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Well, here’s a nice surprise. There’s one more Peace Tea flavour here. This one is Imported Ceylon tea. What do I know about Ceylon tea?


Here’s what  I can tell you. I believe, and this is just me thinking, that Ceylon is what they use in the Popeye’s sweet tea. I have also had a tea bag of Ceylon tea which was pretty good.


This is imported though! What makes this imported? Where’s it from? Canada? India? I would think it is Morocco. The way the people are dressed on the can kinda have this Arabic/desert look. I wonder if the can says anything.


Huh. Nope. Nothing. Let’s check their website.


Uh…it isn’t even on their website. Well! Time to do some investigation!



Well, that was easy. Sri Lanka. Well, it is closer to India then! Sorry about that. Or should I say Sari about that? Ho ho! Forgive me for my jokes.


Well, there’s no info on their website about this tea, so I’m off to looking at the can. Thankfully, Peace Tea is pretty light on the ingredients.


Oh yeah, lemme talk about the can. There’s, presumably, Sri Lankan people on the can. They look like they are just minding their own business. There’s probably a female’s hands doing a sort of sideways peace sign. Maybe it it means “peace” in the India region. I don’t know. My knowledge of cultures close to India is very limited.


There’s a few “powerful” phrases as they normally have on Peace Tea cans. They are kinda boring so I won’t write them here. You know, it is like “Peace and Love” or something like that.


Okay. Nutrition Facts!


Oh. Missed this. There’s a cow on here with some sort of head garment. I’ve seen these before in Age of Empires as India. The cows have these because they are sacred. Oops! Well, now I’ve seen it.


3 servings per can.


50 calories. 0g total fat. 0mg sodium. 13g total carbs. 12g sugars, 0g protein.


That’s pretty straight forward.



Brewed natural Ceylon tea (pure filtered water, Ceylon tea), sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, sucralose.


Ah, it wouldn’t be Peace Tea without sucralose. Well, this is quite natural. There really isn’t much in this at all. It should be pretty tasty, actually. I like Peace Tea usually.



Well, time to open it.



Huh! This is a darker colour than I thought it would be. It isn’t the usual amber colour like most tea is. This is a darker brown.


I guess I should have expected that. Popeye’s tea is pretty dark brown.


The scent is…well, tea.

It has a nice herbal kinda scent. It sorta has a sweet scent, but it is more herbal. It has a kinda spice too. It is very, very slight. I mostly get like an outside green scent from it.


Let’s have a taste.




Well, the tea taste itself is pretty good. It has a sort of exotic undertone to it, along with the sweetness. The sucralose kinda ruins the taste in my opinion. I think this would have been sweet enough with just sugar. The tea taste is kinda hardy. It is apparent, yet not too powerful. It has a sort of punch, but it doesn’t kick me in the teeth. Hardy? Yes. Hardy is the word. Woody too maybe.


Well, it is a pretty nice tea, especially for 89 cents. I don’t know if I’ll ever find it again, especially since it isn’t on the website any longer. I don’t know if I’d go straight to this tea either. I like Peace Tea’s other flavours like Sno-Berry.


I’ll give this a calm, cool Spring day out of rad. It is good. If you find this and are in for a cheap iced tea, then go for it.