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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy. That’s a valid excuse. Even if it wasn’t, then who cares? It is my bloody blog.


I’m going with a Topic of Da Day kinda post here because I’ve been thinking about something.


I was looking at a forum where people were debating immortality in humans. The question they asked was “if there was an item that granted you eternal life/immortality, would you use it or destroy it?”


First, I’m gonna set up some boundaries/limitations. I’m not taking about the eternal life in some sort of religious afterlife.  I’m also not talking about being un-killable by outside force. I’m talking about being immune to age/disease that would kill me at an older age.


I was reading people say they’d destroy it because life is meaningless if it has no end. They also said that too much life would make one crazy.


I, personally, would absolutely use this thing on myself.


I’ve been weighing the idea of what is the meaning of life for a very long time now. When I say “long time” I mean as long as the concept first came to my mind years ago. I kinda believe in existentialism. I mean, I believe that things don’t happen for a reason unless the reason is logical. For instance, I didn’t stub my toe because I was a jerk and didn’t help some lady open a door. No. I stubbed my toe because I was being careless and walked into a wall.


The idea that life is meaningless without an end is true. It is also true if there is an end. What’s my purpose if I’m dead? I can’t contribute to my life when I’m dead. I can’t contribute to society if I’m dead. I mean, I’m not exactly contributing much right now, but I am here and alive. Being limited by time is a drag. If I had no end, I could do so many things. I could finally learn more languages or hit a billion posts on here.


I understand that death is supposed to be where people accomplish things, but I don’t think of death that way. I think of death as an end. It is like a movie. What happens when you get to the end? You can go ahead and watch it from the beginning, or you just toss it in a drawer to never watch again. I don’t wanna be forgotten like that DVD.


I’m also not saying I’m memorable. That’s not what I’m worried about anyway. I just want to do things and if I’m dead, I can’t do anything. At all.


This is why I really can’t wait until cybernetics become more common. I absolutely want to become a cyborg. Why wouldn’t I want to be improved with better reaction time or physical strength of machines?


I think what I’m trying to say here is that I don’t have a deep purpose. My purpose is here and now. What matters the most to me is what I do in each hour in each day. There’s no end goal because that’s too far to think. Things change. There’s no point in saying “oh, when I die, I hope that I have seen the Pyramids.” That’s just something I can do now if I wanted to really badly. I want to keep learning languages. The only way I can do that is if I stick around in life. If I’m dead, I can’t really learn anything.


Thinking about dying and learning as many languages as I can is another idea, but then I go and think “why does it have to end anyway?”


I can understand why people would want a limited life. They don’t think the same way that I do. It is fine. We all think differently.


I think of my Sims. I keep aging off because I like playing as Sim Chas. If he’s dead, there’s no point in everything I did for him. I mean, the “proper” way to play is to have a family, but I don’t do that. I play my own way. He lives forever because he just does. I like being him. Do I wanna stop? Nope. I don’t stop. That’s just how it is.


That’s really it. I wish I could do another Drink Reaction soon, but there’s no Big Red family on the east coast. That’s a shame.