Well, Rad Blog. We’re at it again.


Here’s the Black Cherry version of Mountain Dew’s notorious Kickstart line. It is the last of the regular flavours I have to try and let me tell you, the pressure could not be heavier on this one.


As you know, I didn’t like any of the Kickstarts. I was more sympathetic to the Limeade one, but it still is very low-end on my list. Black Cherry is usually not a drink I’d go for because I don’t really care for cherries. I will, however, drink them when there isn’t much else around to have.


This looks really close to the Fruit Punch one I had yesterday. The can is slightly darker in colour, but looks like it.


I believe Black Cherry and Limeade were the second wave of Kickstarts that Mountain Dew put out on the market. I believe Fruit Punch and Orange were the original. Now, there’s the ones with coconut water in them. This would be the middle child of this line, I could say.


My biggest fear for this one is that it tastes of cough medicine. Cough medicine usually has a cherry taste to it and the only people that seem to like it are the same ones that believe Sizzurp makes for a great time.


I suppose I shouldn’t delay this any longer and jump right into the facts. I also got this for a dollar so there’s no huge loss here, other than my taste buds’ potential death.


You know what, there’s a kind of gradient on this one. The Fruit Punch can was straight red. This is like claret with a black fade. One could say this resembles a certain football club. Also, there’s no label o nit for mothers and for kids. So, is it not an energy drink again? 5% juice. Yeah yeah. We know the song and dance.

Serving size is 1 can. 80 calories. 0g total fat. 170mg sodium. 120mg potassium. 20g total carbs. 19g sugars. 0g protein. This also has no Vitamins or other stuff relevant to it. So, this is worse for you than the Fruit Punch.


Now I’m really starting to think this is less of an energy drink and more of a soda mixed with juice, yet with the same terrible medicine taste.


Okay, ingredients.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, caramel color, natural flavor, sodium hexametaphosphate, potassium sorbate, gum arabic, caffeine, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, red 40, glycerol ester of rosin, calcium disodium edta, salt, sucrose, acetate isobutyrate.


So, no energy stuff besides caffeine I can really see. There’s no B Vitamins so this really is just a soda with juice. At the same time, this gives me a glint of hope that the medicine taste isn’t so apparent. I can’t even consider this an energy drink. No. It is caffeinated juice. How do you bloody like that.




Ready. Let’s do this. At least it said natural flavors. No artificial crap. Cool. Then again, no cherry juice. White grape is here again. Oh boy.


Oh man. This looks vile. It is this dark, dark red liquid that has a hint of cherry scent. If I didn’t know this was a drink, I would have figured this was used to clean something.


It is, however, very bubbly. That’s a plus I guess.


Taste time.




Well, I taste grape for sure. Then medicine but it isn’t as apparent. It really isn’t when comparing it to the Fruit Punch. Notice, I say not as appart. It is still there.


Does it taste like cough medicine? A little. This is like if the cough medicine was out of date. It is like the flavour dissipates and the preservatives take up the mantle of the flavour and only leave you with the medicine taste with them.


This is bad, but not as bad as the first generation of Kickstarts. Limeade is the clear pick to me. This one is pretty poor.


I was thinking, why would anyone purchase this? It is not an energy drink so there’s the lack of energy. It isn’t a true juice drink because it is just grape juice. It isn’t coffee. It isn’t soda. I suppose you could get this over a bottle of soda for the morning, but at least soda tastes good. This just leaves a bad after taste in my mouth.


I don’t know, man. I’m giving this a poem filled with question marks out of Rad. Just don’t.


If you are at all curious as to what the Kickstarts are like, go with Limeade. I think it is the most tolerable out of them all.


Then again, I have one more to try, don’t I? Oh boy.