Oh boy, Rad Blog.


We had a nice little diversion with the Java Monsters, but I am out of them right now and decided to get back on track with these babies.


Today we have another puppymonkeybaby era Kickstart. This one is blood orange flavoured. What is blood orange? It is like a really red orange I think. I think I have had one once, but that was a long time ago. Yeah, it is so red that it almost looks black. It kinda reminds me of a pomegranate!


Well, this obviously won;t taste like pomegranate because they actually have a pomegranate drink (I saved it for last!). This doesn’t inspire any confidence in me because they already have an orange flavoured Kickstart from the original release and if I recall correctly, I didn’t like it very much. Also, kinda props to WordPress for adding links. The new way to add it is kinda cool. There’s a mini dialogue thing that pops up instead of a whole new tab. It just shows that people that still use the classic editor are not forgotten!


Back on subject!


This is blood orange. Does blood orange have a distinct taste over just a regular orange? It should, right? Why go though all this trouble to make a second orange drink? Maybe they just got bored and said “Larry in Marketing says we have to have four new drinks for this stupid puppymonkeybaby commercial. Let’s just use one we have already and re-brand it.”


The can is even similar. It is the same orange as the original orange drink. The only difference is this is…wait a second. I need to go back an edit things! This changes everything!


THIS IS NOT IN COCONUT WATER! No! It isn’t! I was thrown off by the similar can style and the stupid circle up top that says with Vitamins C and E. This is something new. Huh! Just when I think I have you figured, Mountain Dew Kickstart, you throw a fast one. Seriously though, consider altering the can. That circle is really similar to the “with coconut water” circle.


Rad Blog, this is a antioxidant drink! What does that mean?! It is like Gatorade then since that’s what they kinda push. I don’t bloody know. It is a juice too.


Well, at least I won’t have to suspect the taste of coconut.


In fact, this comes from their Kickstart line called “Recharge.” I see it on the side of the can. The pomegranate drink is also from this line! Well then, blood orange, you are setting the tone, lad!


I’m guessing this is a drink you’d have after a workout maybe though I highly doubt someone would pick this over something like Muscle Milk. It is a recovery thing with C and E Vitamins. We haven’t covered E Vitamins here on the Rad Blog so let’s look into it! What do E Vitamins do?


Red blood cell formation is what it says. Cool.


Wait a sec….blood orange? Red blood cells? I see what you did! Clever girl.


Well, it has gotten late. I better do the hustle and get to drinking this. Luckily these aren’t really “energy drinks,” especially from what I gather on this one. It looks more like a Gatoraid than anything.


Yeah it doesn’t have the warning about the caffeine content, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.


Nutrition facts!

1 serving is 1 can.


60 calories. 0g total fat. 125mg sodium. 15g total carbs. 14g sugars. 0g protein.


100% Vitamin C. 15% Vitamin E. 60% Niacin. 60% Vitamin B6. 45% pantothenic acid. 10% phosphorus.



Water, high fructose corn syrup, white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, blood orange juice concentrate, sodium hexametaphosphate, natural flavors, gum arabic, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, yellow 6, glycerol ester of rosin, niacinamide, calcium disodium edta, Vitamin E, acetate, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, red 40.




By the sun god Ra, this has bloody blood orange juice in it. I am actually super impressed with this. They truly care about the blood orange Kickstart.


I’ve come to a conclusion. I would much rather continue this drink reaction tomorrow morning! That’s what these Kickstarts were designed for, right? We’ll hold the tasting part off until then. I made fun of the  low caffeine content, but still, there’s enough. Besides, it is always great to start a day off with 100% Vitamin C! I mean, it probably is 100% because of the ascorbic acid mixing with the blood orange juice. Usually these aren’t 100% in anything.


Well, see ya tomorrow!


The next morning!


Yawn, yawn. I’m here and awake. I got my can of blood orange Kickstart and a nice little mug. Hopefully it will keep it cool, but I shouldn’t have a problem with that since it is so bloody cold in the shop today.


So, let’s get to this! I need a Kickstart!


Woosh! Very orange looking. It is actually kinda unnatural in how orange it is. It looks like orange soda really. I was expecting a more deep orange, but no. This is really light. I guess I should have figured that when I saw red 40 and yellow 6.


It smells actually really pleasant. It has a very orangey aroma, but it is heavier. I think this is what a blood orange smells like. It has a tartness to the scent, but more so than a regular orange. It is heavier. All I can say is that it smells like an orange, but heavier if you get what I’m saying.


Well, let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Ehh.


Well, the initial taste is very nice. It is like a crisp yet flat orange soda. It is pretty refreshing.


You know, it reminds me of a watered down soda! That’s what it is basically, isn’t it? The orange flavour is there and it is pleasant. It actually borderlines a grapefruit taste if I’m being honest. I guess blood orange is like an orange and grapefruit hybrid.


Huh! According to Wikipedia it is indeed a hybrid, but with a tangerine. You know, now that I read it, I can see it. Yeah I think I can get a bit of a tangerine taste to this.


Well, enough praise. This aftertaste is absolutely horrendous. It is so very bad that it almost out does all the good of the initial taste. It has that horrible medicine like taste I get from energy drinks, but it does the cha cha cha with sucralose. People, stop bloody using sucralose. Your sugar is fine. You do not need to add it! It ruins the bloody taste.


Thankfully, after a long time of lingering, the blood orange’s tangerine-like flavour kinda becomes apparent again and tries to beat out the sucralose flavour. It doesn’t win, but at least it puts up a nice effort.


Not horrible, but darn that aftertaste is killer. If you can get past that, this is a top drink.


I’ll give it a excused from jury duty but late in the day out of Rad. Maybe the last one will be better. We’ll see.




Oh I see why the sucralose is apparent. This is “diet” without being “diet.” It is a “low calorie” drink which I didn’t spot last night. That’s why, Bah. Well, it could be worse, right? This is absolutely better than Vanilla Light Java Monster.