Aloha Rad Blog!


Day two of my Hawaiian weekend for Drink Reactions. Today I have another Monster, but this time it is an energy drink with coffee. This sounds like it should keep me awake for a week.


I’ll be honest with you, I don’t drink coffee. I don’t really like it either. The smell and taste just don’t appeal to me. Now, this is for certain blends of coffee. I will not drink straight coffee, but having it mixed with something helps. I have a Chai and espresso mix that I like. This should be interesting too because it will block out the coffee taste with Monster flavouring.


By the by, I never take my coffee, which is on rare occasions, with milk or sugar.


I will admit, I am being a little rash with coffee. I threw them all in the same boat when I tried whatever brand we made on our drip machine. Going to a place like Wawa let me try darker, more mature roasts like Cuban or their signature Dark Roast.


Today, I have a Kona blend with Monster. As I have seen, there are three Java Monsters. I’m going to check that right now to see if I am right.


Nope. There are five. I only saw three at the store. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.


Anyway, I picked Kona since it will probably be the best one for me to try as I don’t typically like coffee. I looked at their other flavours and I just found I’d probably like the earthy/bold taste.

I did some reading on Kona blend coffee. Apparently Kona coffee is really expensive and that these blends are mostly inspired by the taste of it. Kona comes from berries that are enriched by the volcanic soil of Hawaii which I guess gives them their flavour. Interesting.


Anyway, I am interest to see how well coffee and an energy drink mix. I’m not sure if they put cream and sugar in this, but it seemsl ike they do with their other versions.


Let’s look at the can then. It is cool. A lot cooler than the Pipeline Punch honestly. We have tiki heads on the side and the Monster logo looks kinda woody. Yeah! It is like drift wood. There’s also jungle leaves and whatever with the tiki heads. I feel like this captures the Hawaiian spirit more than Pipeline Punch did. This is a cool can. Probably one of the coolest I’ve had.


Monster has a little excerpt on their website about this. If it is the same as what’s on the can, I’ll just post it here. Yes it is. That’s good to know too when I write about Monster drinks in the future.

Everyone knows some of the best coffee on the planet comes from the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii. No need to trek the slopes of Mauna Loa braddah since we already got some of Pele’s thunder and put it in a can.

Select Kona beans combined with premium imported coffee, supercharged with our energy blend makes for an unbeatable combination.

Try Monster’s new Big Island brew it’s just too good to be true.

That’s from the website, but it says that word for word on the can too.

“Too good to be true?” I don’t like that phrase. Why would you say yeah well our drink has all this good stuff in it. Yeah, yeah right. It is too good to be true. No, man! You gotta hype this!

Anyway, I should just move into the nutrition facts and ingredients. I have a small Spring allergy headache that’s being pushed along with the stupid change in air pressure.



Contains milk. Okay. Gotta take a pill for this. Darn.

2 servings per can. Like always, I’m going to give you the the nutrition facts per can since Monster provides that.


220 calories. 40 calories from fat. 4g total fat. 2.5 g saturated fat. 0g trans-fat. 15mg cholesterol. 450mg sodium. 500mg potassium. 39g total carbs. 36g sugars. 9g protein.

90% Vitamin C. 35% calcium. 190% riboflavin. 190% niacin. 190% Vitamin B6. 20% phosphorus.


Huh! This must be more coffee than energy drink since it is only 190% in the B Vitamins. They usually do 200% in their other energy drinks. You can tell there’s milk in this from the fat and calcium too. No worries.



Reduced fat milk, brewed coffee (filtered water, coffee), sugar, natural flavors, glucose, taurine, sodium citrate, microcrystalline cellulose, panax ginseng extract, ascorbic acid, tricalcium phosphate, carrageenan, sodium alginate, caffeine, niacinamide, sucralose, color added, d-glucuronolactone, guarana extract, inositol, l-carnitine l-tartrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, maltodextrin.


Huh. It is straight up coffee with a dash of Monster then. I need to know what a few things are so here is learning time with Chas!


Carrageenan is from seaweed. It is edible grass used in foods for gelling or thickening things. Isn’t this the stuff people say McDonald’s milkshakes have too? They do! People were stupid and said McDonald’s shakes don’t have actual milk in them but use seaweed instead. It is partly true. They use milk and carrageenan. Ah! Good to know this. I didn’t know the proper name of it, but I knew that they used seaweed in milk stuffs.


Microcrystalline cellulose is wood pulp. Joy. I am drink actual drift wood then, aren’t I? I guess the woodiness of the logo isn’t just for show then! Basically, they use microcrystalline cellulose so things won’t turn lumpy. This is good to know too because sometimes when these sort of drinks contain milk, they go bad and get all lumpy.


That’s it really. Let’s move on to the fun part, ya?


Great day in the morning! That’ll wake you up!


This is what you’d expect. It looks like coffee. It is very brown, lighter because of the milk. It smells like you’d expect. I’ll try my best on describing coffee too you.


The scent is very potent. It kinda grips me with this heavy wood scent, but it then has a small echo of sweetness to it. I kinda get the feeling of a tropic island, but that might just be the marketing. Honestly, this smells of fresh air that you can find by the ocean without that tidal smell. It is kinda intriguing.


Well, what else can I do but take a sip!


Hmm. Huh. Hmm.


Very milky at first. The first moment, it is like Muscle Monster’s creamy taste, but then the Kona blend coffee comes in to dominate. The medicine taste of energy drink is hardly recognizable with this as the coffee taste is the most apparent thing. The coffee itself is quite crisp and very earthy. It has a powerful yet ginger punch. It is like when someone speaks slowly and clearly with a slightly loud tone. It gets their point across without being violent. You know, this does has a bit of acidity to it too which is kinda welcomed to me. I like how the earthy taste of the coffee meets the creamy texture and then the acidity comes in at the end.


The aftertaste is okay I suppose. As I said before, I’m not huge on coffee so the aftertaste of this is just a lingering coffee bitterness with the slight medicine taste trying to close the show.


This is actually really good. I would, dare I say, get this again. Absolutely. Yeah, no doubt.  I really am enjoying this a lot. I mean, it competes in the iced coffee market against what, Starbucks? I think they might lose out on that because people see the Monster logo and go “Uck! Energy drinks and coffee?” This isn’t really as powerful as energy drinks go and it is mostly a nice little iced coffee that also has the enhanced energy of a low-key energy drink.


I’m giving this a suplex out of Rad. Good work on this, Monster.