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Let me tell you a story of my youth. Stay a while and listen.


When I was about 8 years old, I had this cool costume picked out for Halloween. I was gonna be like something red. A red M&M? I don’t know. Mickey Mouse? All I remember was red and gloves.


Anyhow, my friend at the time told me about this rich part of the neighbourhood that gave out like king sized candy bars. I was so ready for more candy.


Halloween grew closer and closer, but I ran into something. Strep Throat. I was very angry because I wanted the candy and to hang with my friend. I didn’t have many then either.


Luckily, the doctor person said I should be okay by Halloween.



So, Halloween came and I wasn’t any better. I took a whole bunch of medicine which put me in a sort of “okay” state, but I was feeling up to trick or treating. Well, half way though the night, the medicine wore off and my throat was feeling awful. I was barely hanging in there. Each time I said “trick or treat” was like swallowing sandpaper. By the end of the night, people got mad at me for not saying “thank you.” I really didn’t mean to skip the pleasantries, but I was in pain.


Ever since, I always get some kind of illness around the end of October. When I was younger, it was Strep Throat. Now that I’m older it is usually something more with my stomach. I first believed I got food poisoning from Burger King, but now I think I caught this stomach bug that I’m hearing people have. It is possible. I work at a college where there’s tons of people.


I’m feeling slightly better today.


Halloween has never been my top holiday. It is good, but not the best. I like candy, but now I’m older so I don’t get to go beg strangers to give me some. Now I can just go to Rite Aid the day after and buy it on the cheap. I do like dressing up in a costume.


In fact, I was always fond of dressing up as a kid. I think there’s like a correlation with a kid’s favourite toy and their personality/job interest later in life. I played with a bunch of plushies and dressed up as a cowboy or Batman or something. What does that mean for me? Well, the plushies all had their own personalities and likes/dislikes. That’s creativity and story telling. Dressing up means playing pretend or personifying the role which the costume shows. For me, I was a cowboy a lot. I had my gun and my hat. I was also Batman where I’d fight The Riddler or something.


I suppose I am a creative or I at least have some sort of creativity in me. I wasn’t into building blocks or Legos really. I just liked when they were actually built. I suppose that means I’m less inclined to engineering and more into the story that the structure or whatever plays.


Chas can get psychological sometimes.


My brother was really into matchbox cars. I don’t know what that did for him because he’s going into accounting. Then again, I really didn’t observe him or live his life so who the heck knows what he did with the cars. Maybe he priced them or something. Hmm. He also liked this cash register toy.


Anyhow, enough of that. I got my costume ready. I’ll even pose with it. Yeah. Chas will only reveal himself in costume. That way you won’t be able to see how ugly I am.


I’ve gotten a little further in Knights of The Old Republic. I’m noticing a trend in Bioware games. They force you into some sort of elevated position that I almost never want. In Mass Effect, they forced you to be a Sepctre. I was perfectly content with being a soldier. In Dragon Age: Origins they force you into becoming a Grey Warden: the worst thing in the world. In Dragon Age 2…uh. The king guy? Actually, I never really felt forced in that game. Maybe with the whole Templar/Mages thing, but that didn’t seemed forced to me. Maybe to others. Maybe someone hated Mages just as much as much as Templars and picking a side sucked for them.


Inquisition, they forced me into the Inquisition with that stupid green power thing.


Now in this game…well I can’t reveal it yet, but you know I had to join some stupid group. Gildem calls it “But Thou Must.”


There’s a lot of games that have this. Pokemon for sure. Rambo had it (yeah that crappy game). Final Fantasy probably has it. Yeah. I think it does. I’m talking about X because it is the only one in which I have some knowledge.


I don’t like when that happens. Why even give me a choice to say no? If you’re gonna give me a choice, let me have the alternative.


Shepard maybe could have done the things he did as a super soldier. He could have been working with all sorts of access granted to him/her.


I suppose it is kind of important to be a Grey Warden, but you could always force…er spoilers. No. Well, no matter what. You and your part fought the Darkspawn and they got taint on them. Dog didn’t die. Sten didn’t die. Why do I have to become a Grey Warden? I could have been just as useful without it. I don’t wear my membership like a badge of honour like Alistair.


I just like taking the other road I suppose. I’m different. It is my nature I think. I didn’t do what was popular in school. I don’t do a lot of things most people do. It is whatever, man. This is why I like games that honour you if you pick alternative choices. Cave Story had it. You could ditch your gun which gave you a choice of many other weapons. You had a bunch of endings too depending on how you played.


What Bioware makes up for in these “But Thou Must” things is letting you decide how things will turn out in the end. Kaidan or Ashley? Kill the Rachni or leave em? It doesn’t matter if you are King or a Spectre, either choice has its pros and cons. Which will you see out, then?


Okay, choices are one thing. I have also been playing Fifa Street with my created team. We’re pretty rad. We’re called Suplex City. I tend to like the 6-a-side games the best so I can use all my players.

Line up?




In goal with have Kets Queen. Quick keeper. Didn’t start out very good, but has been solid as we progressed.

Defending we have Gildem Warrior and yours truly. Gildem plays right wingback in the powerhouse role. He breaks ankles and can power though opponents to set up goals. I’m more of a crippling tackler with great speed. I’ll block clinical shots and beat people to dead balls.

In midfield we have Owlflame. He’s got the fancy footwork and a great air volley. He’s also really good at ground shots. His defending is a bit lacking, but Gildem and I make up for it.


Our attacking guys are over 6 foot. Jonny C plays behind Raheem Dol. Jonny C is our Jack of All Trades. He can come back to defend, but has enough speed to make a great run to the far post. Raheem is our power finisher. He sits close to the goal and hammers home anything that comes to him. He’s as deadly in the air as he is on the ground.


Suplex City, man!


I’m really into my gaming lately. I’ve been thinking about Sims 3 Pets. It seems like a fun add-on. There’s a few I am thinking about getting next time I can see a sale…which is probably never on Steam. I wanted either Seasons or Pets at the point. Seasons will add a nice aspect of seasons so I can’t just go swimming in the ocean any time I want. Pets will add pets. I don’t know. I’m not huge into pets, but having my Sims interact with them would be nice. I thought about Into The Future, but it seems just like another world travel thing. Not really into it. The rest of the expansion packs are mostly just stuff. I wanted Fast Lane Stuff for more cars, but it seems like a lot of money for just a few things. I can’t find it on King Penguin anymore for Steam. It is really hard to convert your Steam-bought Sims 3 to Origin. I don’t think it is compatible even if you use your Sims email with Origin. Oh well.


I’ve gone on for a bit. Time to stop. See ya!