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This is a bit of an odd Reaction, but originally my brother bought this drink for himself. He likes seltzer water and this was just way too gross to him so he gave it to me. In the picture, you will see it is about half empty. That’s because he had a glass of it himself. I offered to write about it here.


I don’t do water posts. I think this will be my first. I haven’t heard of this company before and I am not going to try and write their name again because it is so long.


White chocolate water? What? I mean, I can see lemon flavoured water or maybe some other kind of fruit, but white chocolate? That’s so strange. Who would think chocolate and water would go together? I guess the same people that throw lime and cucumber, but I digress.


So, you can see this liquid is quite foggy looking. This is exactly what the Rockstar from yesterday looked like, except this time I know it probably won’t make me sick…maybe?


This is quite a large bottle too being 1 liter. The company goes with a pretty generic lake logo with pine trees to ease you into thinking people in the Pacific Northwest probably likes this. Do they? I don’t know. Gildem is kinda eccentric I guess.  Would he drink white chocolate flavoured water? I’d ask him if he probably wasn’t sleeping right now.


Anyway, this is sodium and calorie free. I’d expect as much from just water. This is probably going to be easy on the whole nutrition facts and ingredients list as it is just seltzer water with flavouring.


I’m going to go out and say this right now. I don’t really go for flavoured waters. Lemon water is my limit, and even then I just prefer my water to be water. I also am not as fond of white chocolate as I am with other chocolate flavours. White chocolate has this distinctive taste that is too bitter to be milk chocolate and too sweet to be dark chocolate. Both of these together is going to be interesting. Maybe two wrongs can make a right for me. Maybe they will just be absolutely terrible.


Well, let’s look at the specifics with this.


There’s four servings in this. I’ll probably drink about one if I don’t like this.


0 calories. 0g total fat. 0mg sodium. 0f total carbs. 0g protein. Yep. It is water. It better be zero.



Crystal clear carbonated water, natural flavour.


So, this is like white chocolate mix with water. Hmm. Hot chocolate mix in cold water. I wonder if I’d like that.


Maybe it is the bottle, but this isn’t that foggy at all. It looks like clear water to me. The picture itself make the water look a bit foggy, but really it is just clear.


Well, what else can I do besides drink it now?


Ah, they are from New York. Well, maybe it is us on the east coast that are eccentric. Yeah. That would make a little more sense I guess.


Good, good. It was still pretty bubbly when I opened it.


Uh…What? This is not what water should smell like. I mean, it is very distinctive in the chocolate smell. I know my chocolate and this is quite remarkable in scent. When you think of water, it just shouldn’t smell like that. It is odd. Like, my mind is saying this should be a brown or more white because this is a chocolate drink. The clear liquid is throwing my mind off because it is just odd. What the heck.


Well, time to taste it.


Huh. Uh. Bleh?


Well, the carbonated taste is very much there, but because it isn’t  sweetened it tastes very gassy. It tastes like water with chemicals, but then this really strange white chocolate flavour comes in and it mixes with the chemicals. It isn’t pleasant, but it isn’t repulsive either. This just doesn’t mix.


No. It isn’t great. No. The aftertaste is pretty awful. There’s the bubbly taste of seltzer and the odd taste of white chocolate. It lingers for a long time too.


No. I don’t like this, but it doesn’t rank that high on things that I find really gross.


I’d say avoid this. The idea may sound interesting and for 88 cents it might be worth checking out, but no. Don’t. Save your money. If you like seltzer water and chocolate, I might be more sympathetic to you, but as a person that likes chocolate and tolerates seltzer water, I cannot say this is pleasing. Water can chocolate don’t really mix that well.


I wonder if this would be good for cooking. I mean, maybe if I threw this in a pot, boiled it, and cooked pasta in it. Would this be good? That’s an interesting thought.


I’m gonna give this a head-butt to a stop sign out of rad. Why is this a thing?


The Queen just tasted it and gagged. She says it is “awful” and “tastes like gasoline.” I wouldn’t go that extreme, but it just isn’t very good.