In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

Rad Blog.

This is my 900th post (well posting overall. There’s gonna be 899 public still I think, but who cares?).

This prompt is pretty close to me because it deals with leaving things. It asks what was the last thing I contemplated leaving? Also, what are the pros and cons and do I think I’ll end up doing it?

This is an easy one for me. I like to show myself as loyal, but when the going gets tough, I need a lot of motivation or I get going. Also, I’m at this point in my life where leaving isn’t really that hard.

Right now, I work a part time job. I like this job a lot honestly. Unfortunately for it, I will leave it if a full time opportunity comes my way. There was a chance of this job becoming full time, but it is looking quite slim at the moment. I mean, I really like everything about this job. I like the people in the department. I like the work. I like the bosses. I like the facility. I don’t really have a choice in leaving. I can’t just stay part time. I have to support myself.

Pros and cons of leaving this job? There is no cons. If a full time job comes up, I’m taking it.

Which leads to my next leaving phase. I still live at home. I’m a young’un and it is time for me to make my own life. I need this full time job so I can get going. I want to leave home, even though it is where I’ve been all my life. There are no cons to this.

Now, I suppose a counter argument for me and the job is “you should do what you love.” Hold on now people. I never said I loved this job. I like it a lot, but love is a strong word. The thing is, I don’t know what I love. My passion in work is still developing. If I get an opportunity to do what I do now full time, then absolutely I will do it. I do know what I do not like and that’s because I’ve done part time work.

This time of my life is where I move along. I also don’t have a choice in leaving. In fact, I think it would be more questionable if I didn’t leave.

Okay, for the sake of this prompt, I will think of something that was more of a choice. Just for you, Rad Blog.

Okay. Villa. Yeah that’s something optional.

So, if you read this blog for more than this post, you’d know I backed a team called Aston Villa. This is no longer the case as you can see on Birdman or the sidebar of this blog.

I decided to throw my support at another team after becoming disenchanted with Villa.

Sports loyalty is probably one of the most hardcore things I’ve come across in whole realm of loyalty. It comes in a pretty close third next to family and country.

Anyway, it was something kinda hard to consider.

Villa have been on a downward slope ever since I started following them. The first year I got into the team was probably their best year. After that, the manager left and so did many of their “good” players. I don’t have a problem with players leaving, as long as their are replaced. These players were only sorta replaced.

Okay, I’ll skip the rest of Villa’s sob story, but they find themselves even lower than they have in years.

I ultimately decided to give up on them for a few reasons. Pros and cons! See! I am doing the prompt.

Villa was a team I picked because I wanted to start following an English team. The MLS never caught my attention. My friend and I were into soccer (henceforth football) as kids. We played in the peewee league where it is really just a bunch of kids bunching around a ball and kicking it at each other, but we got older. He was already into sports with the NFL and NHL. Me? I was off my angsty “I hate society” phase and wanted to go back to my roots.

His brother had FIFA 2010. We played that for a while and I picked up an affinity for a team called Aston Villa. I then decided that instead of supporting Chelsea with him, I’d go for Aston Villa. As the years went by, I watched them win and lose (mostly lose). I spent money on their merchandise. Like I said before, I even went to a game when they came to the USA.

I was never happy, though. I never felt a real connection to the fans or the team. The team changed so much when I supported them that I couldn’t keep a favourite player. One month, he’d be playing every game. The next he’d be injure. Then he’d get better and we’d never see him again.

Also, abandoning a team when they are doing poorly has a huge stigma. You’re called plastic or a fair weather fan. These kinds of fans will never be accepted by the loyal fan base.

So, I considered these things. I thought about how Villa had been the first team I watched. I was almost part of some community. I had their kits. I had stickers and a flag. I wrote about them on this blog!

Then again, the community was always constantly negative. We rallied together so the club would fire the manager. Not once, but twice. TWICE. I was happy to see something bad go only to be brought right back into hoping the bad would go away again. I was…


So, I left. I decided that why should I subject myself to such mediocre football? Why should I constantly have poor weekends because this team can’t be bothered to play well? Why should I sit through a relegation dogfight year after year? No. This is madness. This is sadistic. It certainly wasn’t doing my mental health any good.

I know I will have the stigma of abandoning the team and putting my support on a team that went from nothing to something. I don’t care. I don’t care if I’m part of the hardcore fan base. I wanna be happy watching a sport I like. Leicester City is on the rise. They aren’t going to win the league, but they play attractive football. They aren’t always looking like winners either. They come from behind most of the time. That’s what made me decide on them really. They are a foil to Aston Villa. Villa go down and they roll over and die. Leicester City goes down and keeps on pressing until the game is over. It is a breath of fresh air.

I don’t have to defend myself to anyone. I don’t really care what you think of me as a fan. I don’t even care if you don’t consider me a fan. I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. In the end, who cares who I like but me? I’m nobody. I’m not from the UK so I can’t go to the game and take up someone who’s “super loyal”‘s seat. It doesn’t matter who I follow or support to anyone but me.

That, Rad Blog, is my big leaving story.

See ya!