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This is what I like to call a late-night drink reaction! I picked something small and something that probably won’t keep me up for hours. Well, maybe this won’t keep me up for hours. It is basically pure sugar. That’s fine. I had that new Pizza Hut hot chocolate brownie which probably has more sugar than this.


Here we go again with our friend Fruit Shoot! There’s one more flavour after this one, but I can’t find it around here. Then again, I didn’t look really hard. Can you blame me?


This is orange Fruit Shoot. I’m not sure how they could mess this one up, but somehow I’m fairly sure this is gonna be super sweet.


I heard that orange juice has a lot of sugar in it. I think that’s because of the sucrose or whatever. This drink is different because it has added sugar probably. I didn’t look just yet.


This looks pretty much like all the other Fruit Shoots I’ve had. The plastic is slightly better in that I can’t really see the liquid through it. I’ll give that one to the orange tint it has. It is still horribly cheap feeling and there’s that cap that I don’t trust. I really don’t trust this one as it looks a bit beat up on the outside.


Uh, the label is a bit clearer. You can kinda tell this is some sort of orange drink with the vague looking oranges scattered on it. I don’t really see the kinds dancing or playing or whatever is on it from this picture. Lemme look again. Yeah, they are on it. They kinda blend in with it because they are in red clothes. The boy seems to have a helmet on which makes me think they are doing “active” stuff like biking, but nope. He is just kinda jumping for joy. Oh boy! Ma! Buy me this 80 cent thing so I can be hyper and have cavities! Okay Jimmy! Just put your helmet on so when you crash into a wall that you don’t hurt yourself.


Might as well get to the ingredients and facts.

10% Juice. Hmm.


130 calories. Woah! That’s more than I thought.

1 serving per container.


0g total fat. 20mg sodium. 32g total carbs. 32g sugars. 0g protein. 30% Vitamin C!


Huh. So there is a slightly redeeming factor with this sugar drink.



Water, orange juice from concentrate, sugar, citric acid, natural flavor, Vitamin C, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate, beta-carotene.


Oh no. They left behind the black carrot juice and went with the silent killer that is beta-carotene. Oh dear. Well, Rad Blog, it was nice knowing you.


I guess they had to because this isn’t supposed to be a dark juice. This is more of a lighter orange. Couldn’t they just let the orange juice do the colouring? Maybe this is just so watered down that it would barely be orange. I don’t know.


Let’s have a drink!


Note! This is slightly out of date. 14 December. Those are just sell by dates. I bought it before then. Not to worry!

Well, this looks like orange juice. What can I say? It is a light orange. The consistency isn’t nearly as thick. It is basically just water dyed orange really.


Oh! This scent is not great! This smells very artificial-like, but the ingredients say otherwise. It smells of sweet orange cleaner? That’s the best way I can put it. It is like you baked sugar cookies and topped it with that Orange Glow stuff.


Let’s have a sip then. Oh boy…


Oh! Oh no.


Not good. Have you ever thought “Hmm I really want a cup of orange juice, but I really wanna use up all these sugar packets I have?” Well, this is it! This has an orange juice taste, but it is so watered down that it is completely dominated by sugar. It is really, really tart too. The sugar doesn’t really block the tart taste of citrus, which is what you’d think it might do.


I like to compare this to drinks like Hi-C or Capri Sun. This is a lot like those, but it just tastes way over the top sweet. It’s competition at least attempt to make the sweetness and the fruity taste intertwine. This gives you a burst of sweetness and a sort of fruity afterthought.


I think this is my least favourite of the Fruit Shoots. At least the grape or whatever had some grape taste, but all of them are overwhelmingly sweet.


I’ll give this a smashed Lunchable out of rad. Like I said, a kid will probably like it. It will also make the dentist very happy.


Also! No high fructose corn syrup if that’s your thing. I guess that beats its competition.