Yep. I’m back.

Let’s keep this brief because I’m lazy and I’m not a writer like Chas Rad. I even used the same picture! How lame is that???

Lame enough to put off this review by keeping this bottle in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 months. Oops. That’s procrastination for ya.


Well. Too bad. I don’t care. You get what you get so if you don’t like this, stop reading! Go watch some Daredevil Season 2 instead.


Here’s the link to the Rad Version for nutritional facts and all that jazz.


Let’s take a look at the bottle! It looks pretty cool. A punch of red to the eyes! BOOM! Just like my red shoes.

You definitely know this is strawberry. Plus y’know. Shaq is a pretty cool dude. I like his bald head.


Time to shake, open, smell, and taste! Breathe in that strawberry-ness. Strawberry is life. I hope this is strawberry enough that I like this.


Huh. I have to say that first look is kind of disappointing. I was hoping that this would be a definitely red looking liquid, like Big Red is! But it’s not? In fact it’s kind of brownish-reddish. Uh. It kind of reminds me of something… Not very appetizing when reminded of it.

Hmm!! The smell makes up for the poor imagery. It definitely reminds me of strawberry. Maybe a bit of strawberry-kiwi? Very fruity! I approve. Now it’s down to the taste, will this save the drink?


Meh. I was expecting more. It’s kind of a watered down version of a fake strawberry. Very, very watery with a bit of sugar.

It’s alright I guess but I wanted more punch to the face? Shaq! Where did your Fu go?


I’ll give this a Leave Work 5 minutes Early out of Awesome.