Rad Blog!


I need some opinions. I’m posting this question all over the place so go ahead and give your favourite option multiple votes.


Anyway, I’m going for this achievement in Euro Truck Simulator 2 where I have to drive 999k in each brand of truck. I have already done it in two of the trucks, but now I am ready to go for a third. I have to buy the truck (not with real money), so I’m asking you, Rad Blog, which I should buy next. I made a trusty poll for you.



I don’t know when I’ll close it. I stream Euro Truck randomly so I’ll probably close it by the next time I play. That might be in a month or maybe a few weeks. Who knows?


Oh yeah, totally lied to you about the drink post and Music Monday. Sorry. I really just didn’t feel strongly about a band to write about them. Don’t wanna force myself into writing, right? I didn’t do a drink post because I didn’t feel like it. Maybe Wednesday for that. We’ll see.