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Here’s my last Naked drink I have here and this time there looks to be no vegetables. That’s a good thing? I didn’t mind the vegetables in Green Machine. It was just really odd.


This time, bay-be, we have mighty mango. Are you ready to be a might morphing mango ranger? I am!


Was there an orange Power Ranger? I don’t think so, but I’m gonna look just to make sure.


Aw man, there is and he looks awesome (or she).


Well, let’s channel my inner Orange Power Ranger and get mighty strong with this drink.



Again, this is every health kid’s dream being rainforest safe, non-GMO, and 100% juice with no added sugar. I think that’s par for the course with these Naked drinks. This one looks vastly more appetizing because it isn’t puke green.


From the bottle’s pictures, I’m guessing this is going to have oranges, bananas, and mangoes of course. If this didn’t have mangoes then we have a huge problem.


Then again, a lot of drinks I’ve tried here claim to be whatever and end up having grape juice with natural flavouring. I guess I just have a higher expectation for Naked because of Green Machine’s assortment of goodies.


This has more calories than Green Machine! Gasp! I can see by the front of the bottle.


So, the selling point for this one is the Vitamin A. That’s good I think. I don’t know how much Vitamin A I get. I’m probably good with B Vitamins for a lifetime, but I’ve never really bothered with Vitamin A.


What are the benefits? Let’s ask a health site! I’ll then summarize it here.


Huh. So it is beta-carotene. I read too much beta-carotene is bad for you. I’ve said it in other posts like for Fruit Shoot. Vitamin A helps cell growth apparently.


Ah here we go. It says watch your Vitamin A intake because too much is bad for you.


So it is like wine then? A bit of wine is supposed to be good for antioxidants but too much and you become an alcoholic. Too much beta-carotene will just make you puke your guts out and then die.


Wait…that’s not much different from alcoholism.


Anyway! Aside from morbid side-effects of chugging like a hundred of these things, this should be relatively good for me, right?


I’m still cautious about Naked’s health agenda. I mean, sure it looks healthy, but this says “2X DV Vitamin A” on it. That’s like me drinking an energy drink for the two times the Vitamin B. So, is this just as bad for me as an energy drink? Does it really go over 100% in the Vitamin A department?


Let me look then!


Dang yo! 230% Vitamin A! I’m sorry I jumped the gun but I was questioning it.


Let’s break down the bottle first.


It says 1 1/4 mangoes, 1/2 orange, 1 3/4 apples, 1/3 banana, a hint of lemon.


Uh huh. Interesting. Lemon.




Mango puree, apple juice, orange juice, banana puree, lemon juice, natural flavors, beta carotene.


Yep, I’m calling this a supplement drink. This is almost like an energy drink for Vitamin A. They don’t add sugar, but they do add the beta-carotene. I think we’d be fine without it, honestly.


Nutrition facts!


290 calories, 0g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 20mg sodium, 650mg potassium, 68g total carbs, 0g dietary fiber, 57g sugar, 2g protein, 230% Vitamin A, 20% Vitamin C,  4% calcium, 4% Iron.


Yeah, I’m convinced this isn’t that great for you. very high in sugar count. Thank goodness they don’t add any because this is already sweet enough. The total carbs seems a bit high too! Isn’t sodas close to that amount? I’m gonna check my Big Red post to compare.


There’s more in this than Big Red! Wow!


Well, who cares, right? If it tastes good, then it will be worth dying for it.


Shake well!


Well, it smells nice! It also came out thick, so that’s good too.


It smells of…mango. What did you expect? Yeah, it really smells like a fresh mango. That’s good.


Well, let’s taste it.


Side note, I really thought they were gonna be slick and add carrots in this. Same colour, right? I think carrots might have beta-carotene too.


Well, bottom’s up!




This is a tasty drink! It absolutely has a powerful mango kick, but there’s a really nice yet polite banana undertone. I can taste the texture of a banana with this, but the flavour is very, very mango. This is quite high quality really.


Yeah, I really like the taste of this. It is very sweet, but not in the artificial way. This really does taste like I bit into a mango that just so happens to have a banana taste to it too.


I would think this is good for people that work out, but it really lacks the other nutritional stuff they might want in a drink like Muscle Milk.


Who is this for? I’m not really sure, but it is darn tasty.


I’ll give it a Santa Claus out of rad. It is quite nice, but in reality, he still broke into your house at night.


I know how excess Vitamin B is processedi n my body. I don’t know how Vitamin A will be.


Final thoughts! Great taste. Probably one of the best tasting things I’ve written about here, but for people looking to buy this, I’d say why do you need this besides the tasty goodness?

Time will tell! See ya, Rad Blog!