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When I was a tutor, one of the most popular stories that professors assigned was “The Story Of An Hour” by Kate Chopin. I’m not sure why exactly this has become a staple in college literature, but it is. I’ve probably read at least a hundred papers on it all claiming pretty much the same thing, but just in different words. Whatever, man. I suppose it is an easy read, meaning that it isn’t all that complicated and the “meaning” is pretty easy to understand.


I never really cared for that story. I don’t know. I just didn’t like it. I got it, but it isn’t like “Oh yes, my favourite story ever.” Honestly, I don’t think anyone likes it that much. I believe I read it for the first time on the 8th grade GEPA test, which is just like any of those stupid standardized tests everyone takes. This one is only for New Jersey it seems. Anyway, I “read” it and answered questions on it. I guess I did well because I’m obviously out of the 8th grade.


This idea has made me want to reevaluate everything I’ve ever read. Do I really like Gatsby, or do I only like it because of Stockholm Syndrome from reading it eight times in college? I feel like I don’t really like any books anymore because of majoring in literature. I’m at this point where I go out of my way so I don’t have to read things.


Yet, I’ve been very much into reading other peoples’ blogs lately. I suppose I’m not into reading books anymore because I find it a chore. When reading blogs, I’m reading about real stuff. I’m sure the books have meaning, but reading of someone’s life is more entertaining.


Names. Lemme talk about names for a moment. One of my more popular posts on this blog is my fake baby names post. I gave great names for a baby like “Optimus Prime.” I’m talking about real names. People are always trying to name their kid something unique these days. I blame the celebrity culture who have to name their kid something stupid. Still, there’s plenty of people that name their kid something resembling a real name and not an object.


Names are only sorta interesting to me because I like words and their origins. Names are just like words in that they drive from other words which end up having some sort of meaning. My name apparently means manly or farmer. I am neither.

The origin is pretty cool. Comes from a Germanic word which means man but also has a Germanic element which means army. I suppose it fits Charlemagne which would make him kinda literally “the man.”


At the same time, it is quite possibly the most boring name ever. It literally means “man” which is what I am. I am a man. It is so basic.

What should we name our son?

I don’t know, he’ll be a man one day, so let’s name him Man.

Good idea.

Of course they’d be speaking some form of German. It is like naming your dog, Dog like I did in Dragon Age.


I suppose it is on par with a name like Constantine which literally means “someone who is constant.” At least Constantine sounds cool.


Another name that was considered for me was Chad. Ugh. Glad it wasn’t. What does Chad mean? This site says it might come from “cad” which means “battle” in Welsh or Old English. Battle or Man? I guess I’ll stick with Man.


Chas Rad, the rad man.


Chad Rad, the rad battle.


I’m not a battle. I’m a man. It makes more logical sense that I am Chas Rad.


Now, I go back to my old point of celebrity names. I suppose they are just as stupid as old names. When you look at the old names, they are based off of something completely obvious to the people at the time. Old German people named their kids Karl, which is just Man. It is obvious. It is a thing. There’s nothing unique about it.


Celebrities these days name their kids after objects or directions. You look at Kanye’s kid, North, and say “That kid is named after a direction. That’s pretty stupid.” Is it really? I mean, because it is so common in our current language, maybe in a thousand years “North” will sound really interesting as we’ll find a new dimension or something where north becomes outdated or we find some better way to give directions in vectors or something. Same with that kid named Apple. Apples could absolutely be gone in the distant future. They’d describe it like “Oh yes, the apples of the 2000’s were the most delicious fruits. People would grow them from a thing called a ‘tree’ and use them to make foods.”


Maybe I have the wrong. Maybe apples won’t be gone, but referred to as something else completely. Languages evolve over time, as we clearly see. Still, it could be either of these explanations. Maybe the celebrities are geniuses in naming their children such stupid things. They are ahead of their time! If that’s the case, then the names I gave on my awesome post are even MORE ahead of their time!


Huh. I wrote this in half an hour and I’m losing ideas for things to write.


Video games? Stitch has been into Warframe for a while so I took a third look at it yesterday. Thanks to her help, I figured out some things. I’m a little less confused now. My dude looks pretty awesome as I just figured out that I could colour his armour and weapons. Will I play it again? Probably. I don’t know how often I’ll play it, but I’ll give it a go again. Maybe later today. I don’t know. I do like how I decimate these turtle-guys with my sword.


I got some Drink Reactions coming up for you this week. I got a bunch for a really good price.


Also…the return of Fruit Shoot. Oh boy… This time it is Red 40 Edition.


That’s it for me. See ya.