Ah, American Truck Simulator. I’m a veteran of Euro Tuck Simulator 2, so naturally I made the jump to the New World.


Who has called America “The New World” in this century? No one. I have. Boom.


So, here I am with the all familiar Euro Truck-like interface. It asked me to make my company and pick a profile image.


I decided against making the face of my company Santa again, so I went with a guy that looks eerily similar to Hannibal Burres. Seriously, I wonder where SCS got these pictures. Did they just go up to random people on the street and said “hey buddy, do you wanna be in a video game?”


I gotta admit, their choice in people icons are pretty genuine. They aren’t overly glorified people. They look like real people that SCS found and took a picture of to put in the game.


Anyhow, I picked the Hannibal looking guy and named him Hannibal. Now I had to pick a favourite brand of truck and company logo.


There were far more logos in Euro Truck 2, but this one has some new icons I don’t remember seeing like a soaring eagle. I decided to go with this cool looking blue and silver lion and named my company “Iron Lion.” I also decided to go with Peterbilt as my preferred truck. I don’t know much about American trucks, but there were only two options.  I am more familiar with Peterbilt so I picked that over Kenworth.


So, the tutorial tried to tell me a bunch of hoopla I already knew, but decided to do anyway because hey, there could be something new. There really wasn’t.


So, it took me time to get a feel for the new Peterbilt truck. It felt much larger than my old Renault in Euro Truck. This was good. I liked how the interior was, even if it wasn’t anything lavish. I then put my foot on the gas (well, more like finger on the “W” key) and I was off on my first adventure!


Oh yeah, I should mention that Iron Lion’s HQ is in Las Vegas. I really wanted to see how well SCS would make Vegas. Well, we’ll see about that.


My first job was to take office supplies to some store. My company was hired by something like Walborts, which I’m assuming is like Walmart, to take the office junk to their retail store.


Unfortunately, I didn’t realize where the exit to the road was so I ended up almost crashing into a wall.


I pulled out on the highway and took the short trip to the other side of Vegas to make my delivery. Now, here is where some new stuff happens!


Usually in Euro Truck, I just have a place to park, but in this game I have to check in with the place first. Then they offer me three options on how to deliver the goods. I can either rush it and make some lackey drive the truck to the dock, I can go half way and basically pull up to the side of a building, or I can go all out and back into the loading dock. I’m no wimp so I picked backing into the dock. I’ve done it enough in Euro Truck, so why not in America?


Well, for starters, it took me a few tries. Unlike Euro Truck, the wheel is on the left side. I keep the wheel on the right in Euro Truck. That makes backing in a little easier for me because I can stick my head out of the window and look back. Not so much in America. I have to rely on mirrors on this one. It isn’t so bad. It is just different.


First try, I managed to get the trailer stuck on a ramp. I knocked over a bunch of milk crates too. Oops.


Eventually,  I did it and got my boosted experience since I’m not lazy.


Now I was off to other jobs. I looked at the available jobs in Vegas and weighed my options. I wanted to see what a Kenworth was like so I picked a job going from Vegas to LA. I think I was shipping gravel or something like that. Who knows?


Anyway, the Kenworth was a little more comfortable to me. I think it felt smaller so it made me feel I was back in my old Renault.


I made some mistakes hitting the highway. Unlike Euro Truck, there’s actual police in this game. One pulled me over for going too fast. Honestly, I was slowing down. The jump from 65 to 35 is kinda large, especially for a big truck. Inertia sucks.


The drive was pretty smooth other than that. I opted to try the second option to deliver the gravel. They literally made me pull up about 20 feet. That’s too easy for me.


So, I did a few more jobs, sampling the other models of Peterbilt and Kenworth. I still favour the Kenworth trucks, but I found one Peterbilt I liked. I can’t for the life of me remember the model because it was all numbers.


Along the way I saw an awesome looking amusement park with a lit up Ferris Wheel. That was somewhere near Vegas in a town called Prim. I traveled to San Diego, El Centro, and Fresno. I saw some sneak peaks at what will be added to the game, I guess.


I passed several Mack dealers so I can only assume Mack trucks will be available soon. That’ll be cool. Mack is a pretty cool company. I think I hear Mack was part of the Volvo family so if they get Mack in they probably will have Volvo too. It’ll be nice to see a return of Volvo since their trucks in Euro Truck were very nice.


Also, it is not a secret to anyone that Arizona will be added into the game soon. I still thought it was nice to see exits for places like Flagstaff and Phoenix. I also saw an exit for Tijuana, which made me think they might add Mexican cities.


Well, there’s that. The rumour mill says they might be adding Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington for states. They also say Freightliner and International will be added too. I haven’t seen proof myself for any of these, but the more the merrier I think.


I saw a blog post by SCS that I think mentioned Volvo trucks will be added, but I don’t know for sure. Seems like maybe I might be wrong about Mack being added, though I really hope they do. We shall see! For now, I will continue on trying to make the money to buy a Kenworth or Peterbilt.


RAD EDIT: I looked at official screenshots of trucks on a blog by SCS. I see a Freightline and a Mack clear as day. Maybe it is just going through a few more licensing steps until we get to see them.