In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick Questions.”

Rad Blog.

I feel like entertaining this prompt today. It is a Saturday and I don’t think I usually write on Saturdays. Hmm. Do I? I wonder if WordPress has a way to see which day is most common when I post. Like, is there a way to see “Oh, out of 899 posts (yes, we are almost at 900!) you posted over 400 of them on Monday.”

Anyhow, this prompt states that some Pulitzer reporter is asking me questions. Which three do I hope this reporter doesn’t ask me.

Ah! I see what you did there. You’re trying to get me to list these questions so anyone can ask me them. I see. You wanna see what a sensitive topic is so you can pry, well, I’ll let you in on some that I hope this reporter doesn’t ask, but at the same time I wouldn’t be devastated with answering them.

Question 1: Which was your favourite book that you read in college?

Why do I dislike this question? This is a pretty easy. I could easily lie and say any book I “read.” I believe with my answer, I’ll be pushed into talking a bit more about the book or whatever. That’s not Chas. Talk about me, not my college experience. Why are they interviewing me again? It really isn’t my fault. I grew to hate reading in college.

Question 2: Which person do you dislike the most out of everyone you personally know?

While I don’t hide my dislike of people, I don’t really like to publicize it. I am not afraid to tell someone I don’t like them. When someone annoys me on social media, I end up unfollowing them or deleting their friendship. I don’t care that it might hurt feelings or whatever. However, I also don’t say “Oh hey, buddy. Look, your posts about Hillary Clinton are the most tedious things I have to scroll past to read about Jamie Vardy. I’m gonna delete our friendship.” No. It is more subtle. I delete you. You go. You might notice. You might not. I don’t like naming and shaming. I did it once on accident and I got huge backlash. Never again do I wanna deal with that. At the same time, if I was asked this question, I’d give a subtle answer. I’d probably describe the person without saying their name.

Question 3: What is your stance on *insert political themed subject*?

I don’t get involved with politics. As far as I know, the only thing I ever publicly supported was Planned Parenthood and that’s for reasons I do not wish to discuss at the moment. I do not like getting involved in politics because they are incredibly boring and have no relevance to anything I do. Do I make politically fueled posts ever? Nope. Videos? Never unless you count me complaining about the politics in the game I play like Mass Effect. Asking me about politics is a waste of both of our times. At the same time, if I was asked, I’d find a way to “politician” my way out of it.

That’s it. Enjoy the weekend. Or not. Foxes won. Vardy is on fire.