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Aw man. I told you I only needed to do this one and I was done with Kickstars. Remember that?


Well, thanks to the Super Bowl, they made four freaking more.



What the heck, Mountain Dew. These are bloody rubbish. Have you not read my posts on these?


Well, the new ones sound a lot better, but I’m not there yet. For now, I have this one. This…strawberry kiwi in coconut water one. I was really hoping this would be the last one in the line of coconut water, but three of the four new ones are in coconut water.


Actually, if I recall, I think I liked the pineapple one better than the others. My exact words were “I don’t hate this as much as I could.”


If anything, that’s extremely positive thinking from me!


So, Rad Blog! This is the last of the original ones that were released! Yay?


What do I think of strawberry kiwi? I think that it would be hard to screw up such a flavour, but I have the lowest of low expectations from this Kickstart as I hated every other one so far. Unless strawberry kiwi is somehow the greatest thing ever, then Mountain Dew Kickstart is low on my list of drinks.


The thing about Kickstart is that it really isn’t much of an energy drink. It is a more caffeinated juice than anything. Is it highly caffeinated? I think so.


They put this in the coconut water like the pineapple mango one, but according to my last post on it, I didn’t mind it that much. That’s saying something because I hate coconut. That coconut soda my girlfriend tried was so bad.


Out of the two originals in coconut water, I would say that I’m more appealed by pineapple mango. I’m not knocking strawberry kiwi, I am just more into pineapple.


So, what’s up with this can? I bought it for a dollar. I guess I don’t feel ripped off, but I can’t imagine paying more than that for this line of drink.


So, what’s this one all about? The can looks kinda cool. I like it better than most of their other cans (the original ones. That new purple one is boss).  The red gradient is nicer than the yellow.


What else? It says there “just the right amount of ‘Kick'” in this drink. I would say so. Just the right amount so they don’t have to put a warning that this is an energy drink.


10% juice in this one. I don’t really remember what the others were, but that sounds par for the course with this. I didn’t really expect higher than 20%. I just checked, the others are 5% juice. This has more? Hmm.


So, what’s in this and what are the nutrition facts?

This says it is “naturally and artificially flavored sparkling juice beverage blend from concentrate.”  Care to put any more adjectives there? How about “super awesome” or “thirsty-quenching beverage blend?”

I’m kidding of course.


Hydrating boost? We’ll see.


Serving size is 1 can. I’d hope so. This is on the smaller side of cans.

60 calories. 0g total fat. 130mg sodium. 15g total carbs. 14g sugars. 0g protein. 75% Vitamin C. 60% niacin. 60% Vitamin B6. 45% pantothenic acid. 10% phosphorus.


Yeah, see what I mean? It isn’t like 200% Vitamin B6. It isn’t overly doing the energy stuff so I guess this is an advertising ploy. These are supposed to be an alternative to coffee, but let’s face it. Coffee is a culture. People buy coffee for crazy prices because of the flavouring. Coffee can be created to one’s liking. Some like milk. Some like sugar. Some (like me) like nothing. I don’t even like coffee. This is just an energizing “juice” which isn’t really juice. There’s no culture to this than laziness. It is a dollar. So what? Black coffee is sometimes a dollar. You can spend like 5 to 7 dollars and make coffee in your own coffee maker for a month. This is not ever going to beat coffee.

This, of course, doesn’t matter because I do these posts for taste. I’m just grumpy and feel the need to dis the Dew.

Okay, back to the ingredients.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, white grape juice concentrate, coconut water concentrate, citric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, natural and artificial flavor, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, gum arabic, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, niacinamide, glycerol ester of rosin, calcium disodium edta, calcium pantothenate, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, yellow 6, red 40.




Seriously, this has so much crap in it. The juice is grape juice. Grape freaking juice.


Well, I’m guessing this is going to be orange looking from the colours.


Well, let’s get to the tasting part and then I’ll be one step closer to being done with the original Kickstarts.


It was kinda orange. It is more of a peach colour actually. It really does look like a peach. I don’t detect strawberry from this. If I was just given this liquid with no other context, I’d suspect peach.


The scent is very pleasant. Strawberry is a good smell. It has strawberry as a primary scent, but there’s a tropical undertone. I’m guessing it is from the kiwi, but it is probably from the coconut or whatever else they put in the artificial flavouring.


Taste time? I guess!


Hmm. Ermmmm.


Well, the first taste is rather pleasant. The strawberry flavouring is quite nice and spot on for a drink, but then it gets twisted with the medicine-like taste and coconut water. The winner of the three way competition for taste between strawberry, coconut, and medicine is the coconut, much like the pineapple version of this drink.


The good news about this is that if you absolutely hate coconut, this is dimmed down enough with the energy B Vitamins and strawberry flavouring that it is tolerable.


You know what, I’m going to make a bold statement right now. This is the best of the original. That’s really not saying much at all, but it really is the best of all the Kickstarts I’ve had. This, by no means, is good, but it just doesn’t suck hardcore. The strawberry taste is actually better than most of the other strawberry flavourings I’ve had in other drinks. Is it because the kiwi is giving it a bit of a boost? Maybe it is the grape juice too? I don’t know, but the fruit flavouring is pretty good. It is good enough to make this drink tolerable at best. The coconut aftertaste is just horrid and it linger for a long time. Fortunately for it, the medicine taste from the B Vitamins, which I normally hate, intertwines with it so it is less coconut-like and more of a blob of yuck. I can handle this blob.


I’m giving this a I overslept and now I’m late for work, but there’s a text from the boss saying we’re delaying work time because of snow out of Rad.


Well, four more to go, right? Oh goodie. Well, the bar hasn’t been set that high by this one so the only way is up, right?