Hallo Rad Blog!


Today I have something from a mystical land called the United Kingdom!


Seriously! I went to the British import shop and saw this peculiar looking beverage. I know all my British viewers are going to say “What’s peculiar about IRN BRU?” and I will say “Well, mate, this isn’t something that’s sold in America.”


I actually turned to some of my friends that live in England and Ireland on Neoseeker to find out a little more on IRN BRU. Bruce said he knows of this drink and says that Barr, the company that makes it, has a bunch of other popular drinks. He wasn’t sure how to describe the flavour. Chimaira said that he too couldn’t describe the flavour as it was quite unique. He also said it is pronounced “Iron Brew” and that it is a Scottish brand. He also gave me a fun fact saying that it is so popular there that it beats Coca-Cola as the top soda in Scotland. That’s pretty rad! Get in, IRN BRU!

Bruce and Chimaira are both from England. My Irish friend uraniumoreo says he has never tried IRN BRU, but knows of it and really likes their “ade” drinks such as Lemonade and Limeade. I saw those at the import shop too.


So, I see it is popular there and it has its own unique taste. That’s good with me because I love trying unique flavours. Big Red is described as unique too and now it is my favourite soda.


I’m going to take a guess right now and say it is a cola of some sorts. What do I mean by that? I call things cola when they are a sort of mimic of Coke or Pepsi. I classify Dr. Pepper as a cola, but it has more of a kick to it compared to Pepsi’s sweet take and Coke’s mellow/smooth taste.


Can I please look at this can now? Please? There is so much going on here. I have to say, this can is a cluster of just things. What even is this? Obviously it is 49p. I would call this pence? Is it pennies? What is the “cent” of the UK? All I know it as is “p.” Maybe it is pence. Okay, to avoid being wrong, I’ll just say “P.”


49p is not a lot I imagine. That’s a really good value, or rather a “phenomenal value” since soda here is at least a dollar. Of course I didn’t pay the equivalent of 49p. No. I spent like two bucks on this because it was imported. I still think that’s a decent deal, though the can is really small. I have a Big Red can here too to compare the size. It is about two inches smaller in height and I think Big Red cans are slightly smaller than a Coke or Pepsi can too.


I kinda like the colour choice of blue and orange, but there’s so much crap on the can that it kinda hurts my head. On the blue you have the logo, IRN BRU, and the big “49p” thing. It also says “original & best” on it. Well then! I’m glad I got the original because I’m sure it is the best. It says so on the can. Why would they lie to me? Don’t try any of their diet crap or an off brand called ION BULL. Oh man. I think I need to start a company and call it Ion Bull.

On the orange we have some dude throwing a javelin, I guess. It sorta looks like a guy, but he has a chunk out of his side missing on his side. I also say it is a javelin because it is long and pointy. I didn’t throw a javelin when I did track (though I wanted to), I am pretty sure I know what one looks like.


So, this soda will fulfill my dream of throwing a javelin. I am beyond happy.


There’s also the nutrition breakdown I see on most of the British foods I buy. I’ll get to it later as I usually do.


Oh my! If you turn the can again, it now looks like a skeleton! It shows the pelvis and there’s a hole right in it! Oh no! I won’t be able to throw a javelin until I am part of the spooky scary skeleton army! Well, it was nice knowing you, Rad Blog.


Oh cool. They have the IRN BRU Skeleton-guy as the logo for the “throw this in the trash; don’t litter” icon.


Yep, this is Scottish! It says it comes from Glasgow.


Okay, well, the breakdown in the picture is the nutrition facts. Might as well write them here.


138 kcal of “energy.” 0g fat. 0g saturates. 34g sugars. 0.02g salt.


Uh huh. I’m guessing “energy” is caffeine or something. I forget the kcal conversion chart thing. I’ll go take a look really quickly. They gave me joules too but who the heck measures anything in joules?


1000 calories is 1 kcal. I shoulda figured.


Well, I have know idea what to tell you about kcals because I don’t really know what they equate to anyway that would be important. We mostly measure calories from fat in American brands so I don’t really know what to make of kcals without reading a bunch of articles. I’m not gonna do that. I’m a taste tester: not a nutritionist.


So, what’s in this thing?




Carbonated water, sugar acid (citric acid), flavourings including caffeine, ammonium ferric citrate & quinine, Preservative (E211), Colours (Sunset Yellow, Ponceau 4R)


That’s it.


Hey, UK, can’t you just use Red 40? What in the world is Sunset Yellow and Ponceau 4R? What the heck is E211? I guess this is good for people because there’s no high fructose corn syrup. That’s like outlawed there, isn’t it?


Well, let’s look at these odd sounding things.


E211 is sodium benzoate. Nothing new there.


Sunset Yellow is Yellow 6. Okay! You Brits have a funny way of saying things.


Ponceau 4R is like Red 40, but probably has a lesser effect. It is also known as Brilliant Scarlett. Uh…huh.


So uh…Ponceau 4R, lads? Chas Rad sorta approved?



Okay. This is probably going to look like Mountain Dew by the way the colours are listed. We’ll see. They give a warning about Sunset Yellow and Ponceau 4R and childrend. If they are that bad, why use the name Sunset Yellow? That sounds majestic!





Huh. This….is very orange. In fact, this looks exactly like the Duff Beer Energy Drink I did last Drink reaction. It sorta smells like it too! Wait! Did the Duff Beer thing totally just rip off IRN BRU? Only taste will tell.


No. This doesn’t exactly smell like that. This sort of has a cream scent to it like Big Red. It has a more citrus kick than Big Red, but I smell a sort of bubbly cream scent.


Well, let’s give it a try!


Oh.. Hmm. What??


So, at first taste it is pretty smooth and sweet, but then it gets this odd kick to it that I can only describe as “industrial.” That’s the feeling I get with it. It is like I’m having a nice sweet drink and then someone swaps it out for tea or something more earthy. Yeah! It is so odd that it transitions to that. That is a very odd kick as the aftertaste. It is like one part cream soda, one part cola, and one part earthy beverage? I can sense a tang from the citric acid too as an undertone.


Hmm. I’m not really sure what to make of this. It is absolutely unique for sure. Not bad at all, but it isn’t going to jump to my top 10 drinks of all time. Maybe 15.


I’ll give this a good day at work out of Rad. I would recommend Americans to try this if they have the chance. For my readers in the UK that haven’t, I would say try this especially if it is 49p. For the others that have tried it, how do you rate it?


Last thought? Now that I kinda casually drink this, it tastes very orange-like with a cream soda. It isn’t orange cream soda, but it is more like someone put orange juice in cream soda. Interesting!