15mg sodium. 110mg potassium. 122mg caffeine. 100mg ginseng root extract. 10mg beta- glucan (oat grain extract). 10 mg guarana seed extract. 1mg resverstrol (grape skin extract). 10mcg acai berry extract. 10mcg flax berry extract.


Well, that’s basically the ingredients, isn’t it? I was wrong about pyridoxine hydrochloride… It says it right there . I like that this has acai berry in it and I see why people go for grape juice now. I suppose the skin of grapes has energy in it?


Oh! There’s other ingredients. I’ll list them too.


carbonated water, juice from concentrate (blackberry, cherry), cane sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, malic acid, fruit juice for color, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, potassium citrate, sucralose.


Darn it, why? Sucralose? Seriously? Get that crap out of here. Hopefully the cane sugar beats it to death. The other ingredients are basically just preservatives and the non-energy flavours.


Well, time to get into this! What do I expect? It sounds promising. I’m just hoping this tastes less like medicine and more like blackberry.


Before I taste, there’s two things I want to mention. First, the side of the can has a catch phrase which is “Delicious…Refreshing.” Simple enough!


Second! There’s the warning on this at the way bottom for kids and people pregnant with kids. Good on ya, Bing!


Now! The pour itself was interesting. The liquid is a nice violet. It kind of reminds me of grape juice honestly. It did fizz while I poured it so there’s the carbonated water working for me.


It smells of blackberry actually. It has a very berry scent to it. It is very natural too as if I am in a green grocer place. Very nice scent.


Time to taste!


Hmm. Oh! Hmm.


Well at first sip it is just really bubbly tasting. Then, almost immediately after, it is super, super tart. I suppose that’s the cherry juice jumping at me, or maybe it is the blackberry. Whichever it is, it is very tart. There’s pretty much no medicine taste to this at all too. The tartness does its job of covering that which was one of my fears of this drink. I wasn’t sure if this was going to cover the medicine taste of energy drinks, but it did.


Unfortunately, that darn sucralose after taste is very, very present. The tartness from the juices linger with it, but it doesn’t mix all that well.


It is kind of odd too how the tartness comes into play. At first I was like oh, here’s some tartness, but then it just goes from like slightly tart to “Woah! Hey mama!” tart. I like to think of it as eating a cherry flavoured candy then drinking some all natural 100% cherry juice. It isn’t bad, but if you don’t really care of tartness, then this won’t be for you.


This is a nice change of pace from the big commercial energy drinks. It isn’t as sweet as them, but it does have a real fruit flavour. If you’re some kind of health nut that is totally against high fructose corn syrup, I’d say give this a try maybe if you’re curious about energy drinks.


I’ll give this a guest comes to talk to the class instead of 6th period science class out of rad. Sure it isn’t boring subject material, but it is still educational. Like this drink, I like that the flavour is real and the tartness is a nice change of pace, but that terrible sucralose aftertaste isn’t enjoyable. I’d be willing to recommend this. I’d like to try the other Bing drinks too.