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Here we go. This is the last NOS drink I think I have to write about since I don’t think NOS comes in any other flavour besides these three.


Oh never mind. There’s a cherry one. Well, we’ll get to it! I say this is the last one I have because the place didn’t have the cherry one. I shall surely be on the lookout for it!


Oh! There’s a fruit punch one too but it comes in the cool bottle! I’ll keep an eye out for that too.


I do not count “Zero” versions. They are basically the original without calories or whatever. They tend to focus on more scuralose and you know how much I hate that.


So, let’s get to this. You wouldn’t really think this was citrus by the can. I didn’t at least. I don’t think of black when I think of citrus. I’m not saying the black looks stupid, but it certainly doesn’t fit the theme. I think the black can looks pretty awesome. That was probably the best thing about Full Throttle. The yellow on top is slightly more revealing because lemons are usually yellow. If I saw this without being able to read the “Charged Citrus” written on the arrow thing, I’d think it was like NOS Zero or something. Why black? Orange might be better. Then again, the original has orange. Maybe the yellow then. Swap the roles: yellow can with black on top.


Maybe this is the choice drink of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hey Steelers fans, is this your choice drink?


Anyway, this is a NOS drink so I’ll probably like it. I also tend to like citrus drinks a bit better than others. I will not let that bias get to me! The grape NOS was okay, but clearly I wouldn’t pick it over original. This could win my heart, though it is more likely to give me a heart attack. Did I make that joke before?


I don’t have much more to say about it so let’s dive into the fact then.


Nutrition Facts!

Serving size 1 can. That’s pretty good. I hate when there’s 2 servings in a can. Who honestly measures half the can and keeps the other half in storage? I’m sure someone does, but that’s silly. These are made to drink on the go.


200 calories. That’s pretty high. Good thing I work out now.

0g total fat. 230mg sodium. 56g total carbs. 54g sugars. 0g protein. 200% Vitamin B6 and B12.


Is it just me or does this seem a little lacking in the other B Vitamins. The 200% is way high compared to the other stuff I’ve been having. I think that’s because of NOS’ CMPLX 6.


There’s the warning for kids and pregnant women. It is also on their website for the drink. That’s good. Thank you for clearly labeling it, NOS.


Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artifical flavors, sodium citrate, sodium hexametaphosphate, taurine, caffeine, potassium sorbate, gum acacia, L-theanine, glycerol ester of rosin, sucralose, calcium disodium edta, Vitamin B6, yellow 5, guarana, Vitamin B12.


Hmm. This looks fairly lacking in a lot of other stuff. The CMPLX 6 is there, but there’s not much for flavouring. There’s just that very ambiguous “natural and artificial flavors” bit. I was hoping for at least lemon juice from concentrate.  Maybe I should be happy there isn’t so much more in this.


Maybe I’m just so used to these drinks that typing out the ingredient list goes by really quickly now.


Anyhow! Let’s get to the taste.




Well, it is yellow. I knew that it would be with Yellow 5. I would say it is slightly more yellow than Mountain Dew. It smells pretty pleasant too. There’s just a hint of medicine smell to it, but it does smell a bit lemony. In fact, maybe too lemony. It is like lemon cleaner smell. Still, it smells nice. Does it smell like I’d want to drink it? Er, maybe not.


I will, though! Here it goes!


Oh… Uh. Huh.


It is very, very tart like citrus. There’s some sweetness which is really hand-in-hand with the medicine taste which is very good on their part. It makes drinking it more pleasant. Unfortunately, the aftertaste isn’t great. It isn’t bad, but it really doesn’t draw me to it.


Yeah, this is a lot like the original except slightly tweaked. It isn’t horrible. It does fairly well to mask the medicine taste.


Ah! Here’s more of a lemon taste! I gave this a quick swig and I could really taste the lemon, but it tastes pretty artificial.


Now that I have let it sit a bit, the medicine aftertaste kinda turns into artificial lemon, which isn’t great but it isn’t terrible. Would I want that aftertaste? Absolutely not. I’d prefer it to not be there at all. How do I avoid the aftertaste? By drinking the original NOS.


Yep. This isn’t bad. It has a decent taste to it, but I’m not a huge fan. I might be worth a shot if you’re feeling adventurous. I’d pick this over grape for sure.


I’ll give this a free bookmark from the school library out of Rad. I’ll say go ahead and try it. I might get it again. If I’m drinking this while playing video games, I’m not really drinking this for a taste. Still, the original NOS is better.