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Well, I guess I can tell you I’ve been…preoccupied with something. I bought a 3DS with Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon X, and Smash Bros so I’ve all but disappeared. This was a good investment.


Lo and behold, I have another drink here for you to read about and for me to try! This is Amp. I’ve seen Amp around, but this is one of those energy drinks I thought people never bought yet stores still had them or they were always that drink in the vending machine no one bought. I think my college had them when I was attending it if I recall. I thought this was actually a Mountain Dew offshoot too, which might explain why it was in the college. The college had a deal with Pepsi so all our products were from that bottling company. I don’t mind. I prefer Pepsi to coke.




Monster’s NOS is techinally distributed by Coke so there’s that.


Oh well. Hey! Amp might beat them all! I have never been the guy that goes for the most popular thing. Amp may very well be a gem.


Well, the can art looks kinda retro if you ask me. It is those retro arts that try to look futuristic. It is like everything Nintendo did back in the 90’s.


This describes itself as a citrus energy drink with other natural flavours. Natural eh? I hope so. Which others, too? From the can it looks like straight lemon. Lemon and lime? Orange? Banana? Snozzberry?


It says caffeine and B-Vitamins up top. Does that mean lack of taurine? I suppose it does. Full Throttle didn’t have taurine and that was pretty bad. Does taurine make things taste better? I don’t think so. I’m not really sure. I think it is the focus on the flavouring to drown out the medicine taste.


Let’s look closer at this can.


Huh. Nothing. Not even that warning for kids and nursing women. This is kinda risky.

0% juice. At least they are honest.


I was right! It is bottled by Pepsi. Oh there we go. There’s the warning. It is like a small line so I missed it. It isn’t in a big box with special font like it is on Monster or something.


Nutrition facts!

220 calories. Good thing I go to a gym now.

0g total fat. 140mg sodium. 58g total carbs. 58g sugars. 0g protein. 40% riboflavin. 20% niacin. 20% Vitamin B6. 20% Vitamin B12. 20% Pantothenic Acid.


Rather low for an energy drink, is it? I think so. Yeah! Even Full Throttle had 200% in the B Vitamins. Maybe this is gonna taste more like a soda.




Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, concentrated orange juice, natural flavor, guarana seed extract, sodium benzoate, sodium hexametaphosphate, caffeine, gum arabic, niacimide, ascorbic acid, taurine, calcium disodium edta, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, panax ginseng root extract, brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5, pyridoxime hydrochloride, natural apple extract, cyanocobalamin, blue 1.


Hey! There is taurine in this! Also, orange juice! What!? I guess the lemon is in the natural flavours part. Apple juice is here too but only for colour. That doesn’t mean it won’t have apple taste, will it? Vegetable oil too? Huh. This sounds way bizarre but I guess that’s what sets it apart from the other energy drinks.


Let’s get to the pouring.


Well, it is very yellow looking. It bubbles too like a soda. Most of these energy drinks don’t bubble like that.


The smell is not great. It smells like most energy drinks taste. This just smells like medicine. There’s no masking it. I have very little hope for the taste.


Wait a moment. Full Throttle smelled really great but tasted terribly! This smells like death but could very well be the nectar of life!


Let’s try and confirm that now!


Uh…no. Not really.


Okay, the positives? It has a very nice citrus taste at first. It doesn’t stay long, sadly. It then has a sharp medicine taste that kicks me in the teeth, but thankfully it goes away quickly. The aftertaste is very brief. It kinda combines the medicine and citrus taste, but it goes away quickly to really remark on it.


Hmm. It isn’t so bad I suppose. It isn’t good enough to steal the show from Monster or NOS for me, but it is a good try. The taste is tolerable like Rock Star.


I don’t think many people buy this because I think there’s more energy in other drinks. This, however, was a dollar so no loss. It beats the Rip It drink for sure. I can trust Pepsi way more than whatever company bottled that.


Anything over a dollar for this? I’d go $1.50 max. It isn’t tasty enough for me to spend the big bucks on it and it probably won’t provide the energy people want.

Hmm. Now that I let it sit for a moment, it has an okay after, after taste. Kinda like Red Bull’s.


I’ll give this a Snow Day on a Thursday out of Rad. You get a day off before Friday, but you still probably have to go in then. Maybe you won’t.


Hit or miss really. I can see how someone might really enjoy this. Would I go back to it? If there were no other energy drinks around and I wanted one, then I would probably buy it. If it was cheaper than others, then sure. It beats Full Throttle by a lot. Other than that, nothing special.




It has occurred to me that this is an older looking can. Amp actually has more stylish cans too that come in different flavours. Perhaps I will revisit it another day!


Or….not? If this is the new can art, I would like to tell Amp that their old art looked cooler.