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Well, this post is well overdue. Hey! This is our first requested Drink Reaction as well as our first Drink Reaction that was donated by someone. I’d like to thank my man Jonny C for this one. He came back to New Jersey not too long ago and was buying all sorts of drinks. He gave me this one after he bought a coconut version. Jon, I am thankful that you did not give me a coconut drink. I’ve hated pretty much every single coconut drink I’ve had.


No! This is blueberry and it is Brazilian! Carnival!

Well, I love my Brazilians here at the Rad Blog. They gave me a ton of views in the first few years.


Do I honestly think the probable blueberries in this drink came from Brazil? Heck no. Can I hope they are from Brazil? A Chas can dream. Most drinks are bloody liars when it comes to their flavours. People will see “Brasilia” and say “Hey! This is the real stuff! They even spelled it like the real way man! None of that “Z” crap!”


Well, what can I say about Bai? I’ve seen them around, but never in a bottle. I saw it in a like really odd shaped can. When I say odd, I mean the can was larger than a typical soda can, but way smaller than a Monster. It was also thin like Red Bull, but not as thin. Also, you wouldn’t know it was a can because it was wrapped in like a paper all over. It was really odd. I mean it!


Blueberry has been kind of a slippery slope for me as most of these drinks claim to be “real” but then go the 5% juice route where it is mostly white grape juice. Do I have more faith in Bai? Yes. Just from the wording and look of the drink, I would already throw them in the whole “organic” category. Is this organic?


No. It bloody isn’t. I’ll tell you what it is, though! Kosher. Vegan. Non-GMO. Yep. Everything but organic because this is 3% bloody juice. 3. There’s more juice in the Mountain Dew Kickstarts.


It says on the side of the bottle “Juicy Flavor that tastes like a rainforest just kissed you on the lips.” The bold is necessary because that’s how it is. It was bolded.


Oh boy. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t mind me kissing a rainforest. Takes “tree hugger” to a whole new level, ya?


Oh boy. I gotta write this excerpt here. I just gotta.


“Brasilia, Brazil – sounds fancy right? Exotic. Adventurous. Maybe even romantic. It sounds like a faraway place with exotic, faraway things and unbelievable flavor. Plus, it only has 5 calories and no artificial sweeteners.

It’s like if your crush showed up in a teeny bathing suit and took you on a picnic in the antioxidant rainforest. Pretty juice stuff.”


Jeeze! It sounds like a faraway place with faraway things?! Well, I’d hope so if it was a faraway place. You’d think it should have faraway things. The reality is that Brazil is only semi-far away from the US, where I’m guessing this company is from. It isn’t like this is an Australian beverage. Then I’d think Brazil would be pretty darn far. The way this is written is like we’ve never heard of Brazil before.


They are from Jersey! Princeton, yeah. That’s slightly further away from Brazil than I am since I’m closer to it living in South Jersey.


I’ll give it the 5 calories thing. That’s really, really small. Good on you, Bai. I bet this is a two serving bottle, so it is more like 10 calories. Whatever. That’s still pretty good.


Ah ha. 2 servings. Man, I am getting really good at deciphering the beverage industry.


So, let’s jump into what this stuff is for real. Nutrition Facts!

2 servings.


This is per serving.

5 calories. 0g total fat. 5mg sodium. 9g total carbs. 1g sugars. 8g erythritol. 0g protein. 25% Vitamin C.


Okay! New territory. Da heck is erythritol?


Sugar alcohol from fruits. Okay! I’ve seen that before.


Well. It looks okay, I guess. Nothing jumps out at me. the 25% Vitamin C seems kinda low, but this isn’t citrus stuff so who cares?



Oh boy. I’ll wait to mock this.


Filtered water, Bai Proprietary Sweetener Blend (erythritol, stevia extract), juice concentrate (blueberry, blackberry, strawberry), natural flavors, coffeefruit extract, malic acid, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), white tea extract, ascorbic acid, sodium citrate.


Well, I know where the Vitamin C comes from now.


So, they just had to toot their own horn here about their sweetener which is sugar alcohol and stevia. Well, I guess it is natural, right? Sugar alcohol from fruit and stevia is a plant. Hmm. No real sugar in this besides from the fruits.


Also, is this a tea? I really thought this was just going to be a juice drink, but they have white tea in this. Bonus.


Hey, I just want to let you know that I’m really busting Bai’s bollocks, but if t his tastes great, then all this crap means absolutely nothing.


Well, let’s have a taste then.


Well! It certainly smells fruity. That’s for sure. It is really rich in a blueberry scent. That’s nice of them. I can also detect a hint of strawberry, but it is very subtle.

Just looking at this, I don’t feel like I’m going to die. This looks like real fruit juice. Like, this feels like it is natural and if I was some impressionable kid, I’d probably think this was good for me.


Let’s have a sip!


Hmm. Eh. Huh.


Well, it tastes fairly pleasant. I mean, it really tastes like water with a bit of flavouring in it. I get blueberry from this for sure, but it is kinda weak. I think what this drink has going for it is the scent. The scent really sets the tone that you’re having a nice blueberry, when the flavour itself isn’t all that there.


I also want to give a shout out to Bai for using stevia over sucralose. Stevia taste pretty bad, but it isn’t nearly as offensive as sucralose. The sweetener flavour is pretty sweet, but it has that odd aftertaste like I get from sucralose.


Unlike sucralose, this doesn’t last as long or offend my taste as much, so the sweetness is pretty darn authentic.


Yeah, this tastes really watery, but the blueberry is there for sure. The aftertaste (after the stevia gives up) is really pleasant. This is where the blueberry flavour shows. I’d like to think of it as like a dehydrated blueberry. You first add water but after it absorbs everything, you get a tasty blueberry.


This isn’t bad at all, Bai. I’ll even give your other stuff a try with some enthusiasm!


You know what, they are right about the antioxidants. I feel a lot better right now. Like, I really feel uplifted. I’m not sure if it is because of clever marketing or the drink itself, but I don’t care. I somehow feel lifted. Thanks!


I’ll give this a cool substitute teacher that teaches you something unrelated to the class but still cool out of Rad.


You know what, I’ll recommend it. Give it a try. I have no idea how much it costs, but I’m thinking in the 1 dollar to 2 dollar range. That’s for the bottle size. I think the cans are smaller so they might cost less.


Post edit! I went to Wallgreens today and saw these for sale. They are normally $2 dollars and change, but had a special on them for 2 for $4 dollars. I’m gonna say they are a little pricey for what they are. I mean, it is a good drink, but there’s a lot of hype to it by looking at what it claims to be. I’ll still say go for it, but I’m sure there’s probably better options for less money.