Rad Blog.


Quick update first then I’ll get back to my rambling.


I looked at my WordPress stats and this year is almost going to beat my best year ever in terms of views. That’s pretty rad. We’re about 700 some odd views short to beating it. I’m fairly confident I’ll get at least 200 more views this year, but 700? Unless I write something so freaking awesome, I don’t know if I’ll get it in about a month. No worries though. I’m just happy that this year went from being really slow to BOOM! I think it is my Drink Reactions that have been helping. I get at least 10 views because somebody wants to see what Lady LiberTEA looks like. I don’t know if they genuinely read the post, but I don’t mind. At least my image is popular, yeah?


This place is so odd. Yesterday they had the heat running and I swore I could have been in shorts and I would have still been hot. Today they have the air conditioner running so it feels even colder than it is outside.


Now it got warmer, but that might be because I’m having some issues and I’m running around trying to fix them.


I wrote a stupid story yesterday. The object of that story was to be as absurd as I could with little to no plot. Seriously, I wrote that story with no preplanning or anything. I just stood here and typed whatever came to mind. That’s the best  I can do. Don Juan said “Some things work out best when you don’t try so hard.”


I didn’t really try that hard and I was pretty pleased with it.



This issue, though, I have no idea what I should do next other than ask for help. I think I will.


I have some theories why this isn’t working, but I can’t be sure.


It looks like rain here. I’m sure it will rain. It was drizzling when I drove in today.


I have to go to some training for working with the blind. It should be interesting. I don’t know if it is really training. It might be more of an ethics seminar or something of that sort. I’ll be there, but it is after I’m done work by then, so I have to stay after hours with no pay. It is the side effects of being part time. Oh well. I guess I’ll go out to dinner afterwards since I’ll be skipping my regular lunch time.


I am out of quick meals for lunch. Maybe I’ll go out and get something today too. This training isn’t until next week and I’ve been trying to eat out less. It isn’t that I care about how bad the food is for me, but how much I spend on it.


It might rain and I hate carrying food in the rain. I don’t know how delivery drivers do it.


I asked for help. I got a better solution which was give up and try something else. That was my Plan D.


Someone must have roast chicken. I can smell it though the walls. It might be tasty, but I’m not really in the mood for it at the moment. I kinda want some sort of Mexican food like a chalupa.


The daily prompt today is kinda dumb. It asked how I’d wanna travel the country. I’m happy to travel it though Bing Maps.


The key to finding good fast food is to see who has a good deal. I mean, sure McDonalds is always cheap, but Taco Bell has those boxes with some good stuff in it for about the same price as a Big Mac meal. Also, coupons help a lot.


The Queen hates Taco Bell. I like it on occasion. Today might be one of those occasions.


This has a real old school Rad Blog to it because I’m writing about the things that happen right now along with occasional cutbacks to what I’m thinking.


So, yeah. The training got moved because they didn’t realize that the entire employed staff here would fit in a small classroom. Uh huh. I coulda told you that.


I’m in a crew for Payday now. I don’t know if I mentioned it. I have only played with a few people from it, but they are pretty cool. They might kick me out of it. I don’t know. I’m Chas.


I follow the voice actor and face model for Chains in Payday. He’s a pretty cool guy that really interacts with the fans. The current chat is about black superheroes. My favourite is Luke Cage. He’s also up there in my top 10. Ever since I played Marvel Ultimate Alliance, he’s been there. Someone argued that the only black superhero was Green Lantern. That’s simply not true. There’s an entire website devoted to talk about black superheroes. Who else? Superhero Static Shock, man. I watched that show a lot as a kiddo. Oh wait a sec, I nearly forgot my other favourite! Cyborg is the man. I’m not talking about that Go stuff either because I haven’t seen it.


I can’t really chat about comics and stuff since I only know what I’ve seen as a kid on tele and what I’ve played in games. It is enough for me to like them.


Who is my all time favourite? I don’t know. I like Dare Devil because he’s cool and all with his ultra hearing. Hawkeye too. Probably Hawkeye the most. Probably. I picked him in that Marvel MMO thing.


I think I will call my house to see if anyone else wants something from the Taco Bell. I’m still feeling generous today.


I tried to play this game I bought years ago called Killing Floor. It is a co-op game where you kill these zombie things. They aren’t really zombies but more so infected monsters. Hardly anyone was playing it when I got on last night. 500 or so players. I guess everyone is on Killing Floor 2. I mean, there was probably open servers, but they were on harder difficulties. I haven’t played it for years so I don’t wanna jump in on hard mode. I guess I won’t play it then!


I was watching someone play Killing Floor 2 and there’s this like caulk gun that shoots fire. I almost might buy that game for that gun.


Then I’d have to learn a new game and find a new team and it is all just too much. I’ll stick to Payday 2 I suppose.


Should I write another story like the one from yesterday? Gordon seemed to like it and so did Stitch. I’ll consider it tomorrow if the prompt sucks again.


All right, enjoy the day. IT hasn’t started raining yet.