Hey Rad Blog.


So, you might have noticed that this blog is mostly Drink Reactions now, right? Of course you have. I have so many drinks to write about that they take up a lot of room in the refrigerator. The Queen even has one that she hasn’t done yet too and it is in my room.


Anyway, I’ve decided to consolidate all the Drink Reactions into their own category. I got rid of the “reaction” category and made a new “Drink Reaction” category. It is a subcategory of Reviews so I kept them under it still.


Hopefully this will bring more people to The Rad Blog to see them!


While editing all the categories, I updated a few of the oldest Drink Reactions with more tags. Some of them didn’t even have tags so maybe they’ll get some love soon. Who knows?


What sparked this? I was looking at my stats as I normally do and I saw someone came here from a search engine looking for “NOS Grape Drink Review.” They didn’t go to my NOS Grape Drink reaction, but instead went to the original NOS Drink Reaction. I then decided to fix the categories and some tags on my Drink Reactions in hopes this would help people looking for my posts.


That’s it! Keep looking for my future Drink Reactions. As always, you can suggest a drink for me to do too either in the comments of anything or the Reader Feedback page.