In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.”

Rad Blog.

The prompt today is a bit silly, but I’m going to entertain it.

It asks what guilty pleasure do I not mind telling people about or letting it be known.

Hopefully this video embeds correctly because it inspires the title of this post.

Guilty pleasures, eh? Can’t say I have any because I think the idea is semi-ludicrous.

When I think of guilty pleasures, I think of someone eating an entire thing of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy and saying “Oh man, if someone found out about this…” That or they watch something really terrible like the Kardashians or the House Wives.

Me, naw. I like what I like. I mean, I don’t let everything I like come out in the open, but it isn’t like I’m trying to hide it. I just don’t feel obliged to share everything I do with the world.

Hmm. This is an opportunity to make one of those top 10 things you probably didn’t know I like posts.

This is a splendid idea.

Here we go. Top 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

10: Peanuts

What can I say? I’m nuts about peanuts. They go with anything. I’ll eat them in pretty much any way too. Salted? Great. Unsalted? Fine. Honey roasted? You betcha. Boiled? Gimme some. You best watch out for when I get peanuts, because I will eat the entire jar of it within a few days. Some people like chips. Some like pretzels. I pick peanuts. I’ll even take the mixed nuts, but I’ll carefully eat around every almond in it.

9: Taco Bell

Yeaaah, I go there probably every other week. It is probably really ,really bad for me, but I just have to try everything. The thing about Taco Bell is that they have so much to pick from that the variety beats all the other fast food places. Also, they have Pepsi products which I tend to like more. In addition, I think I get more for my money there. Those themed boxes they have make for a good lunch and are usually just 5 bucks. If I go to McDonalds’, 5 bucks gets me like half of a meal or close to five things on their dollar menu.

8: Cologne

I like scents. My pop absolutely hates cologne so at a young age, I took whatever he had and never gave it back. I now buy my own (obviously), but I have way more than I probably should. I would say I’m more casually into colognes because I know there’s a huge group out there that devote themselves to being an expert on them. Me, I just buy the ones I like. I tend to save my money on these because I’m too busy buying the next item on this list…

7: Steam Cards

Darn you, Valve for introducing these. I was hooked as soon as I crafted my first badge.

I suppose I owe the people who aren’t into Steam an explanation. Steam Trading Cards are cards you get from games you own. For each hour or so you play, you get a card. There’s a limited number of cards you can get from games like Skyrim has I think 4 cards while a game like Retro City Rampage has 7. So, once you get your maximum cards, you’ll notice you don’t have the entire set. You might even have duplicates. This is unacceptable. I sell my duplicates and buy the rest in the set. The sets usually range from about 8 to 12 cards. What do they do? They unlock a badge and cosmetic items for chatting or your profile. It is a complete money sink. I’ve spent a lot on these, but I’m not even a high level in the badge world. I know there’s people out there that make a living on these cards and badges. Thankfully, I’m not that far gone yet…

6: Energy Drinks


What? You think I’ve been writing about them because there’s nothing else out there? Nope. Well, at first it was like that, but now I’m kinda into them. I wouldn’t say I’m hooked because when I go to a store, I don’t instantly go straight for them. I do, however, consider the option of buying one. I think I like writing my drink reactions on them because I’m hoping to find the best tasting energy drink. I don’t even care how poor they are for my health too. It is all about moderation with these. For instance, my drink reactions? The time between them is pretty much the time I spend away from energy drinks. Maybe, if it has been a long while, I might have one or two between, but they are always ones I’ve already wrote about on the Blog.

Fine! I’ll spill the beans. NOS original is my go-to energy drink. I would say the Monster Rehabs, but sometimes I don’t see them in stores. NOS is usually there.

5: Loud Music

You know when you’re driving and you end up at a red light and there’s sometimes that obnoxious booming from a few cars away? Well, sometimes that’s me. When I was younger, I would always be that guy. Since then, I’m only sometimes that guy because now I’m not always listening to music with huge bass. Is it illegal? Well, the law says there’s a certain decibel that you must be under, and I don’t think my standard stock speakers can hit it. Still, I know a ton of people that hate it. Sorry, people. I am that guy sometimes. Especially in the summer or a really sunny winter day.

4: Glee

What can I say? I like it for the songs. My ma and I used to watch it when it was on and now all we have are reruns. This show is pretty terrible and has all the elements that I probably should hate, but the songs, man. I like to sing too and maybe I woulda been in a glee club if I wasn’t so lost all the time. I will gladly talk about the show with you if you wanna strike up conversation. I’ll just give you some basic information so I don’t waste your time. Puck is my favourite character followed by Blaine. These picks are truly based on their singing. I dislike Rachel and that’s what made me more disinterested with the later seasons. I think Artie is the best singer out of the entire show. Also, whenever I see Mike O’Malley’s character I instantly think of Guts.

3: Trapped In The Closet

Say what you will about R. Kelly, but I really thought Trapped In The Closet was pretty darn interesting. The plot is so soap opera-y, but it was just so darn addictive. I watched the entire thing in one night. I hardly got any sleep, honestly. I haven’t seen it since, but if someone every mentioned it, I would be happy to say “Yeah man, it was intense!”

2: Cowboy Bebop/ Samurai Champloo 

I don’t really like Anime because of a few reasons, but there’s something about these two that draw me to them. I guess it might be the whole anti-hero kind of aspect to them or maybe it’s the intros. Seriously, they are probably the best.

Also, I’m into The Boondocks which looks a lot like these two. Heck, the into is a lot like them too.

What is it?! If someone knew this, I would be very happy to understand why I dislike most Anime but really find these two awesome.

1: I’m A Creator

This requires a story for you. Stay a while and listen.

When I was a youngin’ I had a friend who had this cool little camera made by Intel. We used to make videos that he would write and I would act in and they were always fun to make. We’d spend the entire day filming it and then we’d work on the editing. The camera came with this pretty cool software where you put in effects and music. At the end of the day, when my parents came to pick me up, we’d show them what we did.

One day, I got the same camera and continued to make and film my own stuff. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the neighbourhood kids that he had since he lived in a different town, so I used what I had. I had a lot of plush toys. I had my Mario Bros collection and whatever bears and stuff I had as a kid. I’d use them as my actors. I’d film while positioning them in a make believe studio. I’d do the voice acting too. They all have different personalities, quirks, likes, and dislikes. I had my own “news station” too where I was the anchor and Toad was my reporter.

I still have the videos somewhere. When people talk about their childhood toy, I guess this was mine. I created many, many “movies” with these guys. My brother would help too, but I think I was more into it.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Maybe you learned something. Maybe I learned something. Maybe you’ll see me at Taco Bell. Not today, though. Probably Friday.