Rad Blog.


The prompt today is kinda lame so I’m skipping it, but that never stops me from writing here.


In all honesty, I don’t have anything really on my mind. These kinds of posts end up with me discussing many topics because I start typing about the things that come to me.


I’ve been thinking about the Blogging 101 thing again. I don’t really know how much it will benefit me because it seems like it is a crash course for people that want to start blogging. I’ve been here for what, 5 years? 4 years? I can’t even remember anymore. I was really just hoping to have topics to write about for the “class.” I’ve been in a really writing-like mood these days.


The equipment is busted here. Me and my coworker have tried to fix it, but we need a technician. It wasn’t my fault, I swear. I think the fuser is old and needs repair. I can’t run the rest of the copies now. There were only 2 sets left. They can wait, thankfully. The due date isn’t until next Wednesday.


You know, a lot of places shorten “until” to “till.” It has one less letter and I’m pretty sure that’s not the right way to spell it. “Till” is like a cash register, right? Where you put the money? I always thought it should be “til” because you’re shortening the word “until.” There’s no second “l” in “until.” Anyway, shouldn’t it be “’til” since it is more of a verbal thing? “Til” isn’t really a word, is it? Huh. It is. It doesn’t mean “until” though. Using “’til” would be more for dialogue I think like this:


“Oi, Mr. Greene. When should I go after that dead-beat Jonny?” Thugerson snorted as he reloaded his gun.

“Ah, wait ’til he gets out of the kitchen. I hate getting blood on my stove.” Mr. Greene replied nonchalantly.


In this day and age, no one really seems to care if they use colloquialisms correctly or not. They can’t even be bothered writing out three words either. Everything is turned into acronyms now.


I think I often group colloquialisms and clichés together. I guess a colloquialism could end up being a cliché as well. Wouldn’t that end up being an idiom then? All these words are so similar. I will end up classifying things incorrectly. I don’t even care. Sorta.


There. Colloquialism.



The bakery has these chocolate croissants which are super good. They are buy one get one free today. I hope I can make it there. If I miss it again, I’m gonna cry. Colloquialism.

Okay, I will stop. Promise.


Someone is cooking some sort of pasta. I can smell it from here and I’m already hungry. I was going to stop by some place and pick up food on the way home, but I’ve been having pretty bad stomach aches from the last time I went to the Burger King. I think I won’t go there anymore. No offense, BK, but I get sick from your food. You now have Wendy’s status.


I’ve learned something from some of the blogs I’ve read on WordPress. Most of the people say I should live life to the fullest or something like that. I suppose if I was retired and didn’t worry about money, I could do things I wanted to do. This is not a slash at those retired people that blog. If I ever get to retire, I will do the same.


I worked with this woman who retired from like 3 different places and had a really good pension from each of them. She only went to work for a few hours because it was something to do. I didn’t like her because I felt she was really judgmental on everything I did. How? Well, the one place had some free cake and I was going to be nice and get a slice for everyone in the office. I asked the lady and she was like “Oh no thank you. There’s too much sugar in cake.” The same went for this person eating yoghurt. She told them there’s way too much sugar in it. She hasn’t read my blog, obviously. Probably never will. That is good because she’d probably go ballistic on all the energy drinks I’ve tried.


What am I saying? Am I saying retired people are judgmental? Nope. Just that lady. Maybe I’m saying there’s a slight air of arrogance. Then again, I get pretty upset with people trying to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do like I don’t know the consequences. Do I know about all the crap in energy drinks? Of course I do. I make fun of them in my posts by saying” I’m probably gonna die after drinking this.” Do I know how much sugar is in cake? Yeah! It wouldn’t be grouped in with the “sweets” if it didn’t have sugar in it. Do I care that I’ll get fat from eating too much cake? I am already well aware that I will and probably am already. Does it stop me? Nope. Cake is delicious.


That lady will not stop me from enjoying every single one of my buy one get one free chocolate croissants.


I have gone from writing about colloquialisms to fighting the age gap.


I really do think the age gap can never be fixed. As people get older, they think they know what is best. Sometimes they are right. Other times, they really should mind their own business.


That’s fine. I accept it. I accept the lady is going to keep trying to tell me to stop eating Taco Bell because I’ll die of malaria or something. That won’t stop me from wishing she’d know how to figure out how to turn on the computer. “I’m old” is not an excuse. What if I said “I’m young” to every time someone tried to tell me why I shouldn’t want a tattoo? Deal with the consequences.


In general, I’m not too bothered by helping someone with technology. If they ask for help, I am very happy to aid them. I don’t say “you should learn this.”


I read something on unsolicited advice yesterday because I think about myself a lot. I don’t like when people try to advise me on something if I’m not looking for it. Someone said that people who lack confidence take this unsolicited advise poorly. People with good confidence call it “constructive criticism.” I feel like there’s something missing. When is something constructive? I put my videos out there. Someone says I have a crappy mic and should fix it. That would be constructive. Someone comes walking in here and says my standing posture is poor. Is that constructive? I don’t think so. I wasn’t trying to show anything with my standing here. I am just standing. With the video, I have my “effort” (I use that term loosely) out and if someone would better enjoy my videos with a different microphone, then I’ll look into fixing my sound.

I don’t think it is always a matter of confidence. I think sometimes the people advising might have a problem. Superiority complex? No. Narcissism? Maybe. Both? Maybe!


When people think of narcissism, they think of someone staring at themselves in a mirror. I feel like there’s a type of narcissism based on social gratification. People that think they are helping by giving unsolicited advice get this feeling of superiority because they took time out to help the “little” people. They need to do this because it fulfills them. It kind of has the basis of a superiority complex because in the process of advising, they know they are better so they feel a need to pass their knowledge to make themselves feel good. In the process of advising, they feel good about it because it is they who are telling you how to do something. I don’t know. I’m not a psychologist.


Maybe it is a combination of both. When I get unsolicited advise, I’m usually upset about it. Maybe deep down I know there’s a better way. I think it only applies to certain things.


When I played Spiral Knights, I used whichever guns I wanted to because I liked them. This one guy looked at my equipment and told me I was all wrong and proceeded to give me advise. I knew he had a point, but he didn’t have to come tell me I was wrong. I didn’t even know the guy. Maybe he had some sort of that narcissistic superiority complex that he had to tell me what I did was wrong.


I think this all comes down to is right always fun. Is most efficient always enjoyable? No. It isn’t. The great thing about Spiral Knights is there’s a bunch of different ways to play. Why should I fall in the homogeneous meta? I enjoyed the equipment I had. The way I played made me have fun and who I played with had fun too. Was there a better way? Probably. Do I care? Nope. There’s no competition. There’s no leader board. Even if there was, I sure as heck don’t have ambition to be on it.


Okay. Enough critical thinking. I am going to the bakery. Nothing is happening right now. The co-worker is out to lunch. The machine has stopped for the day and won’t be fixed until next week. The worst that could happen is someone calls here and I don’t pick up the phone. If that happens, they leave a message. No one talks to me anyway. The person that does would probably call back later too.


I should post a picture of them. I will.

I was gone for 5 minutes.




They gave me the pumpkin cookie for free. Awesome.


I could be selfish and eat all of them, but that’s not my character. I left the pumpkin cookie on my co-worker’s desk. It isn’t made of pumpkin. It is shortbread shaped into a pumpkin. The chocolate chip cookies are usually sold out but I managed to get one. It was pretty good. I still like my croissant which is more of a croissant texture rather than shape.


Hmm. Maybe I should stop somewhere on the way home for lunch. Something small though. I should get a cup of soup or something.




Lastly, I wanna give a shout out to the people I work well with in video games. I’m talking about co-op teams. My queen and I have always been a great team. I like to think that it was one of the reasons we are so compatible.


I also want to thank Stitch. Your smarts on things make the game go smoother. My “trial and error” ways make me end up playing the same level forever.


I know he’ll never read this (or she) but Spice, you and I are a pretty good Payday team.


Gildem. You and I are a good team on videos and some games. Not so much on Borderlands. You like to throw bombs at me.


Jonny C. We’re pretty good at Left 4 Dead.


Chris. You and I are the Army of TWO as well as a tight Halo 2 team. We haven’t played in a long time. I kinda want to play the new game with you, but it will probably suck since Tyson and Elliot aren’t the main characters.


That’s it. Enjoy the weekend.