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Daily Prompt time.

My Favorite is the prompt today and asks how long I’ve been away from my favourite person.


Well, WordPress, you are either a stalker or your timing could not be more perfect, but my Queen and pretty much closed the distance.


What does that mean? I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my Queen for years now and we’ve just done the long drive of bringing her here. We don’t have a place of our own just yet, but that will come soon.


So, the prompt asks how long I’ve been away from her. Well, that depends if you count visits. We went a whole year without seeing each other in person once. It was absolutely dreadful. She was still in school and I was still looking for any job that paid regularly that year. The trip was a bit costly, but we really needed it.


Being away from her sucked. I mean, Skype works but it doesn’t compare to seeing her in real life. I liked our visits, but I always had that gloom of her going back or me going back in my mind. Today, no.


Nope, not any more. I come home from work today and all I can think of is “Wow, there’s gonna be a huge blizzard. Good thing my Queen is here so we can tough it out together.” It used to be “Oh man, I hope my flight doesn’t get delayed in freakin Houston again,” or “I gotta go home to that? First I lose my Queen and now I gotta have the threat of dangerous road conditions?!”


It isn’t even that. I’m not thinking of “Oh good, I get to miss that storm, but I have to leave here in a week.” No. That’s the best feeling in the world right now. My mind is so…present now. I’m thinking of here and now. I’m not thinking of the future (well sorta) but that was the distant future. It was always “Oh, only 2 more years until she graduates.” No. I don’t need to think that way. I come home today and she is there, waiting for me. Probably playing that silly cat game that everyone is into these days.


So, how long? It depends. Years if you don’t count visits. I don’t really because they weren’t enough. 2 weeks with her? No.


I’m more happy now that she’s here in my life. I’m sure others have further distances where they can’t visit at all. Time zones too. I was lucky with just an hours difference. Still, it sucks but it is over. The only thing that will separate us now is trips or work or something. It will never be like that again hopefully.