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Monday Music! I’m actually doing it. I almost didn’t because I didn’t feel like it but I kicked myself (for real; I actually kicked myself in the face) and said I gotta do it!


I suppose I am gonna just cover one artist today.


You like chill music? I do. I like the beats. I’m talking about TOKiMONSTA right now. She’s got this really cool chill beat to her songs. How can I describe it? It is like a hip hop beat, except less uptempo. It isn’t too complex, but it still is great to have playing at work for me. I usually have her stuff on when I stream Euro Truck along with FlyLo (who will be covered probably another day).


She has this one EP called Bedtime Lullabies that I cannot find for the life of me, but it has some of her best stuff on it like “Fool” and “With Seoul.”


I think I like “Day Job” the best and “Go With It” is a close second.

I like “Day Job” the best for it’s kinda dark beat. It reminds me of driving at night. It has a heavy beat focusing on the lower notes for the harmony part.

“Go With It” has female vocals, which make the song super catchy. It opens with this kinda cool tribal drum beat.

I think I like “Fool” a lot because of the jazzy sound with the hip hop beat in the background. It is kinda different from the other two songs in the fact it is a little bit more upbeat. Whatever sample she uses here goes great with the beat.


Before Grooveshark bit the dust, they had Bedtime Lullabies on it that had the only stream of “With Seoul” but I cannot find it anymore. I’m pretty sure it is different from her other track “Soul to Seoul.” I think it was. It has been a long time since I heard it. It might have been just a different version from the actual album. I can’t recall. Anyhow, “Soul to Seoul” is a good track too. Really chill with female vocals.


That’s it for her. Check it out if you wanna. I really dig her work. I think she was on Brainfeeder for a while.


I wanna thank Fico for kinda inspiring me to get in on this trend. He’s pretty cool and blogs about video games. Go ahead and read his blog. I kinda pinged him with that link. I don’t know if he has to approve it or not. He might. Anyway, check it. Hopefully he does approve it and you can click the link to check out his Monday Music thing.