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Woah, you can’t say I’m not devoted to my work! This is the first ever mobile Drink Reaction!

I am in the midwest right now. We stopped in Kansas City and I kicked Missouri’s behind by driving all the way to Illinois where I had a delicious waffle from The Wafflehouse. What! This is a big deal to me! We don’t have these things in Jersey.

Anyway, here’s Big Red. Big Red is a popular soda out in the midwest I assume because I can’t bloody get it here in the east without paying like 20 bucks. Seriously. I paid $1.50 for this bottle.

What is Big Red? It says it is supposed to be sweet and smooth. What does that even mean? I like sweet drinks, but most of the drinks I write about here are well…not very smooth. I could use something smooth for once.

This is pretty much exactly what it looks like. It is a red soda.

I looked around the bottle and I see nothing else indicating a specific flavour. I’m gonna go with Red 40 flavour. If this doesn’t have Red 40 in it then I’m gonna win American Idol or something.

I first heard about Big Red when I was watching this Achievement Hunter video where Jack asked for a Big Red. Does this mean I’m an Achievement Hunter fan? Eh. They are okay I guess.

So, I should just hop into the stuff in this. It’s gonna be hard to see since it’s pretty dark in this car.

Okay. Nutrition Facts.

Serving size is 1 bottle. This is a 20 fl oz bottle.

250 calories. 0g total fat. 50mg sodium. 63g total carbs. 63g sugars. 0g protein.

Wow! 250 calories and 63g sugars. This will either kill you with cavities or give you a heart attack.


Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavor, Red 40, citric acid, caffeine.

Caffeinated too! This is absolutely not good for me.


There’s not much in this. Natural and artificial flavouring doesn’t tell me anything at all. Well, I guess it is up to me then to decide the flavour.

Hmm! Smells of sweet cherry or fruit punch. This smells a lot like the Soda Shaq honestly. There’s a sorta cream soda effect. Hmm. This looks interesting. Let’s have a taste.

Huh! What a cool flavour!

This absolutely has a cream soda vibe to it. It is very sweet like they advertise. Maybe it is a little fruity? No. It has a kinda false taste that I’m not sure I’ve ever tried, but it sorta reminds me of fruit. Whatever it is, it left a strange tingling on my tongue. I need another sip.

You know, it tastes like cotton candy. It seriously does. It is cotton candy flavoured cream soda. What an interesting idea.

This is pretty good! I’m digging the Big Red. I wish I could buy it again, but alas!

I’ll give this a swish out of rad. I like it. Gimme some on the east coast.