What’s up, Rad Blog?


Me? I just have this odd looking drink here.


Yep, you read this right. This is black water, or rather blk.


So, what is it?


Well, according to the bottle, when you dig really deep down near trees, there’s this water the trees and rocks kinda guard that has a ton of minerals and other goodies (fulvic minerals) that just happens to turn the water black.


Long story short, it is black water. That’s it.


Okay, that’s essentially it, but blk. will want you to know this has goodies in it like “Alkaline pH8” or whatever.


Hey, don’t get me wrong! This is a unique and kinda cool concept. How many other companies are putting out black water today? None as far as I know. The black water gimmick got me to buy it, didn’t it? I spent freakin $2.40 on this. Jokes on me, ya?


This is not a huge bottle either. I mean, I would say it probably is about the same size as water bottles you might buy in the 24 pack, but costs twice as much. I’m just going to check right now to be sure.


Yes, they are both the same size: 16.9 fl oz. Okay, well at least blk. is consistent.

Notice I am writing blk. with the period. I am doing it on purpose because that’s how it is on the bottle.


The bottle itself is probably clear, but it at least is sorta interesting. The minimalistic font is pretty common today for things trying to be “basic” but still cost your left kidney.


You know what, no. It might be interesting at first, but it just so cliché. The little word collage in a darkish grey is just so blah.


I am doing this right now because blk. has more to their line of beverages. They have a lemonade as well as a berry drink. I can’t remember it exactly, but I thought I might as well start with the original to see what it is like.


On the back of the bottle, it has their little story which opens with “Have you been living under a rock? Because we have.” It just then tells you why the water is black, which i pretty much summed up in a previous paragraph.


Huh! They are out of New Jersey. Cool.


So, it has this equation thing on the back too for “Pure. Premium. Hydration.”

There’s the trace minerals which is traced from the fulvic minerals, electrolytes, with 0 calories and 0 sugar. I’d hope so, because this is just bloody water.

Gluten free. Non-GMO. Non-BPA. Again. I’d hope so because this is freakin water.



Purified water.


That was easy.  Oh wait…there’s something in parentheses.


“(with Fulvic Trace Mineral Complex)**


What’s the **?!


I’ve looked and I cannot find the note for the **.  Let’s just roll with it.


Nutrition facts.


Do I have to? It is 0 all around. It is water.


Fine! Because I want to be a decent drink reaction writer, I will list this trivial 0 stuff.

0 calories. 0g total fat. 0mg sodium. 0g total carbs. 0g protein.


Nothing. It is water. It doesn’t even have like a significant presence of other things like B Vitamins or iron or whatever to list.


So, it really is just water that’s black. There’s really no benefit by looking at the label. It is all in the mind?


I’m sure it is real because it isn’t like they dyed the water black. It must have some minerals in it, but not enough to really do anything. Oh well. Hipsters will like this I guess.


Let’s…uh open it and take a smell. I’m really not expecting much.



Well, pouring it looked pretty, I’m going to be honest here, rank. It is like pouring cold coffee, but it is sorta transparent. You know? Coffee is kinda thick, but this is thin like water. Well, it should be because it is water….

It smells like nothing. I was expecting this.


Well, I guess I have to give it a taste.




It tastes of…water. It is thicker than water and not as crisp. It has a earthy taste to it too, which I guess comes from the minerals. There’s not much to say about this other than it tastes of earthy water. If you want a similar experience, go outside after it rained for a little and drink from a puddle. That’s what this is and that’s my rating out of Rad. Why? Why would you spend this much for this? There’s plenty of other mineral waters out there that probably cost a dollar that does the same trick as this. There’s no unique taste. It is just freaking water that happens to be black.