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Well, the nice Hawaiian weekend is just about over and now we are back in the harsh reality that is Mountain Dew Kickstarts. I really shouldn’t knock them all since I found the watermelon one to be not so bad. This, however, is grape. Grape is hit or miss with me, and this one is not part of the coconut water group. In fact, the puppymonkeybaby era of Kickstarts only released one non-coconut water drink and this is it!


CHAS EDIT! I was mistaken! Only one in the puppymonkeybaby era is with coconut water. Two of the drinks are in similar cans as the coconut water drinks which is what confused me.


Well, it is purple, right? I like purple. The “Midnight Grape” I think is a bit of a stretch. It is grape juice with a bit of energy in it. That’s pretty much what these Kickstarts are. They are “juice” and “energy.” I put both in quotation marks because this is 5% juice and these drinks hardly have a super huge amount of energy in them.


I could be wrong with Midnight Grape! They could have upped their game. I mean, the watermelon one was tasty. This could be tasty and, dare I say, have some energy to it?


Well, what else can I say about this? Not much. Let’s see if they did anything different with this drink. I mean, I can’t knock them for using white grape juice instead of whatever else they say the flavour should be because this is supposed to be a grape juice.


Serving size is 1 can. Okay.


80 calories. 0g total fat. 170mg sodium. 105mg potassium. 21g total carbs. 20g sugars. 0g protein.


Okay. That’s kinda standard. The sugar count is high so maybe it will be sweet. I can only hope!



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, natural flavor, potassium sorbate, caffeine, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, gum arabic, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, red 40, calcium disodium edta, salt, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, blue 1.


Okay. Remarks? This doesn’t have enough energy to classify it as an energy drink. It is just a caffeinated juice. There’s also nothing “midnight” about this. It is white grape. It doesn’t have black currant or anything. This is just lazy honestly. If you wanted to do a white grape drink, fine. Don’t advertise it as “Midnight Grape.” Don’t colour it purple.


Honestly, if you want energy, go with the Kickstarts with coconut water. They have B Vitamins at least. This is just caffeine and grape juice.


I could probably just end the post here because this is going to be like the Black Cherry or Fruit Punch one. It is going to be miserable. I can only hope that RED 40 CHAS RAD APPROVED KIDS OFF THE WALL will help the flavour.


Let’s get it over with then.


Aw man. It is super purple. I guess that makes up for the lack of purple grape juice in this. Even freakin Fruit Shoot had black currant and that is a cheap kid’s drink.


I mean, this is so purple that it looks like the kind of floor cleaner my mom uses. It is dark when it is together, but while pouring it, it has this light watery purple texture I can only describe as when you have been painting and dip the brush in water. Yeah! That’s what this looks like!


It smells of, well, grape. It kind of has a cranberry scent to it too, but that might be the natural flavours showing up to try and make me forget that this is just white grape juice.


Okay, let’s taste. Ugh.


Ehh. Uh. Er.


Well, okay. Let’s be positive. This is not their worst.


At first sip, the drink is tingling with a bubble-like sensation. Then there’s the tartness of grape that overwhelms me. It has a sort of tartness of a darker grape, but it doesn’t taste all that nice. It kinda has this manufactured feel to it where the sweeter version of the white grape maintains the grape flavour. It is also sweet, but the sweet is like a separate entity. It doesn’t mix with the grape flavour like a punch does. At the end, it is the sucralose show. Darn it.


Okay, what are the positives of this? It is an okay drink I guess. The taste isn’t as horrible as their crappy fruit punch or black cherry. It is just basic if you look at their other ingredients. It is also an odd choice of drink. Why would you buy this? You want juice, but you also want a kick? This won’t really give you a huge kick like coffee or a Monster juice. This is fairly inexpensive too, but costs pretty much just as much as a Mountain Dew.

Honestly, this is just an offshoot of Mountain Dew for me. It might as well be a soda.


I’ll give this a get out of detention slightly early out of Rad.


Go for it if you really are interested. I wouldn’t say this is their worst, but it certainly isn’t the best.