Here’s Shaq Fu again!

Here’s a reminder for those of you who want the Rad Version.


Maybe this will taste a lot better than the Grape since I really didn’t like the drink nor the flavor, however I love pineapple so this might tip this drink into my f(l)avor. Here’s hoping!

Let’s start with the art. It looks the same as the grape version except with the obligatory fruits switched. The yellow color isn’t very appealing to me because yellow is such an odd color. I wish they had broken up the art with more contrasting colors to make it more dynamic. They do have some green but it’s put in places where it doesn’t have as much impact as it could have (ex: the small pineapple text).


If you want the ingredients or the nutrition, the Rad Version has it all so I’m not going to bother typing it again!


Let’s shake it before opening it up (it says shake well!) and take a whiff.

Oh wow!

I can most definitely smell pineapple. It reminds me a bit of the orange concentrate you use to make orange juice actually! This smells really good.


Mmmm. It’s sweet at first, then turns a bit tangy towards the end. It reminds me of a mixture between orange, pineapple and mango; a nice combination! And it goes down really smoothly. I feel like I could drink this constantly without stopping. I keep on taking sips in between typing this. It actually reminds me of the Naked Mango drink or the Mango Peace Tea?

Honestly, this is really, really great. I can’t stop drinking this! It’s SO sweet. Must be all the corn syrup in it.

I’ll give this a Homemade Cinnamon Rolls out of Awesome.


Why don’t they sell this here? What a bummer. I want more since I finished half the bottle just typing this review out!