Time to hit the gas on this Black Friday. We got Full Throttle here and it is ready to kick me in the teeth!


I am about to make a purchase today, but before that, I need energy. Turkey makes me very lethargic. What is a better way to wake up than guzzling some Vitamin B?


I suppose a NOS would do the trick because I know how it tastes and I like it, but I’m throwing caution to the wind, man! Let’s kick it with Full Throttle.


It is a proud member of the USO people. What does that even mean? Oh! It helps American soldiers. Well then, this drink is now 100% more patriotic!


Well, by looking at the can it says it has “full citrus flavor.” That’s good. I rather like a citrus taste to my soda. Reminds me of original NOS actually. There was a citrus taste to that.


If my memory serves me correctly, didn’t I say that both NOS and Full Throttle were owned by Monster? Yes! It is. I just looked it up on Wikipedia. No one lies there.


So, this is just an offshoot of Monster then. Well, I like Monster sorta. I really like NOS. I don’t think Full Throttle will really disappoint me. I hope…


Well, Monster’s offshoots really push the “racing” aspect. NOS is all about car racing. I feel like Full Throttle is for motorcycles.


Huh. Full Throttle comes in other flavours like agave and berry. We’ll have to try them. I think this is their original one, but I can’t be sure.


It doesn’t really show motorcycles, but that’s the feeling I get from this. Gonna go drive my Harley down the road.


Could you see me on one? I always figured myself as a Kawasaki guy.


Well, there’s not much on this can like descriptions of the flavour. We know NOS has their CMPLX 6. This just shows the ratio per can of the energy in the drink.


I dub this drink The Common Man’s Energy Drink. It basically says this is an energy drink and you can get the job done when you drink it. Straight forward. You don’t have to tell me twice.


Aw man. They have the ingredients sideways on this. There is, however, a nice big warning for children and nursing women. Don’t drink this.


Nutrition Facts!


Serving size is 1 can. Not bad.


220 calories. 0g total fat. 160mg sodium. 58g total carbs. 58g sugars. 0g protein. 200% Vitamins B3, B6, and B12. 50% Pantotohenic Acid.


Pretty standard stuff. The calories seem pretty darn high. The sugars seem a little high too.


Wow! Looking back at NOS, this has a lot more calories than that! 220! Jeeze.


Okay. Ingredients.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, D-ribose, caffeine, gum acacia, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Glycerol ester of rosin, Vitamin B6, Yellow 5, Vitamin B12.


I decided to save myself the trouble of writing the crazy words for the Vitamins out of this post. They were in parentheses. They are all the same like cyanocobalamin for B12 and Niacinamide for B3. We know this. I know this. Look at my other energy drink reactions for the proper names. This is The Common Man’s Energy Drink. We don;t have time for hard to pronounce things when saying Vitamin B6 is so much easier. Props to you, Full Throttle.


Let’s get this drink on, man! VROOM-VROOM!



That’s a rather nice scent! Very lemony. It is a nice Mountain Dew-like colour. The scent is a very sweet lemon. That’s like…kinda putting me in a trance. Oh. That’s nice. AH! No. I will not spend all day with this scent! I need to drink this!


Though, the scent is really, really pleasing. Nice and sweet. It doesn’t smell of death at all. I feel like I’m perfectly fine!


Wait a moment! This is just what they want me to think! Energy drinks will raise heart rate and kill you! This is like the Siren of energy drinks! Come little children, I’ll take thee away into the land of energy drinks!


No! I must regain my senses.


Time to drink this!


Oh! Oh no! Oh my word.


Well, the scent is really misleading! This is very, very harsh on the taste.


At first sip, the fizz is so overpowering that it kinda hurts my mouth. Then the taste comes in. It is like drinking lemon chemicals. I can feel how poorly masked the medicine taste is with this very fake lemon taste. No. Your sweet scent lied to me!


I can’t get over how artificial the lemon is. It is so, so poor. The after taste is pretty bad too. It is what you’d expect with an energy drink, but this also has the lingering taste of the lemon, or whatever it is. I’m saying it is lemon, but it could very well be tangerine. It could be any bloody thing. It just says citrus on the can.


I will say that the taste is unique, but unique doesn’t mean good. No. I think I’ll stick with a different offshoot of Monster. Full Throttle might be easy to read, but the taste doesn’t match. Jeeze.


Yet, I’m drawn to how poor this tastes. It keeps dragging me in and I can’t stop sipping. Oh no. No!


I dub the the Siren of Energy Drinks!


I’ll give this a Salem Witchcraft out of Rad! I’m staying away from this one!


Oh jeeze. I just let it linger a bit longer and it leaves this waxy feel on my teeth. Gross!


I’ll absolutely be sticking with NOS.