Rad Blog.


The daily prompt today is not one I wish to write extensively about since I don’t care for Murphy’s Law. I’ll touch briefly on it.


Back before the days of The War, I was feeling up to my name. I was Chas Rad and I was very much rad. The people liked me. One guy I knew, we’ll call him Double, asked how I was doing one day. Feeling rad, I told him “I’m feeling the best I have ever felt in my short life.”


Another guy, we’ll call him The Prophet, said to me, “Well Chas, Murphy’s Law. You’ll fall soon.”


He was right. The War happened shortly after. The Prophet kinda fell to his words too with a tragic event. I really do like him. It is a shame what happened to him. He worked very hard to get to where he was.


I don’t know if I fully recovered from The Prophet’s words. I mean, I still hate those times, but they hold way less significance to me now than they did a few years ago. I don’t think I will ever truly let go of them, but their importance fades with each passing day. It is good to never forgive and never forget. It makes me realize how bad things could get. It is a lesson to learn. I was a wide eyed nobody who thought he was somebody. Now I understand humility better.


So that’s that. Murphy’s Law is something else. Know it exists, but do not go expecting it every time something good happens. Well, maybe do, but try to enjoy the good while it lasts, ya?


I had other stuff on my mind. I was thinking about long distance relationships this morning. I don’t know why, because it isn’t something I typically think about other than being in one. I’ve been in one for a while now. I wouldn’t say I’m a master of it, but I’m pretty darn good at coping with distance. I suppose I can offer a word of good advice.


Communication is key. Oh yeah, Chas I knew that. It is the same with any relationship.


No! You don’t get it! Sure talking things out is very important, but just because you’re far away doesn’t mean you have to be chatting it up every single second of the day. They are a person with a life too. You gotta let them have “me” time. Space is a vital part of communication. You just gotta know when the other person needs some space. It could be subtle. It could be not so subtle like “I’m gonna go rest and watch a movie.” That’s a cue to let that person have  some movie time. If you were watching a movie, would you want someone to keep sending you stuff while you keep losing attention? Nope. Well, maybe you’re one of those multitaskers. I can do it, but sometimes I wanna give my full attention to something.


Also, don’t confuse space with alienation and communication with smothering. Everyone is different. Some people need more talking time. Some people really enjoy their “me” time. Either way, their is always some want of the opposite. My queen enjoys her “me” time, but if I don’t send her anything all day, that would come off as odd.


That’s my advice. I don’t give it out because no one can follow my logic most of the time.


The daily prompt had a bonus activity today. It said write the first thing that comes in your head when you wake up tomorrow. For me, that would be “am I awake yet?” A lot of times I wake up and think I am still sleeping. I often believe I am still sleeping and that time has stopped. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. I look at the clock and try to decipher numbers. What is an 8? Is that AM or PM? Did I take a long nap or is it morning?



Oh yeah. Chas Update. I added a new page to the Rad Blog. This is for ideas and stuff from the readers. I can’t believe I didn’t encourage this more. If you have a topic for me for Topic of DA Day, send it there. If you have anything else, send it there.


National Rhino Month is almost here. I really did think of writing a small episodic series, but I don’t know. No one wants to read my long-winded, not well thought out stories. My “stories” are a lot like my blog posts. They come off the cuff and I hardly ever think them through. A good author goes though tons of drafts to make it sound perfect. I don’t even know what perfect is. I never wrote more than one draft for essays. It was always “lemme hamma this out” and boom. Done. Proofreading? What in the world is that?


I’m kidding of course. I know what proofreading is. I just don’t do it for my personal stuff. I don’t care enough. This isn’t published work. This is more of a casual experience. Do you know how many complex sentences I write in a blog post? Hardly any. I’ll dare you right now. Tell me the most complicated sentence in this entire post. I bet it is one where I was recounting The Prophet. Most of these sentences are quite short to the point of being a fragment.


I wonder what my high school English teachers would think of this blog. They’d probably say “Oh boy, this guy again? I’m glad he’s not my problem.” Who am I kidding? They don’t remember me except one because he works where I work now so he kinda can’t forget me. Still! I bet he doesn’t really recall my writing style or how I was as a student.


Here’s a question to all you readers out there that are also teachers. Tell me, can you remember a particular student’s writing style from about 10 years ago? Unless they were a complete disaster or super exquisite, I don’t think so. If you do, then you’d be a pretty awesome teacher.


While I was in school, I thought of teachers as some kind of a rare occurrence. I didn’t really think of them as people but rather this super smart formal thing. Now, I realize that they were in the same spot I am in years ago. They were clueless college kids at one point. They made mistakes. Now they teach. I guess what I’m saying is that teachers don’t know everything. They are human. Not a machine. Not yet anyway…


Anyway, that’s really it. Enjoy today, I guess. Or not. Being happy is a choice. Being miserable is also a choice too. I like being miserable sometimes.