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What’s with people making these lime and cucumber drinks? I did a Gatorade version of this a while ago, but now our buddies at Rockstar have made an energy drink based off this interesting combination. Now, if I recall the Gatorade one, I didn’t hate it. I found it really odd if I remember correctly.


That was just a Gatorade. Gatorade is pretty low-key on taste intensity. It isn’t supposed to really be super tasty because you drink Gatorade to quench thirst. You’d drink Rockstar for the caffeine, so I suppose taste is going to matter a little more here.


Here’s something interesting. Is lime and cucumber a Spanish or Mexican thing? Usually flavours of things aren’t always translated to Spanish as you can see on this can.


I’m really thinking this through. I haven’t done a lot of Rockstar drink on this blog. Look at my search function. I have two drinks from them where one is the original Rockstar and the other is Rockstar Punch. This would be the third, and I just took notice of the text right under the Rockstar logo. It says “energy + electrolytes” here. On the Punch version it says “energy + punch.” That kinda tells me what to expect from the drink. So, is this basically the Gatorade with Rockstar? I mean, Gatorade is supposed to bring about electrolytes so that’s my guess.


Either way, this is still an interesting concept. What is it about lime and cucumber that makes people go “oh yeah, that’s a great idea.” Is it because they are both green? If that’s the case, I’ll take a cabbage flavoured green tea, please.


No. Do not make that. Please.


Well, this can is really cool. I like the white can with green. For some reason, white and green really go together. I guess black and green work too, but judging by a plain ol’ Monster vs this, I would say my eye likes this can better. Other than that, this is a pretty ordinary can of Rockstar. The top and can-tab thing are green too, but that’s kinda par for the course for these kinds of drinks.


Again, we see the energy giving stuff around the top of the can, but this time they add “electrolytes” to the mix.


Hmm. Nothing else. There’s no story or anything on to why they decided to make this flavour. Oh well.


This is lightly carbonated too, which isn’t usual for Rockstar I think. In fact, I don’t think any energy drink is considered lightly carbonated and if they are, they don’t really go advertising it like this one does.


Let’s move to the facts and ingredients. There’s our warning that says pregnant women and children shouldn’t be drinking this. Good on you, Rockstar.


Nutrition Facts! 2 servings in this. No juice. That’s a shame. This is all going to be from artificial and natural flavourings.

10 calories. 0g total fat. 45mg sodium. 1g total carbs. 1g sugars. 0g protein. 100% Niacin. 100% Vitamin B6. 100% Vitamin B12. 100% Pantothenic Acid.


Hmm. This seems really low-key for an energy drink. This can would be 200% of all those things, but isn’t it usually like 150% B Vitamins? Not really. Niacin is 200% in the original, but still I suppose this is a little more low-key. There’s absolutely less calories in this as well as sugars. 1g of sugars? That is not a lot at all. I’m guessing that this is either going to be really, really medicine tasting or really, really lime and cucumbery. This isn’t even a Rockstar Zero or anything either. It just is a chilled out Rockstar that is probably promoting electrolytes. This has even less sugar than the Gatorade Lime Cucumber. Huh.


Well, on to the ingredients then.


Carbonated water, taurine, sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate, caffeine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, natural flavors, gum arabic, pantothenic acid, niacinamide, milk thistle extract, panax ginseng root extract, magnessium lactate, ester gum, calcium lactate pentahydrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, monopotassium phosphate, cyanocobalamin.


Huh. Mostly energy. Third ingredient is taurine. They aren’t messing around with this.


Well, gotta get on this. Let’s get it open.


Woosh. At first glance, I thought this was going to be clear, but it is really cloudy looking. It is kinda similar to how lemonade is cloudy, but this is very, well, white. It is a white drink. Usually, I run away from white drinks since that usually means coconut. This, however, is not.


Woooosh! The scent is very cucumbery. Wow. This smells like a fresh cucumber. I’m not detecting any citrus from this at all. Go to your green grocer and go to the cucumber section. That’s what this smells like.


I like cucumbers well enough, but to drink one? I know the Gatorade wasn’t bad. This, well, I am not so sure. Let’s taste it.


Errr. Uh. Huh.


Well, first sip is very citrusy. I was like, woah! They are gonna turn the tables on me and make this all about the lime flavour, but that washed away to the medicine taste. It lingered for a little while, but then cucumber dove in and reminded me that this drink isn’t just supposed to smell like cucumbers. No. The aftertaste is terrible. Do you like cucumbers? I like them enough, but like all vegetables, it is very earthy. Imagine earthy and medicine from B Vitamins. Does that appeal to you? No. How about we add sucralose to the mix.


This is like a combination of things I hate. Medicine taste with sucralose is just awful. The earthy taste, which come on; you know you don’t like vegetables, is the welcomed flavour here in the aftertaste.


No. No. No. I cannot recommend this. Maybe a sip of it, but why in the world would you pick over any other energy drink? The novelty of it? No. If you are going to make this a “Zero” type drink, you should just go for the zero calories. This has 10 calories and the crappy taste of what zero calorie drinks have. It is bloody awful. I would rather this be with an original Rockstar where they screw trying to make this zero calories. Then the lime and cucumber flavour wouldn’t be undermined by the horrible sweetener or lack-of one.


The lime flavour is really strong and the second wave with the cucumber is also really strong. Those alone impress me. I rather like it if we only took those two in context, but no. They aren’t lasting enough to help me get over how bad the aftertaste is. Cucumber itself would be an odd enough aftertaste, but throwing it in the mix of sucralose and medicine just doesn’t make this pleasant to drink.


An interesting concept, but I cannot say I’d ever buy this again or recommend that my readers try it. I’d say only try it if someone buys it for you. My brother got this for me (thankfully) so I didn’t spend anything on it. It was at the request of his friend too. Well, it is not good. Sorry.


I’ll give this a large field of crops yielding a big harvest, but a freak spring frost kills it all out of rad.


Just, skip this. If you wanna try a lime and cucumber thing, go with Gatorade.