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Sorry for the delay on this, but you know I enjoy my naps. Maybe I should be drinking one of these instead of sleeping! I’m kidding.


This is another Kickstart, but this time it is a fruit punch flavour. My brother says he likes this one the best and that the orange was his least favourite.


The picture quality is kinda bad. It is really a red can and not this orange look from the picture.


Anyhow, I never really liked these Kickstarts, to be honest. They don’t mask the medicine taste very well. I’m hopeful for these two I have. There’s one left for me to try, but I think it has coconut in it. I did try the other that had coconut in it so I suppose I shouldn’t dismiss it.


Fruit punch! What can I say about it? Usually it is just apple juice with grape juice and maybe mango puree. The drinks usually hide behind pictures of a bunch of fruits so you automatically think that’s what you’re drinking. You go “Oh! There’s a pineapple and grapes and a peach and apples! This will be tasty.” Then, you look at the back and see apple juice and grape juice and “natural flavours” whatever that means.


This can cannot hide behind clever pictures. No. It is just red. That, to me, means strawberry or cherry.


As you can see from the can, it is a energy drink with sparkling juice. I got this for a dollar actually. It looks to be standard size, so you can’t really beat that. It is by Mountain Dew so you know it has quality behind it. It isn’t like I’m taking a shot in the dark with the Rip It one which was probably made by some guy like me in a factory in Canada or something that also produces fake Oreos.


Shall I just get to the drink itself? Probably. It is kinda late. Luckily it is a Friday night. While all you kiddos are drinking Mikalov Ultra, I am drinking a Mountain Dew Kickstart. Which one of us is having more fun? Answer: neither.


Let the record show that this can does not have the warning that kids and pregnant women shouldn’t drink this. Does that mean it is less of an energy drink and more of a soft drink? Hmm.


Nutrition facts!


1 can is the serving size. 80 calories. 0g total fat. 170mg sodium. 20g total carbs. 19g sugars. 0g protein. 100% Vitamin C. 80% Niacin. 80% Vitamin B6. 60% Pantothenic Acid. 10% Phosphorus.


Yep. There’s a huge lack of B Vitamins which I see in energy drinks. This is more of a kicked up soda…hence the name Kickstart. Hmmmm!




Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup. white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium hexametaphosphate, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, gum arabic, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, red 40, niacinamide, glycerol ester of rosin, yellow 5, calcium pantothenate, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride.


Well, there’s certainly B Vitamin stuff in this from my prior knowledge. I guess it just isn’t as apparent then. Still, I’d like a warning for the people.


What did I say about this just being grape and apple juice? I saw only grape juice listed! To be fair, it does say 5% juice. Still. You’d think it would be 5% of juices rather than just one. Might as well make the a grape flavour and save the extra ink from printing fruit punch.


Then again, red is a primary colour while purple requires a blue mixture. Maybe the white costs less.


The Rad Blog now speculates business decisions. I can see it now. Pepsiman is there in a board room with a bunch of suits. They go “Pepsiman, Monster is killing us! The kids don’t wanna drink Mountain Dew anymore! They game all night. The stuff doesn’t work as well as this taurine stuff! What are we gonna do?” Then Pepsiman turns slowly in his chair and slams a fist on the table and says “We take juice and put it in the Mountain Dew! We’ll call it ‘Kickstart.’ It almost sounds like an energy drink too. Just say ‘energizing’ on the can and throw in some of those things that no one can pronounce that make B Vitamins to cover our tracks, but not too much because we don’t wanna spend a lot of money to print the warning label.”


That’s exactly how it went.


All right, let’s get to the taste then. No shaking.




Well! This certainly smells of fruit punch. In fact, It reminds me of the fruit punch soda I used to get when I lived in Jacksonville. Very bubbly. I think this is more bubbly than any other energy drink.


I think it is unfair to put this with energy drinks since it doesn’t do the same thing. This is more of a better tasting coffee than anything I like to think. Then again, the B Vitamins are for energy, or at least it seems like they are. I don’t know. It is a carbonated drink that is supposed to give you a kick. Let’s go with that. It isn’t a strong enough kick like an energy kick, but more so than a can of soda. Bingo.


Taste time! Please be better than the orange…


Ugh. Blagh


No. Not good at all. Oh bad bad bad. Oh my word. I think Hard Rock has been bested.


The first sip is okay. It has a vague fruity taste. Vague is being very, very polite. Then it is 100% medicine and sucralose. They do the tango on the tongue. Alliteration is needed here to express how poor of a taste this is.


My word, this is bad. I don’t even taste grape. I barely taste anything resembling fruit after the first sip. It is all just medicine afterwards.


Let’s try it again. I stepped back for a bit to take care of something. Let’s see if sitting made it any better.


No. Nope. Ugh.


That aftertaste is the worst thing I’ve ever had.


This is bad. Stay far, far away from the fruit punch version. I don’t know what my brother is thinking about this one.


I find that if you chew it, it delays the inevitable terrible taste slightly longer.


I’m giving this an own goal in the 90th out of Rad.


Black Cherry, you have to redeem this one, please.



I looked at my other Kickstart posts. They all are basically grape juice, aren’t they? This one just doesn’t have to explain itself because it is called “fruit punch.” Oh yeah, it is fruit punch. We used Concord grape and white grape, and Djibouti grapes and a bunch of others you don’t know.

Oh hey, new WordPress editor has a word count when you chill for a second.


Anyhow, Looking back, Limeade is the best so far. I wasn’t sure if the medicine taste was less apparent or if I was used to it. It was just less apparent. This one is all out in my face.