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I am writing this review late at night! Why? Well, Rad Blog, I am actually not drinking this now! No! That would be foolish! Muscle Milk is a protein shake and I am now going to a gym! Tomorrow is my weights day, so I will be having this after the workout. That doesn’t mean I can’t write all the preliminary stuff now, yeah? I did it with Monster Muscle. I can do it with this too!


I got Muscle Milk! I’ve actually been eyeing this for a while and I could never just say “Yeah, let’s get it.” This stuff is bloody expensive! I think this was like $3.50 for this little thing. I think the powders go up to like $60. Man. This is a special thing because now that I’m constantly doing physical stuff, I think I deserve to try it.


I got chocolate, naturally. This came in like a special extra punch chocolate version too, but I should really try the regular before trying the extra stuff. At WaWa there was also vanilla and banana, I think. Maybe it was almond flavoured. I can’t remember exactly.


Anyway, I enjoyed Muscle Monster a lot so I thought I’d see what it might be like without that energy drink taste to it. This is an actual shake so I don’t have to worry about it exploding.


This says there’s no milk in it! I like this! I can take it without a a lactose pill which makes this much easier. Muscle Monster had actual milk in it so that means it is less accessible to me.


Note, it says it is genuine. I believe you, Muscle Milk!


Wow! 230 calories. You best drink this while working out or you’ll probably convert that to fat or something.


This is more of a bottle than a can like I’m used to in these kinds of posts.


I’m not really great with fitness advice, but I’ve read a bunch of places that this is pretty darn good for you if you’re gonna keep working on physical fitness.


I suppose I should jump into the facts and stuff now. That means I gotta go ALL the way out to get it.


Or I can just take the image from their site. That works. Lazy? Hey! I’m gonna run like a mile and then lift some weights tomorrow! I think I can suffer some blogging slack for this.


Huh. I actually recognize a lot of these from energy drinks. Cyanocobalamin is like Vitamin B12 right? Quiz time! I’m checking and I didn’t change it if I’m wrong. You trust me, right? Bah. Who cares if you don’t. I know I honestly guessed it first. DING DING! I was right.


Well, this doesn’t have the crazy 200% B Vitamins like Monster does, but it has a ton of other stuff. This is good. It is also pretty low in fat too which is even better. I guess cutting out the actual milk stuff saves on it.


Would I say this is a total protein shake? I mean, it certainly has a lot of it, but I like to think this is more of a supplement shake. Maybe I’m wrong. I wouldn’t know any better because I’m not an expert on shakes. I’m not even an expert on drinks. I have just read and researched enough ingredients that I know what they do.


It says lactose free, but it does have milk derivatives in it. Well, we’ll see if I am actually lactose intolerant or I have an allergy to these derivatives. Maybe it will be both! How exciting!?


This is also not gonna be super sweet. That’s fine with me. I’m hoping it is more savoury.


Looking at their site, it says I was right about the bananas. There’s also cookies and cream and cake batter. Cookies and cream?! Yum. Oh yeah. Strawberries too. Eh.


Well, we’ll see the taste tomorrow. In the mean time, I’ll have this post in draft mode. Oh, better add a few more words because ending it on the last sentence was an evil number. Don’t wanna hex the taste.


Bing Bong Bing Bong!


It is after my workout and I am dead. My arms are like wet noodles and my broken pinkie is telling me I’ve been gripping things too hard. I need to get this now.


Ready? Boom.


Shake well! I did.


Huh. They have a high school grant thing. That’s nice.


Hmm! Very chocolate milk-like. Smells of chocolate, but a bit medicine like? It is odd. I recognize chocolate, but it smells like a doctor’s office too. It is odd. Should I be drinking this? I might as well!


Let’s have a taste.


Huh. Woah. Very, very odd. It tastes of chocolate, but it is way creamy. Too creamy to be milk. It tastes like an milk that has gone off a bit. The chocolate is not sweet at all. It tastes more of dark chocolate than anything, but there is a huge medicine taste. The taste is different from energy drinks. This is more like opening a gummy vitamin bottle and eating them by the handful.


Hmm. No. I’m not too fond of this taste. I suppose it isn’t supposed to taste good because you’re supposed to be drinking this for muscle growth. I would absolutely not drink this if I didn’t work out first.


Hmm. For a shake, I’d stick with Muscle Monster. There’s something about the Monster taste that makes this kind of thing taste better.


Yeah. I’ll give this a dropping a weight on your foot out of Rad. Maybe you’ll be bulky, but the taste isn’t that great. I’d recommend Muscle Monster if you want a protein drink. Although, this has more goodies in it. If you just want straight protein, I’d say Muscle Monster is my pick for taste alone.