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What in the world is this?


I’ll tell ya what it is! It is an Organic Switchel! Yeah! You know, blueberry switchels? What!? How do you not know what it is?


I’m not even sure switchel is a real word.


It is!


From Wikipedia,

Switchel, also switzel, swizzle, ginger-water, haymaker’s punch or switchy, is a drink made of water mixed with vinegar, and often seasoned with ginger. Honey, sugar, brown sugar, or maple syrup were sometimes used to sweeten the drink instead of molasses. In the U.S. state of Vermont, oatmeal and lemon juice were sometimes added to the beverage.


Haymaker’s punch. This sounds freakin epic.


Well, this gonna hurt, isn’t it. This is a blueberry and ginger drink. Woah. That’s an interesting flavour combination.


The label says this is “America’s original thirst quencher.” Yes. I truly believe this existed before water was invented. Oh yes, very certain of that. In fact, the word “water” was taken from Old Man Jimmy’s nickname for this particular switchel which he said when he was trying to combine “switch” with “watch.”


I do, however, like the little Jeep thing. You know, the little Jeep makes me think of Africa more than America. It is like those cars you take on the savanna to see wildebeests or whatever.


I know I am taking the Mick on this, but I see the USDA Organic certified icon. This is real, man! I haven’t done an organic drink reaction in a while.


I found this at a Big Lots for a dollar. That’s really good then because organic stuff is usually like two to three dollars.


There’s a little blurb on the side. “Take your taste buds on a joyride with this historically healthy, uniquely refreshing concoction of whole food ingredients. It’s a sweet-tart-gingery blueberryish thang!”


That last sentence hurts my head! That’s too many types of flavours! How is this little thing supposed to be all those things?!


Also, whole food ingredients? Do they mean like Whole Foods? Did they go to Whole Foods and buy them for this batch?


Okay, another plus for these guys. The normal “shake well” thing is replaced with this: “Shake bottle liberally (or conservatively if you lean that way) before enjoying.”


Yeah! Shout out to us conservatives….in shaking bottles.


Well, here’s the whole food ingredients! There’s a little picture for each of them too. Note, this is not the ingredient list. This is just what they wanna highlight.


Pure maple syrup. There’s a Canada leaf next to it.

Apple cider vinegar. There’s a plain looking apple there.

Ginger. There’s a squiggle that might be ginger.


Ehh. Apple cider vinegar?! I cooked with that once and wasn’t too fond of the taste. Maple syrup? This is gonna taste really ,really strange, isn’t it?



Here’s the whole list of ingredients.

Filtered water, cane syrup, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, blueberry juice concentrate, ginger juice, ginger puree, natural blueberry flavor with other natural flavors, elderberry powder.


Kinda cool! Elderberry is supposed to be really good for you in moderation.


It just occurred to me, do people drink vinegar? I feel like it being the third ingredient is gonna make it quite apparent. Oh boy…


14% Juice in this.


Nutrition facts!


70 calories.

0g total fat. 5mg sodium. 19g total carbs. 17g sugars. 2% Vitamin C. 2% Calcium. 0% Iron.


Okay then. Looks pretty healthy, I guess.


Let’s just get to opening it.


I’m shaking it with my conservative power.


Well, you can see from the picture that this is pretty dark. It is more purple than anything.


Okay, let’s take a look at it.


Oh man! I feel like this should not be a thing!


It was sweet for a millisecond then WHAM! Ginger in the face! There’s a lingering smell of the apple cider vinegar too. This is like if I was sitting at home and dared Jonny C to drink a bunch of random stuff in the house in a mixture. Oh. Man. This is such a strange scent. If I was knocked out, this would absolutely wake me. It is really, really powerful.


I’m gonna have to drink this, aren’t I?


Well, here comes me. 


One more thing!  This smells like it should be a coating on my wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. B Dubs! Take note!


Oh! That is a very strange taste!


I’m like puckering right now, but my taste buds say “wow that’s kinda sweet, yet it tastes so tart!” What is this?! Who was the first person to say “Oh yeah! Let’s put ginger with blueberry” ?!?!

They weren’t lying! This is actually quenching my taste unlike that hibiscus tea that made my mouth all dry. This is really something.


The smell is kinda extreme. The taste is like a muted version of the smell. When I first sip, I’m greeted with a wave of sweetness. This blueberry taste is fantastic. This is probably the best blueberry taste I’ve had yet in a drink.


Then I’m hit on the side of the head by the vinegar-like taste which is just like you’d think. It isn’t pleasant, but the blueberry does a great job keeping the unpleasant taste at bay.


Then the wave of ginger kicks! Man, I know ginger from sushi and stuff, but this is like drinkable ginger. It isn’t masked with the other energy giving stuff like taurine. This is straight ginger. It is actually pretty good, but way strong.


I taste a little of the maple flavour, but it really is the blueberry all the way.

This is probably the most absurd thing I’ve had. I’m really not sure if I don’t like it or think it is great.


They are right. This is sweet then tangy then ginger. I didn’t think it was possible to be all these things, but it is.


Someone that loves these switchels is gonna think I’m a complete mong by being amazed with this.


You know, I’ll give this a zebra out of rad. This is pretty cool, but I don’t think I’ll be jumping to a switchel again. It is just so unique. I absolutely recommend trying this just for the sensation.