Rad Blog.

I had some ideas for this blog I wanna get down on here.

As you might know, or probably don’t since I didn’t post it here, I am playing Knights of The Old Republic. I really should post the videos here, but that’s not the point!

The point is, I was thinking of making a Top 10 list for Bioware games. I saw this post on IGN I think on a few of their writer’s favourite an least favourite companions in all Bioware games. I said “Oh yeah, I can do that,” but I can’t! Why not? I’ve only played two of their series. I am currently in Knights of the Old Republic, but that doesn’t mean I know all the companions. I would also like to further broaden my knowledge of their games by actually playing Inquisition and Jade Empire. The writes included Baldur’s Gate characters too which I haven’t played. Maybe I should. I really wanna write that post, but I can’t at the moment. The list would be all Mass Effect and Dragon Age characters. I have some in mind already, but Jade Empire could have some really awesome dude or some really, really terrible person.

The best thing about these games is that one person’s favourite character could be someone’s least favourite. I know I’m a big fan of Jacob, but tons of people hate him. I also absolutely despise Alistair where he has a huge following of fans. It is great like that.

Hmm. I don’t know if I should write this yet because the videos aren’t out yet. I wanted to say who I like so far in Knights of The Old Republic, but as of this moment the only companion I have is Thrask…well sorta. He’s the tutorial guy. I think he’s “dead” now. If he isn’t yet, he will be when I upload part 3 today. Everyone knows the tutorial guy doesn’t stay. Mass Effect 1. Jenkins? Dead. Mass Effect 2. Wilson? Traitor and dead. Mass Effect 3. Anderson? Not really dead, but he’s too important to be on your squad. Dragon Age: Origins. Depending on your race and class they could be dead or not playable anymore. Dragon Age 2. Depending on your class, they die. Inquisition. Huh. I think none of them die. That’s very un-Bioware. I did play the beginning, and I think the only companion you get is someone that stays with you for the entire game. What da heck, Bioware. I wanna see the tutorial person die or go away!

Maybe someone can back me up on that because I barely played Inquisition before I got disgusted with the combat. My Queen?

POST EDIT: She has pointed out to me that there’s some shiny ghost thing in the very beginning that dies, but it is during a cinematic cut-scene. Close enough.

Anyway, I really wanna continue playing, but that means more editing. I suppose I could play the entire game and then edit later, but that would be kinda lame.

Actually, no. That might be good. I already have like a months worth of videos read so I can totally keep playing and edit later. If it takes longer, I’ll edit some footage I have and then bing bang boom, I got probably another month’s worth of videos.

It just occurred to me that this series could very well go on for a long time.

This is another game I wrote off as boring but ended up really liking. Also on this list? Skyrim. Mass Effect. What isn’t on this list? Ocarina of Time. Arkham Asylum.

I’ve been meaning to play Red Dead Revolver after hearing I’d like it. I didn’t care for Red Dead Redemption because I just thought John Marston was annoying and the beginning was tedious. I know I am in the minority on that one. I did like Gun a lot.

Other than Jade Empire and Baldur’s Gate, which other Bioware games should I try? Neverwinter Nights? I’m pretty set on Jade Empire because it sounds awesome. Knights of The Old Republic 2 for sure too. POST EDIT: Knights of The Old Republic 2 has nothing to do with Bioware. Consider it to be ignored.

I might stream Jade Empire instead of putting it on YouTube.

I wonder how much it is on King Penguin. 4 bucks. Not bad. I don’t need it right now so I will hold out on getting it.

I think Owlflame played Baldur’s Gate and it was really old looking. I might skip it unless someone says “Don’t! It is essential!” Like the combat was more of a text based thing with some visual accompaniment. I don’t know. Okay. Fine. I won’t skip it.

I have some things to get this winter on Steam. I am kinda itching for a new expansion pack for The Sims 3. Yes. I know. Sims 4 is out. I don’t want it right now. I am too invested in 3 to want 4. I said that about 2 when 3 came out. Since then, I lost all my saved data so starting over in 3 wasn’t so bad. I really did enjoy Sims 2. I played that for probably just as long as I did with Sims 3 now.

Which is better? I like 3’s openness. I can go anywhere without a long loading process, but things are limited and glitchy sometimes. 2 didn’t have the openness, but there were things to do at community lots. I could also play as multiple people in the town or even play multiple towns. Sims 3 lets you have multiple families, but it really limits you to 3 or 4. I had an entire town of my own created people who had different friendships and stuff. 2 had less customization, but 3 has annoying things like the paparazzi spreading false rumours about you thus making everyone hate you. I did like how they reworked skill-based professions in 3 like you can be a writer because it doesn’t take forever to write a book and your earnings are sustainable.

I feel like 2 had some better expansion packs. I think Open For Business is one of my most favourite. Sims 2 University is better than Sims 3 University I think too. I feel like it flows better. 3 has a fun one in Showtime where you can be an entertainer. It also has Ambitions where you actually do the job like putting out fires or hunting for ghosts.

The skills in 3 are more fun to do as well. Being a scientist is kinda fun because you can clone things or make better fruits and vegetables. I like the mixology skill because I always fancied having a bartender Sim. The athletic skill is divided on muscle and cardio. If you don’t wanna be a bulky muscle-man, then you just run everywhere.

3 also has like better jobs. You can join the law enforcement career and either become a sorta CSI expert or an unstoppable crime fighter. Those two branch off skill-wise. To be in CSI you wanna get your logic and probably science up while the crime fighter is more on body and charisma. 2 didn’t have those options. You joined law enforcement to be the crime fighter dude. Also, some careers in 3 have different ways to work. I’m not talking Ambitions kind of work. In the music career, if you are a rockstar, you go to work whenever you want by preforming a gig at the theatre. As a doctor, you can be called in for emergencies at any time. I don’t think 2 had that either.

3 had a cool way to deal with ghosts. They could be your friends honestly. 2 they were all malicious and killed you half the time.

I’m not sure how 4 works, but I think there will probably be some improvements that I’d really like and then other things I’d miss from 3 and 2.

Do I like 3 or 2 better? I think 3 slightly more because I’ve been playing it lately. If I revisit 2, I’m sure I might get engrossed with it. I do have it on my computer still and since I got it during the anniversary thing, I got all the expansion packs for free.

I think 2 would be more of “I love this game because I played it as a kid” kind of thing.

You know, I had The Sims Bustin’ Out on Gamecube. I think I would have liked it way better if I had it on PC.

In any case, The Sims is like Second Life to me. I make Sim Chas and make him do things I think would be cool yet I couldn’t do in real life. Sim Chas is not only a renown author, but a former doctor, rockstar, and current owner of the town’s football team. He has 2 degrees (literature and physical education). He has like 5 million simoleons. He lives in a huge house with his best friends. He plays any instrument. He is a great artist. He is also an awesome dancer. He’s been to France and China and is very well liked in China. I’m still working on France. He also owns like 3 nightclubs. His friends include the top video game designer in the town, the best chef in the town, and another rockstar. He’s got a pretty rad life.

But Chas! You could do all those things too if you didn’t waste time playing video games! It doesn’t work like that, objector-person. These is no possible way I can become a doctor and a rockstar while still retaining my youth. Maybe I could juggle rockstar or doctor and author, but that is still a lot of effort. There’s no way I can make friends with the top video game designer and best chef. Wait a sec.

Stitch or Owlflame could become the top video game designer. Maybe Gildem decided “I am gonna be the top chef” and challenges Bobby Flay and beats him earning him a show on Food Network. Maybe the Queen becomes some kinda business mongul and puts me in charge of her sports team! Maybe Art becomes a rockstar. Maybe I’m in the wrong profession! I should go back out there and try to become a doctor! No. Not a doctor. Author? Sim Chas writes Trashy novels and makes a lot of money. He’s also a DJ. I could become a DJ. Yes. The wheels are turning now.

This is all highly improbable.

I will say this though, I really feel like I’m developing interests as I get older. It is the hardest part of going though school.

Okay. That’s enough writing. I should get back to reading things.

Writing about games is fun, but this is all very informal. I couldn’t be a game “journalist” especially with all the controversy these days.

Sports team owner does sound pretty awesome. If I had money, I would absolutely want to get in on it. I mean, if I had time to just research and consult people on stats, I would absolutely devote myself to the team I’d own or manage. I think own would be better for me since I’m not great at sports. I’m more of an enthusiast. It is like art. People that like art, but can’t really paint or draw buy it and learn everything about what motivated the artist. The collect things of certain eras or movements. I’d be that guy with a team that’s interested in the history and like pushing the brand and getting deals with sponsorship deals and working with the community by sending the best player out to play with sick kids or fund a community clean up or something. Of course, I’d go to every game home or away.

Too much dreamin’ .

I thought I said I should stop writing and there I go and put  in another 100 words. 200. Stop!

See ya.