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I had a thought from last night, but I felt like playing Warframe/Payday/Poker Night/ Sims instead of blogging.


I got it today, though. I have a thought about service.


I went to a Wawa last night to get an apple fritter because I love them and the guy at the counter greeted me with a “Hey Man.” Me, being fairly kind to others asked how he was doing. Even before I said hello back to him, he said “good and you.” I was like, uh “fine…?”  At the end of the transaction, he said “and you too” before I could even process the words “have a good evening.”


It then occurred to me that this man has become a robot. He is so used to a certain tempo that his responses are automatic. It isn’t like I was being rude and said nothing to this guy, he was just so quick to respond that I couldn’t even give him something which to respond.


This made me think about our courteous interactions with the public. This guy’s responses were courteous by definition, but given the automatic nature of his response, are that even courteous at all? They are just automatic which made me believe that our courteousness is just a sham. We don’t even mean what we say. Did I truly want that guy to have a good evening? I don’t know. I don’t really care if he did or not. The words were nice, but they have no meaning. It goes for the guy as well. He only says those things because some boss would fire him if he didn’t. We’re kinda stuck in this world where the old people used to have genuine courteousness when working at a store. Now, it is all about speed. We don’t care about each other, but because we still have the older generation around, we are forced to be like this. We adopt this fake persona of being courteous because the older people still believe in customer service.


Granted, there’s a few places where there’s still good customer service. Discover is pretty great over the phone, but I end up opting to go to their live chat. I do it for basically anything. Live chat is easier because when you take time to look for an answer, you don’t get that phone silence or placed on hold. In fact, I’m sure text chat can see some keywords in a question and bring up solutions.


It isn’t about caring anymore. It is all about speed.


I saw this when I worked with someone from the older generation. She was on the phone trying to get a representative when the call disconnected. I offered to help by going straight to the company’s website and went directly to the live chat. I got the information she needed in half the time she spent waiting on the phone.


Human interaction has changed. We will slowly adopt to being less and less connected to people physically.


So, this all comes down to one last thing. Do we want it this way? People will say “Oh we’re becoming Wall-E. We can’t do that! We need to be more interactive.” That’s what they will say, but will we do such a thing? Probably not. We are currently in a world where technology is getting better and better. Why would we halt that progress just so we can become friendlier?


No. I have a sorta solution. I look at Mass Effect. Those people have technology that’s way more futuristic, yet those people still interact with each other. How is this? Technology does all of the work. It does all of the work to the point where work isn’t done by humans (or whatever species, I’m using humans to make this easier). The shops in that game are a kiosk. You go up to the salesperson and they just tell you to use the kiosk. The salesperson doesn’t have to do any of the lifting or moving, all they have to do is make sure the customer is comfortable and set the prices. That’s it. Because of the less workload, they have more time to be a genuine people person. Their main goal is to attract customers and it isn’t being slowed down by stocking or exchanging money or anything like that.


With this in place, we’ll be able to focus less on doing things and more on interaction. In a way, the speed of stuff now is only slowed down by the humans working on it. As soon as we get completely automatic, the old way of customer service should come back. That’s why I think Discover has a good base. They have a well organized database of answers and a thorough system to fix problems. This allows the representatives to provide better customer service.


This is all my theory, by the way. I have no way to back this up other than what I’ve seen in my own interactions.


So, should we become Wall-E? We can, but it isn’t going to be as exaggerated. Humans won’t be confined to chairs.


Next point!


Wall-E shows humans as lazy slobs that sit in a chair that moves for them and all they do is eat.


While this is true, they leave one important part out about human nature. Humans are incredibly, incredibly vain. There is no way humans as a whole will sacrifice fitness and good looks for convenience. Sure, back in the day fat people were considered the high class because they had money so they could eat, but that’s gone. Fitness, as long as it is in pop culture and advertised, will always be around.


Now, I won’t say humans aren’t lazy. Despite our vanity, we are also incredibly lazy. I pretty much said we desire speed over quality with my whole first part of this post.


There is always going to be a “demand on get fit quick” things. Eventually, we’ll find something that actually works. When that happens, instead of being big ol’ blobs, we’ll all be these perfectly sculpted people. We will still eat horribly, but we’ll look great.


So I think instead of lazy blobs in moving chairs, we’ll be lazy chiseled people in chairs.


Well, that’s it. That’s how I see things. I’m sure there’s plenty of counterpoints and if you wanna tell me them, go for it in the comments. I probably will read them. Will I respond? It is possible. Who know? Who cares?!