Sometimes I have a bad day. They don’t really look so bad to someone on the outside, but I’m the one feeling it.

That’s something I should consider for others too. I have no idea what they are feeling because I’m not Professor X.

Anyway, it ended. I finished it on a pretty fair note with some Payday and Sims.

I talk about my battles with good and evil a lot. I think I haven’t mentioned my battles with being generous and being selfish. Sometimes I wanna just get things for people. I used to do it a lot in Spiral Knights. They would beg for money or parts and depending on how I felt, I’d give it to them.

Some other days I snap at the opertunity of giving. I think it is completely stupid and it is my money or stuff and I’m not letting anyone else have it.

Maybe everyone feels this way.

In addition to French, I’m trying to increase upper body strength. People would say diet and exercise, but I don’t have a full time job nor the want to diet. I’m just gonna force myself to do push ups randomly though the day. That’s a good idea, right?

I’m pretty tired. The stupid time change hasn’t completely settled yet for me. Just end the time changes now and let’s keep it this way.

I have a question for anyone out there that may know the answer. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to watch videos on this game, does the game One Finger Death Punch have a way to suplex stuff? If it does, then I’m probably going buy it. If not, I will absolutely keep on ignoring its existence.