So, I mentioned WordPress had a new way to post stuff. I’m trying it like I did their last renovation. In one way, I’m glad that it is gone. It was pretty bad. I did use it sometimes when doing the daily prompt thing, but that was mostly out of convenience. This one isn’t all that different. There’s even less on this layout, yet it looks like more? That’s an improvement, I guess.


The title space, for one, is way bigger than necessary. I won’t need my Ben Franklin for this Declaration of Independence the king said.


What else? They made the Visual/HTML bit easier to find. That means bugger all to you, but for me that sometimes posts YouTube videos in posts helps a little.


The toolbar is pretty compact. I hardly use it anyway.


Oh here’s something annoying. On the left side there’s a thing that keeps showing that it saves my draft with a big preview button and a big schedule button. Where’s the freakin’ “post” button? Do I seriously need to go through this schedule garbage and hit “post now” when I’m done? I don’t see why I would ever want to schedule a post for the future. Maybe I write a bunch of posts at once and wanna have a regular scheduled post time? Why would I want that?


At least the categories and stuff are still there. They are in stupid drop downs, but I tolerated it with the old-new layout.


I took a look for a “post now” button but I have not found one. Maybe it is in the drop down menu with the schedule button thing.


Oh. I moused over a check box that I thought was a drop down arrow and it went away…and not it is back? What in the world is this sorcery? Well, when I moused over it, it turned into a “post now” button. So, it is there, just under a spell.


What do I think? It doesn’t suck, but it isn’t great. There’s no word count so this doesn’t motivate me to keep with this way of posting. They said they are considering putting it back. Double gerunds, man with a progressive suplex all as an object. This is deadly. Linking verbs.


Okay, I’ll stop.  I promise.


Hmm. I will have to try doing a Drink Reaction here. I have 2 at the ready. I’ll almost be done with Mountain Dew’s Kickstart. I accidentally bought the Limeade one again because I thought I didn’t write about it. I had it today and I’m still not convinced with it.


Did you know I was really into bass guitar at one point? I thought I’d be really awesome at it.


I randomly miss my mohawk. I want it back now. I suppose if I grow it back, I can make it a sorta neat lazy hawk at work and spike it on the weekends.

Ideally, I’d wanna look like this dude.

I doubt I’d ever get that big of a beard though. Hmm. If I didn’t even touch it for a while, I could see it getting like that though.


Woah, I just looked up this dude. He has an epic beard. Apparently he plays baseball. He also looks super odd without it.


Okay. This has gone on for too long. This was supposed to be a reaction to this new layout.


Okay. I hate that it selects Uncategorized because that’s the default category. I have to deselect it manually.


Okay. I don’t know how I managed to post this, but I hit the schedule button and it posted it. I don’t get it.


I’m looking at the classic editor now and I’m missing all these other things like the custom URL and the revision stats. Also, where’s the “add poll” function? I guess I would have to dig for it. Not gonna right now. Too tired.