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I’m sorry I’ve been away, but here’s a Drink Reaction. I’ve been kinda weighing my options with drinks, especially this one. This is Rockstar’s version of Punch Monster. I would say this one goes against Balla’s Blend, but Balla’s Blend didn’t really have a flavour. Rockstar, on the other hand, is nice enough to tell us this is supposed to be fruit punch.


I’ve had a good record with fruit punch flavoured drinks. Hard Rock’s fruit punch was infinitively better than the original. This sort of pleases me that this one happens to be fruit punch as well. Hopefully we’ll start off on a good foot.


My brother got this game called Mad Max which is based off the movie I think. Anyhow, Rockstar is like an in-game sponsor or something. You can customize the car with the Rockstar logo. I believe this drink is one of the ones the game pushes. I don’t really know since I only sorta saw him play it. I didn’t really stay and watch.


Rockstar Punched is for people who live active lifestyles! It says so on the can. I am a fairly active Chas so I think I can drink this.



The can art is okay I guess. It isn’t as cool as the Punch Monster, but it does capture that edgy vibe Rockstar likes to portray. The black background has a sorta grey design around it to make it look like…tires? Yeah, we’ll go with tires. The red looks really nice with the black. As always, the energy giving stuff is around the top of the can. The actual top of the can isn’t silver or black, but red. That adds to the appeal I suppose.


This is flavoured with natural and artificial flavouring. What does that mean? It probably has apple and grape juice and then artificial flavouring. We’ll confirm that in a bit.


Actually, the grey design is supposed to be that red star’s pulse or something. I prefer to think it is tires.


Well, let’s get to the Nutrition Facts.

2 servings per can.

130 calrories.

0g total fat. 50 mg sodium. 31g total carbs. 30g sugars. 1g protein. 100% niacin. 100% Vitamin B6. 100% Vitamin B12. 100% Pantothenic Acid.


So 200% per can. Hmm. That’s high but it is the energy stuff we like. The can says 240 mg of caffeine per can. That sounds like a lot! I’ll have to space this through the day.


There’s our warning at the bottom of the can. IT says don’t give this to kids or let nursing women drink it. It is kinda misleading because there’s a red box with something else in it where I thought the warning should be. In the box just shows the caffeine content.


There’s 1g of protein in this! That beats basically every energy drink that isn’t Muscle Monster. I wonder what gives it the 1g? Also, for a punch there isn’t a ton of sugar in this, is there? I think Punch Monster had way more. Hmm. Balla’s Blend had 50g. Hmm. No. That was per can. This has 60g then. More. Well then! I thought Balla’s Blend was sweet so this might be even sweeter. That’s good because I tend to find Rockstar on the more medicine-tasting side.



Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, taurine, natural and artificial flavors, sodium citrate, caffeine, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, inositol, l-carnitine, guarana seed extract, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, red #40, panax ginseng root extract, niacinamide, milk thistle extract, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin.


Wow, they aren’t messing around here. This is pretty much pure energy. I’m not really happy with the lack of juice for flavour. We’re left with that vague “natural and artificial flavours” bollocks.


I’m pretty sure if you weren’t active, you’ll probably have a heart attack from drinking this.




Now then, I guess I gotta get this open and try it then.


Wow! That’s red. Well, it does have Red 40 and nothing else, but man. This is really, really red. This reminds me of the stuff Shepard drinks at the bar.


The scent is so odd. It smells like it should be fruity, but it has this not real scent. IT kinda reminds me of walking into a bathroom and someone has one of those timed air fresheners in it that just sprayed. It smells really, really heavy too. It just doesn’t smell like something I should be drinking. I’m kinda afraid to have this.


Well, no delaying this. Bottom’s up.


Hmm. Huh.


It isn’t bad at all actually. The medicine taste is non-existent until the aftertaste where it smashes me over the head. The initial taste is of syrup. It reminds me of drinking the bottom of a slushie or something like that. I mean, you have the flavour of it, but it tastes of mostly syrup. This actually reminds me of the grenadine syrup I tasted a little while ago actually. It doesn’t really have a heavy taste like its scent. No. It is okay in taste, but if we’re talking about a fruit punch flavour, they miss that mark. It is just a general sweetness really. Punch Monster at least reminded me of Kool Aid. This just tastes like sweet syrup.


If their mark is to compete with Punch Monster or the other way around, then I think Punch Monster wins this. That is not saying that this is a bad drink. No! Not at all. This is pretty good, it just isn’t better.


For flavour, I get mostly sweetness, but the fruit flavour this reminds me of is cherry. I don’t really get much else from it.


The aftertaste is bad, but I’ve had worse. It is more of a dull annoyance this time. I think the sweetness counters it pretty well.


If I needed an energy drink and all that was available was Rockstar’s selection, I would absolutely pick this over original Rockstar. It is a good taste.


I’ll give this a random quarter in the return coin slot out of Rad. Not bad, but it is just another drink in the huge market of energy drinks. This will probably get you hyped or awake from its large energy content, but I’m looking more for taste.