Couch gag, Rad Blog!


Are you a fan of the Simpsons? No? Neither am I really, but I can’t just write it off as a stupid show. No. The Simpsons is a huge icon of television. That show has been on for years. How many? Let me see… A little under 26 years! Wow!


Anyhow, if you have any knowledge of the show, you know that the beer Homer drinks is called Duff. There’s a huge line of Duff stuff like I’m pretty sure there’s a Duffman or something. Anyhow, Duff is one of the things from the show. I saw this energy drink being sold at my Five Below for a while now, but I never really felt like dishing the dosh for it. I thought I might as well now because I haven’t really found anything I wanted to write about as a Drink Reaction.


So, let me set this straight. This IS NOT A BEER.


Did you get that? This is purely an energy drink. There’s no alcohol in this at all. This is just a novelty energy drink.


Well, if you know anything about Duff from the show, it certainly looks right and kinda cool. There’s the plastic around the top to give it that extra novelty look as iff I just tore this off a six pack. It looks kinda cool. You can see it sorta in the picture.


So this is a 12 FL OZ can of energy drink. What does it taste like if it isn’t beer? I have no idea. It doesn’t really say a description. It probably is just one of those generic flavours which I’ll probably hate because it is cheapish and not made by Monster. I think this was around 2 bucks which is less than a lot of energy drinks when they aren’t on sale, but still. This is tiny. You’re really buying this for the novelty.


Let’s have a look at it then!


Nope. Nothing indicating flavour on this. There’s The Simpsons logo on the side where the Nutrition Facts are located and that’s really it.


Let’s move on to the nutritional crap.

1 serving per can. That’s good as I doubt anyone is really going to want to drink half of this now and half later.

170 calories. 0g total fat. 0g trans fat. 250mg sodium. 46g total carbs. 42g sugars. 0g protein. 50% Niacin. 100% Vitamin B6. 300% Vitamin B12. 1000% Pantothenic Acid.


One…one…one thousand percent? ONE THOUSAND PERCENT?!


Holy crap. I think I’m going to die. This thing is gonna pack a serious punch. This is gonna be like the Noisy Cricket of energy drinks, isn’t it?


Well, now it has me curious what the ingredients will be.




Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, taurine, sodium citrate, natural flavors, calcium d pantothenate (Vitamin B5), caffeine, potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate, insitol, guarana seed extract, ginseng root extract, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Yellow 5, pyrodoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), cyanobalamin (Vitamin B12), Red 40.


Well! I see why there’s 1000% in here. That’s a really early ingredient!


Well, this has all the good stuff other drinks have in them, but how will the flavour measure in comparison? There’s natural flavouring in this. Natural what? Natural Red 40?




I wasn’t really expecting this to have a colour other than kinda campaign with a hint of yellow, but this looks like it is gonna be orange. Maybe they were going for a beer colour? That would be cool!


Let’s open it!


Nope. Not a beer colour. It is more like…Orange Glo. Out of everything I’ve tried on this blog, I am pretty sure this looks like it would kill me. Seriously, this orange is just so unnatural. Nothing is this colour and consistency besides chemicals. Is this what the beer looks like on the show? No, not really! This is way orange. I guess I should have known that with Yellow and Red being ingredients, but I expected it to be more of an orange soda colour. No. That’s not it at all.


Well, time for a scent.


Hmm. It doesn’t smell too bad. It certainly has a medicine scent to it, but it has a present citrus undertone. Smells a little like grapefruit actually. Yeah! I can see that.


Yeah! I absolutely smell grapefruit from this.


Well, let’s have a sip.




Well, it doesn’t really taste like anything at first. It just has a sort of sweet impact, but then it gets all horrible with the medicine taste. There’s nothing to provide a buffer for the medicine so I get the full impact of it. Perhaps there’s a citrus zest to the innitial taste, but it is so weak that I’d hardly notice it if I wasn’t looking for it.


No. This isn’t great.


On a positive note, the medicine taste isn’t really there either! It comes, but disappears pretty much as soon as it arrives. It sucks at first, but it goes away.


No, I wouldn’t go for this if I was looking for an energy drink. No. For another dollar, you could get a Monster which has much better flavour and a much larger can. This is just gonna make you wired, maybe.


I’ll give this a Let’s watch The Simpsons because there’s nothing else on the tele out of Rad. Simpsons lovers might like this can, but the drink itself doesn’t really do anything.