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Let’s have a chat about games, yeah?


I’m gonna blitz this so here we go. Feel free to tell me stuff in the comments. I mean, I encourage it for real because I’m gonna ask a ton of questions.


American Truck Simulator is out today! Booyah! I love me some Euro Truck Simulator 2 and instantly bought this one. The price wasn’t too bad, though I’m seeing Russians and other Asian countries saying the price is too high. The game is still developing. So far, only California and Nevada are available, but Arizona will be released for free soon enough. Does that turn me off to this game? Nope. Will that turn others off that there’s only 2 states? Possibly. America is big, but so is Europe. One of my gripes about Euro Truck Simulator 2 is that a bunch of the highways look a lot alike. I want expansive views in American Truck Simulator and if that means limiting it to a few states, then so be it. I hear they added roads and scenery from actual global map pictures. That’s really rad. Besides, I love being part of the early game community. I love Euro Truck Simulator 2 but I was late on that game. I’m one of the first for this game getting it day 1.


Smash Bros is releasing Bayonetta and Corrin soon. I really don’t care about either of them because I hardly play Smash Bros 4 for more than an hour at a time. When I do, I usually play as Jigglypuff anyway so why should I care about two characters I’d have to pay for that I probably won’t use? This isn’t urgent to me at all, but I’m sure a lot of people can’t wait.


There’s a new Hyrule Warriors game coming out on the 3DS which has me very thrilled since I don’t have a Wii U. They are releasing cool Wind Waker characters (one of two Zelda games I like). I love Dynasty Warriors and I played the Wii U version a little. It was awesome and I’ll really enjoy getting this game on 3DS. Thanks for doing that, Nintendo.


Splatoon! My brother has been playing it, but I haven’t really watched him that long. Do you think Chas Rad would like such a game? I usually don’t like team vs team shooters and opt more for co-op playing. It looks pretty unique from what I’ve seen.


Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival! It looks like Mario Party, but it will give my Tom Nook Amiibo some use. I love Animal Crossing. I wish I had a Wii U to try this.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer! People that own this game, is this any good? I hear it is just doing jobs for the villagers and lacks the whole living aspect. That kinda turns me off to this game, but if it is fun, tell me!


XCOM 2 is out or coming out soon. I don’t know much about the first one other than that it looked kinda okay to watch someone play. I doubt I’d want to play it because it looks like one of those RTS games. I only like a handful of RTS games and I play them against CPUs.


F-Zero GX! Why is this so expensive?! This game is super old and I’m just trying to look for a used copy of it so I can try it. I have a demo of it, but that’s not enough! I wanna play it for real, man. All the used copies out there are like 25 bucks! I’ll have to check the retro store, but I doubt they have it and if they do, I’ll be lucky if it is 10 bucks. I am not paying close to 30 dollars for this game.


F-Zero! Why is this game not on the 3DS?! I would pay for the game on Virtual Console, but it is only on Wii(or Wii U)! They made Game Boy Advanced version of F-Zero so don’t tell me the SNES F-Zero is too hard to put on a 3Ds! I guess I will wait for it then…


Last one!


Star Wars Battlefront (new)! People hated it because the DLC was day 1 or some crap that people usually get mad about with extra content. I understand it, but the game still looks awesome. I would like to try one of the offline modes just once. If I got that game, it would only be for offline battles like I did with Star Wars Battlefront (old) and Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my PS2. Long live the Empire!


Quick Suplex on the new Star Wars movie. I didn’t really wanna see it, but I went with my Queen. It was better than I thought. I hate Kylo Ren for Chas Rad reasons and thought Rey makes a good good guy Finn is okay. He’s very down to earth. I would have sliced BB robo with a lightsaber if this was Force Unleashed.


I can tell there’s different writers for this movie because it has a more down-to-earth quality about how the characters interact with each other. It isn’t as old as the 4-6 movies were and it isn’t as stiff and rigid as 1-3 were. The characters in this one actually seem like people I’d know. I just feel like their reaction were more natural. Finn is more like “wait, you wanna blow WHAT up?”

I’ll write a more comprehensive post later on this. I promise.