The Mandalorians are a pretty cool group I’ve noticed in Knights Of The Old Republic. I admire their code of honour, though I really couldn’t live to that code since I’m not a warrior.

Perhaps I am a slightly different type of warrior. Instead of battle for physical supremacy, I battle for my own supremacy in life itself.

Either way, the battle has its wins and losses, but like the Mandalorians, retreat is not an option.

I’ll have a story for you another day. Maybe Monday.

I am currently in detox mode. Today’s post made me realize that I’m mostly sad because I am overwhelmed with my own trivial pursuits. I’m cutting out things to revive myself. I’ll be staying away from communities because their negativity latches onto me.

There’s a debate whether humans are mostly good or mostly evil. I’m sure they are evil. How could a large gathering of people fail so hard in making others feel welcomed. Even if they do, welcomes run out quickly.

Despite this, human interaction is unavoidable and required for functioning. However, I can limit which groups I interact with for maximum preservation of my mind. I would call myself introverted. I’m more interested in finding people who don’t make me want to drive my car into the ocean to drown myself. I shall not name names as I got in trouble for that before.

I should sleep. Tomorrow hopefully will be better.