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Another mobile Drink Reaction! This time I’m coming from a hotel. Well it is 10:30 AM and I need a kick to start the day.

This is Big Red’s brother, Big Blue. Now, now it is not the F-Zero level in Melee. This is yet another soda in the Big insert-color-here line up. I think I saw Big Green and Big Yellow online, but they didn’t have them at the gas station. I did, however, find more Fruit Shoots and decided not to buy them. Dodged a bullet there.

So, I really like Big Red. Like, a lot. I’ve been drinking it this entire trip. I was happy to find Big Blue because if it is anything like its brother then it is gonna be good. Even my Queen liked Big Red and she hates “pop” as they call it around here. Pop goes the weasel?

So, if I have to guess what this will taste like, I’m going with blue raspberry. Big Red was supposedly vanilla, lemon, and orange. What do I know?

Nutrition Facts!

1 serving per bottle. Same size as the Big Red. 325 calories. 0g total fat. 75mg sodium. 80g total carbs. 80g sugars. 0g protein. Hmm I feel like there’s less in this and because I’m on mobile, I can’t really look.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, citric acid, artificial flavor, caffeine, blue 1.

Huh. No natural flavouring this time. That’s a shame. It is also lower on the list too so it is just gonna be really sweet.

Well, time to try it!

It just smells of sweetness. It reminds me of the vanilla cream Soda Shaq. There’s no hint of fruit like Big Red.

Taste time!

Yeah. It tastes like cream soda but blue. It does, however, have a strong vanilla undertone to it. I would say this is a blue vanilla cream soda. That’s probably the best way to describe it.

It is quite nice as a soda. You would think it would be super sweet, but it isn’t. It is quite smooth like they advertise.

The only downside is the aftertaste is a bit chemical-like.

It’s pretty good. I’d say I’d pick this over Soda Shaq or any cream soda. Since we don’t have this on the east coast, I have to stick with another brand.

I’ll give this a Falcon Kick out of Rad.