20151212_152948Oh boy, Rad Blog.


Remember the last time I had one of these? Do you? Well, just in case you forgot, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t goo either.


This is Fruit Shoot! The 88 cent cavity!


Today I got the strawberry and raspberry flavour, which I hope tastes more berry and less like a pack of sugar.


These are really darn small, but then again these are for kids.


When I think of sugary drinks for kids market, I think of the infamous Belly Washers (oh I’m gonna have to write about them one day, aren’t I?). These are way cheaper than those, which probably also taste similar. Would kids say “Mom! I want one of those Fruit Shoots!” I’m not sure. I’m not a kid. What I am is a Chas who can be easily distracted like a kid (sometimes). When I see these, I do not want to get it. There’s no appeal. It is a boring red bottle with one of those handy water bottle tops, hence the “shoot.” Will kids get that? I doubt it. The label is boring too. It kind of has a kid appeal to it, but there’s not a lot of grab to it! There’s no pictures other than those people playing or whatever. What’s with things showing people playing ball or riding bikes all the time?


The red plastic is really cheap. It is maybe a step above the plastic bags you get at the grocery store. Seriously, if those bags were slightly harder in texture, they would be the same as tis bottle.


I will not indulge in the “shoot” part of this drink because I simply do not trust the cap. Should I get on with what’s in it. Might as well.


10% Juice! That’s more than a lot of other drinks claim. Not bad!



Here’s another point. Why raspberry and strawberry? That seems like an odd combo. Is it because they both have seeds?  Is it that they couldn’t think of another red fruit?


Okay then , Fruit Shoot. I’ll play into your combo. That’s sorta unique so there’s something going for you.


Nutrition facts! 1 serving. I would hope so.

150 calories. That’s kinda high for something this small.

0g total fat, 10mg sodium, 36g total carbs, 36g sugars, 0g protein, 30% Vitamin C. That’s your sugar high, kids!



Water, sugar, juices from concentrate (apple, strawberry, raspberry), malic acid, ascorbic acid, black carrot juice extract, potassium sorbate, natural flavors, sodium citrate.


Huh! There is actual raspberry and strawberry juice. There’s apple as well, but we’ll look past that, ya?


I looked at black carrot juice last time. They seem to favour that in this line.


This is a Pepsi product! It says it is bottled by them. Bring out the Pepsi Man!

Drink up, kids!
Drink up, kids!

Huh. I just checked out their website. This is apparently well known in the UK. Maybe that’s where there isn’t high fructose corn syrup or food dye. The Brits aren’t as keen on those kinds of things. Very well then.


Oh man. There’s 2 other flavours too. I happen to have the orange one, but there’s a green one too. I ‘ll keep an eye out for it.


So, let’s get to the taste then?


Hmm. It looks like apple juice! That’s a good thing. It smells of..well, sugar. It just permeates sweetness. I suppose it has a vague fruit scent, but I really smell sugar.


Let’s have a sip.


Yep. Tastes of sweetness. It is so, so sweet. I can feel my teeth deteriorating with that sip. There’s a decent aftertaste of raspberry though. It tastes pretty good too. It absolutely tastes natural unlike other drinks I’ve had where the artificial flavouring is so fake tasting.


Yeah, this is okay I guess. Kids will like it obviously. Will they be drawn to it? Who knows? What I do know is that I’d buy this over something else. It is cheap and for those who are paranoid about certain ingredients causing cancer, this doesn’t really have those.

I’ll give this a pack of 1000 freezepops out of Rad. Do you really want them that badly?